Paid Blogger Opportunity: Favorite Comfort Food

We are looking for 10 bloggers to engage your readers around the topic of comfort food. Compensation is $100. See the details below to see if you qualify and to apply for the opportunity. Please note that based on blogger feedback, we changed the structure of this opportunity to be more clear and fair to bloggers.


  • You need not be a food blogger. You just need to love comfort food!
  • You must have an active blog that can achieve 500+ uniques per post.
  • Sorry, no blogs as WordPress does not allow blogs that are hosted with them to install widgets.

How To Apply

  • If you meet the qualifications, Email Us by Wed Nov 5th to apply.
  • Please include your blog name and your average monthly uniques per Google Analytics in your email.
  • We will let you know by Fri Nov 7th if you have been chosen to participate.

How To Participate

1. Pick Your Favorites

  • Go to the Favorite Comfort Foods campaign page and pick your favorites. Be sure to click the “done” button to save your list.
  • Share your picks on Pinterest using our auto-generated grid pin.

2. Write a Post & Embed the Widget

  • Write a short post on comfort food. You can write anything you want but it must be at least 200 words and it should include some language around the giveaway associated with this campaign.
  • The giveaway language can be something like “Vote for your fave comfort foods by clicking on the images below and then clicking the done button. Share your picks on Pinterest and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Contest ends 2/28/14.”
  • Install the widget in your post. You can find the embed button on the left side of the campaign Favorite Comfort Foods page just below the Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter buttons.


Here are links to two sample posts:
My Life In Bullet Points
Penelope Poet: Art, Culture, & Jewelry

Here is how the widget looks in a post:

  • catchatcaren

    would have LOVED to have participated, but when I am compensated I am compensated on each blog post that I write….my compensation doesn’t rest upon a contest for a certain number of hits first. Not cool.

  • Quirky Chrissy

    I agree.

  • Anonymous

    This is our first paid blogger opportunity, so we are feeling things out and do appreciate the feedback. Many paid blogger opportunities include that the blog verify a minimum number of uniques upfront (e.g. 25,000 uniques or greater) and those sometimes screen out small-to-mid-sized bloggers. We wanted to be inclusive while at the same time we needed to know the posts would be shared and read and engaged with. But again, thank you for the feedback. We will have other opportunities that are structured differently and hope you will consider those.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Quirky Chrissy. We do appreciate your feedback. You can see our response to catchatcaren above. This is one of many paid blogger opportunities and others will be structured differently. Have a wonderful day.

  • Kath Ann

    So, if we participate, write the post, and just happen to be the 11th person to reach 500 uniques, then we get zero compensation? What if we write the post, and only get 498 uniques? You get the benefit of a permanent post on our blogs and basically free advertising, and we’ve spent time writing and promoting your site for no compensation?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kath Ann. Every paid opportunity is structured differently and this one is about being one of the first to write and share a post. So you are correct in your comment. That being said, you do still get the benefit of two things: first, you are entered to win the $100 Amazon gift card and two, you can offer this giveaway to your readers. We understand if this opportunity is not the right fit for your blog. We hope to have other opportunities to share with you all soon. Thanks for your feedback – we do appreciate it!

  • catchatcaren

    thanks! If you have any questions as to my stats….my original link (up until last summer) was and as of this past summer I purchased my own link, it is It is quite popular and I have over 4000 twitter followers…..I will reconsider but don’t want to be involved in a race.

  • Melissa Reyes

    I am not comfortable with this, but I see the benefit of having the giveaway and a chance to win $100 gift card. However, it definitely benefits you more than the content creators/hosts. If you really only wanted the bloggers that can get 500+ uniques, just screen for that and choose 10. Then offer something else for everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    We really do appreciate your feedback and understand this opportunity may not be a good fit for everyone. We are already structured our next opportunity which will be somewhat different (no race but you need to apply) so we hope to see you engage with that one or a later one. Have a wonderful day!

  • Anonymous

    Good feedback Melissa. We are considering that for some other paid opportunities we have coming up. So bloggers of every size can participate and earn but perhaps at different levels. Have a great day!

  • catchatcaren

    Applying for opportunities I am used to and definitely don’t mind. Racing? Not so much lol. :) You have a wonderful day too!!!!

  • NYCSingleMom

    Here is my response to the paid opportunity for 10 people –

  • Anonymous

    As I mentioned in my email and above in other replies, we really do appreciate all the feedback we have received. Our goal is to find a win-win for bloggers and brands. Bloggers are fairly compensated for writing and sharing great content and brands feel they get a good return on their investment. After listening to the feedback, we have edited the structure of this paid opportunity so it is more clear and fair to bloggers. Instead of it being more like a race to 500 uniques we are simply asking interested bloggers to email us to apply. We will pick 10 bloggers to participate. This is a more typical structure and we hope it will address the issues you outlined. Again, we really appreciate your feedback as we are new to paid blogger opportunities and want you all to feel we listen and we care.

  • Anonymous

    Kath Ann: I wanted to let you know we have edited the structure of this paid opportunity to be more in line with what you have seen before. No longer is there a race-type format. We are asking bloggers (and hopefully that means you!) to email us if interested. We will then pick 10 bloggers to participate and those bloggers will earn $100 assuming they follow the requirements listed above. Again, thank you for your feedback. We really do listen!

  • Anonymous

    Good news! We have listened to the feedback and decided to change the structure of this paid opportunity to be more inline with what you have probably seen before. We are now asking interested bloggers to email by this Wed along with your blog name and approx uniques per GA. We will then pick 10 bloggers to participate. That means those bloggers will earn $100 and no one else need write a post in the dark and not knowing if they will earn the compensation. We hope that addresses your concerns. Again, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there. Quick update. We listened to all the feedback and changed the structure of this opportunity. Like other paid opportunities we are now asking any interested bloggers who qualify to apply via email to us by this Wed. We will then select 10 (or maybe more!) to participate. Those that are chosen to participate will earn the compensation. No race to 500 uniques. We hope you will reconsider the opportunity. And thank you again for the feedback.

  • Anonymous

    Melissa – We listened to feedback and decided to change the structure as you outlined in your comment. We are now asking interested bloggers who qualify to email us by this Wed 11/5. We will select 10 bloggers to participate in the paid opportunity. We hope that addresses your concerns and that we may even see you apply!

  • Melissa Reyes

    Wow, that’s great! Thank you for letting me know. That means a lot! I wish you much success on this campaign and I appreciate the opportunity for discussion. I will apply.