Blog and Website Widgets

SkinnyScoop offers a bunch of great tools to help blogs and websites publish beautiful content, drive traffic, and increase engagement. We know the variety of widgets and other goodies can be a little overwhelming so we’ve rounded everything up into this blog post along with some tips and tricks on using SkinnyScoop widgets.

These are great for blog or website sidebars, or anywhere you are currently displaying badges. You can access all of the badges from our Goodies page. Be sure to be logged in when doing so.

See My Lists Rotating Badge
This badge cycles through all the lists you have created on SkinnyScoop beginning with your most viewed list. It’s a great, visual way to display your expertise and interests.

See My Lists Badge
This badge will link to your SkinnyScoop profile page so visitors to your blog or website can see all your lists. In cases where you host your blog with WordPress or you are unable to embed widgets on your website, this is a great option.

Any SkinnyScoop list – one you’ve created or one created by someone else – can be embedded as a fully interactive widget. There are a number of different formats and functionality to choose from.

Grid Format
The grid format displays your list as a grid of boxes. You can choose the number of rows (2 to 6) and the number of columns (2 to 6). In other words, you can display your list as a 2×2 grid all the way up to a 6×6 grid. You can also choose to display the header and/or display a border. The example below is a 3×3 grid with a border but no header. With any list widget, you can also choose whether you want readers and visitors to be able to add suggestions to your list right from the widget. The example below has this functionality turned on.

List Format
The list format displays your list as (you guessed it!) a list. You can choose from large (500×500), medium (300×500) and small 150×500), or you can customized the size. You can also choose to display the header and/or display a border. The example below is the larger version with the header displayed but no border. The large size is great for a body of a post while the medium or small sizes fit perfectly into most sidebars. While the entire list is not displayed in the 500 pixel height, there is a scroll bar along the right so readers can see everything.

Slideshow Format
The slideshow format allows you to display your list like a slideshow where your readers and visitors can scroll through your list. There is a small and a large slideshow option, both of which are shown below. As with the other list widgets, the slideshow format also offers the ability to display the header and/or display a border. Both versions below include the header and the border. Slideshow format is great for blog sidebars as it takes up very little space.

Large Version

Small Version

Buzz Lists are a premium product used by businesses, publishers and bloggers alike. You can learn more about Buzz Lists and the widgets and marketing tools available to premium accounts here.