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About Us

Consumers spend $6 Trillion in annual domestic purchases and 90% of those purchases are influenced by a friend above any form of advertising. Despite the power of the personal recommendation, today it is tedious and time consuming to collect and share information with friends, and difficult to get recommendations from people whose tastes you know and trust. At the same time companies are not part of the process when purchases are being influenced and are wasting money on marketing tactics that don’t drive conversion.

FavePages (formerly SkinnyScoop), together with our parent company FaveRave, makes recommendations social and actionable. Individuals use FavePages to share and compare recommendations with friends in order to discover the best books, apps, recipes, gift ideas, parenting tips, and more. Bloggers and other content publishers also use FavePages to make money, create compelling content, engage readers, and increase traffic. Companies use FaveRave (our parent company) to create powerful social marketing campaigns that can be published to social channels, websites, blogs, and FavePages to ignite advocacy, generate highly curated content, and drive clicks and purchases.

If you are a business or want to learn more about our parent company FaveRave, please visit FaveRave.com.

The Leadership Team

Eden Godsoe
CEO & Co-Founder
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Eden's background includes sales, marketing, finance, and general management leadership roles at companies including Comcast, Covad, Boston Consulting Group, and Morgan Stanley. Eden has a BA in Economics & Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Stanford. Eden grew up in Toronto, Canada but now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two young children.

Adam Cross
Head of Product and Design
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Adam Cross

Adam loves to come up with ideas for new products and ways to make existing products better. He finds design inspiration everywhere, and delights in the creation of intuitive user experiences and the development of meaningful products. Prior to joining SkinnyScoop, Adam was Co-Founder and Design Director at Socialflavor. He draws on more than 15 years of experience in user-centered design, product ideation, team building and creative strategy and has worked with a number of startups throughout the Bay Area. Adam holds a BA in Psychology and English from the University of Massachusetts and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.