Paid Blogger Opportunity: Fave Books with Strong Female Characters

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are looking for 10 bloggers to engage your readers around the topic of books with strong female characters.

Compensation is a $100 Amazon gift card. See the details below to see if you qualify and to apply for the opportunity.


  • You need not be a book blogger. You just need to engage readers around books with strong female characters.
  • You must have an active blog that averages at least 5,000 unique visits per month.
  • Sorry, no blogs as WordPress does not allow blogs that are hosted with them to install widgets.

How To Apply

  • If you meet the qualifications, Email Us by Mon Mar 3rd to apply.
  • Please include your blog name and your average monthly uniques per Google Analytics in your email.
  • We will let you know by Fri Mar 7th if you have been chosen to participate.

How To Participate

1. Pick Your Favorites

2. Write a Post & Embed the Widget

  • Write a short post on books with strong female characters. You can write anything you want but it must be at least 250 words and it should include some language around the giveaway associated with this campaign.
  • The giveaway language can be something like “Vote for your fave books with strong female characters by clicking on the images below and then clicking the done button. Share your picks on Pinterest and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Contest ends 3/31/14.”
  • Install the widget in your post. You can find the embed button on the left side of the campaign Favorite Books with Strong Female Characters page just below the Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Examples of Past Campaigns

Here are links to three sample posts from our Favorite Comfort Foods campaign:
Bird’s Party Blog
The Budget Diet
Trending Mom

Here is how the widget looks in a post:

  • Anonymous

    We’ve had a couple questions around this so I want to be clear.

    - Bloggers who are picked to participate and fulfill the obligation are each given a $100 Amazon gift card to spend as they like.
    - In addition, anyone can vote for their favorites and be entered to win the giveaway of a $100 Amazon gift card. As a blogger, you can also offer this giveaway to your readers.

  • Beth Terry

    Hi. Just wondering if we can add books to the list or only write about books already on the list. My fave is not there. Also, must they be fiction?

  • Anonymous

    The short answer is yes. To be clear, the paid opportunity is twofold.

    In step one you can pick your favorites from the pre-curated list AND also add any books not already on the list. You can go ahead and do that now if you like to see how it works. I can see that people have already added a bunch of books beyond the original pre-curated list.

    In step two you write a blog post related to this topic – anything you like as long as you include the giveaway language – and then you embed the widget so your readers can in turn pick their favorites. They will pick their favorites from the pre-curated list as well as from any you or other participants have added.

    I hope that makes sense. Interested to see what you would add!