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Sponsored Buzz Campaigns

Sponsored Buzz Campaigns are a unique way for bloggers to make money while sharing authentic and engaging content at the same time. Sponsored Buzz Campaigns move beyond typical sponsored posts which can take hours to complete and are often not appealing to your readers. Sponsored Buzz Campaigns take just minutes and are a lot of fun for both you and your readers.

How It Works

Sign up for our Blogger Newsletter so you can hear about paid opportunities first. If you are chosen for a Sponsored Buzz Campaign, we will provide more details but here is an example – the "Favorite Comfort Foods" campaign.

  1. You first share your favorites by going to the campaign page Favorite Comfort Foods, picking your favorites, and pinning or posting as directed.
  2. You write a 300 to 500+ word post and embed the Buzz Campaign Widget using the embed button at the top of the campaign page Favorite Comfort Foods. Your post should ask your readers to share their favorites by making their picks right from the Buzz Campaign Widget embedded in your post. Most Sponsored Buzz Campaigns include a giveaway that both you and your readers qualify for once you share your picks.
  3. You are compensated as outlined in the details of the campaign. In the case of our Favorite Comfort Foods campaign, compensation was $100.

* Wordpress-hosted blogs cannot embed widgets and therefore cannot participate in Sponsored Buzz Campaigns. This is not specific to us but is a restriction that Wordpress has imposed. We are working on a solution.

Custom Lists & Blog Widgets

Custom Lists are created by bloggers or other individuals with a passion or expertise to share (which is pretty much all of us!) You can create a list of products, recipes, tips, blog posts or anything you like on and then embed it as a widget on your blog. Your content is simultaneously broadcast across our network and also engages readers on your blog.

How It Works

Custom Lists and the associated widgets are a free tool that anybody can use.

  1. Go to or click on "Create A List" in the upper nav bar
  2. Follow the instructions to create a beautiful looking Custom List with images and links of your choice
  3. All Custom Lists are automatically spotlighted on
  4. Once your Custom List is complete, click on the grey "Embed" button on the left side of the page below the Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter buttons
  5. Choose a widget format (we recommend the Grid format) and a widget size
  6. Cut and paste the code into your post or sidebar

* Wordpress-hosted blogs cannot embed widgets. This is not specific to us but is a restriction that Wordpress has imposed. We are working on a solution.