Introducing SkinnyScoop Rewards!

SkinnyScoop Rewards compensates you for sharing what you know and love. You create SkinnyScoop lists on any topic and share them via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, your blog, or email. Your lists will also be accessible on SkinnyScoop and we will generate referral and SEO (search engine optimization) traffic for you. We track Monthly Unique Visits across your lists and reward you based on those numbers.

The more lists you make, the more compelling those lists, and the more you share them…the more you will earn!

What are the rewards?







Who is eligible?
The SkinnyScoop Rewards program is open to everyone with the exception of existing and former employees, contractors, vendors, and investors.

What metrics do you track and how?
We use Google Analytics to track Monthly Unique Visits to your lists. At the end of each month, we total the Unique Visits across all your lists to see if you qualify. For example, if you have 10 SkinnyScoop lists under your account and each of those lists generates 500 Unique Visits in a given month, that would be 5,000 Monthly Unique Visits and you would be sent a $50 Amazon gift card. If you have multiple accounts, we do not add those together.

Do old/existing lists count?
Yes, all your lists count even if they were created prior to the launch of SkinnyScoop Rewards.

Will this program go on forever?
This is a pilot program that we are committed to for at least 6 months. However there is no commitment beyond March 2014 as we evaluate this and other programs for the longer term.

How are payments made?
Payments are made in the form of Amazon gift cards which we email to you every month you qualify.

How can I get in the money?
We’ve created this list of tips and tricks to help you create and share great lists – 10 Tips for Creating Compelling Lists.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I am having so much fun making lists on Skinny Scoop Since people really are interested when I Share on the social network getting rewarded is even more COOL!

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure where to ask. I did install a Skinny Scoop Widget on my side bar. People are loving my lists on PInterest.
    I am not sure if I can copy a teaser to get people to come and view my list or not. I did put together a short blog about my lists focusing on Halloween.
    I a having trouble understanding what I can and can not do. Will you please advise me?
    Tahnk you

  • Anonymous

    You can do pretty much anything you like. So absolutely – before or after you embed a widget on your blog feel free to write a short teaser. You can see some of what I’ve done on my personal blog here –

    I’m so glad you are enjoying SkinnyScoop. Do let us know if you have other questions. You can always reach us at

    Founder & CEO

  • Anonymous

    Eden, Thank you for the advice. I did visit your blog and had a great time. It is lovely meet you.I love Skinny Scoop. I had joined some time ago, got busy, but found my way back to have some fun.
    I do a a widget installed.
    Looking forward to making more lists. I am not sure how to add anything new. Maybe I should stick to what you have.

  • April C

    Is this something that automatically happens? Or do you have to enroll in the skinnyscoop rewards program?


  • Anonymous

    This automatically happens – no need to enroll. We look at the end of each month (starting Sept 2013) to see who qualified. The unique visits are based on Google Analytics for that month. The views you may see on your lists are cumulative (rather than monthly) and reflect all pageviews (rather than uniques.) I hope that helps!

  • Karen

    Do we get a message at the end of each month to let us know how many unique visitors we had, or do we get a message only if we qualify for some rewards?

    Are the rewards sent by email or regular mail?

    Thanks for your help,


  • Patti D

    I keep getting emails saying I’ve had unique visitors but cannot even find my page.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Patti. The emails should say which list is getting visits and have a hyperlink to those lists. We’d also be happy to help you locate your account and lists – just email us at from the email address that is receiving these SkinnyScoop notifications.

    Eden & the SkinnyScoop team