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Best "Impressive But Easy" Recipes by Erin

by Erin, posted to Food & Drink

You know when you have found one of these. A great recipe that you can whip up quickly and easily, yet never fails to please. You get tons of compliments on the item and maybe even feel a little guilty because it was so easy. Might be a salad, soup, main, dessert, anything... What are yours?

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Peach and Raspberry Parfait

Serves 4| Hands-On Time: 05m| Total Time: 25m

Suggested by LeslieJ

It doesn't get easier than this - just 5 minutes of prep time!

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DESSERT: Peach Crisp Recipe

Serves 8| Hands-On Time: 20m| Total Time: 1hr 15m

Suggested by LeslieJ

Love that you can make a batch of this and it will taste just as good (maybe better?!) the next morning. You can do peach, apple, or other fruit.

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The Best (Texas) Chocolate Sheet Cake

A few posts ago, I told you about a recipe for Cheesy Hash Brown...more

The picture is worth 1000 words. YUM.

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MAIN: Beef with Broccoli

this was DELISH! thanks for another yummy dish! Julee

Suggested by Amanda Haas

This recipe comes together in 15 minutes. It is a fantastic one dish meal! Also, I love that it's gluten free.

Eden Godsoe: This is one of my go-to orders for Chinese take-out. So happy to see a simple recipe for it.

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Grilled Marinated Shrimp

3 lg cloves garlic - minced...more

Suggested by Yi-Ling Chen

This is from an old Williams Sonoma Grilling cookbook. It's so easy and delicious. And if you don't feel like opening a can/jar of tomato sauce for 1/4 cup, you can use ketchup (and then omit the red wine vinegar).

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Roasted Cauliflower

Suggested by Yi-Ling Chen

Roasting makes the cauliflower sweet. My family loves this so much I have to buy two heads of cauliflower! Roasting works with so many vegetables - you can also do it with brussel sprouts, potatoes, asparagus, etc.

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SALAD: Escarole, Fennel, and Oak-Leaf Salad Recipe at

Suggested by Christy Swildens

The salad dressing for this is easy and unique. I always get asked for the recipe. I am a salad expert and this is one of my go to salads when I want to impress company.

Erin: Got this recipe from you and people LOVE it. delish!

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SALAD: Arugula Salad with Oranges and Caramelized Fennel Recipe at

Suggested by Christy Swildens

The combination of the sweet caramelized fennel and spicy arugula make this is a real winner.

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APPETIZER: Fig and Goat Cheese Pitas

"I live on this recipe all summer," says Sonya Bavvai. She prefers...more

Suggested by Jennifer Johnson

This is a perfect sweet and savory blend....the best when figs are in season.

Claudia: Sounds delicious!

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HORS-D'OEUVRE: Mozzarella, Baby Heirloom Tomato and Basil Skewers

Buy Bamboo skewers from BevMo and assemble the following: Marinated...more

Suggested by Larissa

This one isn't necessarily 'impressive' but boy is it tasty and EASY, looks nice on a platter too -- I get compliments all the time :).

Larissa: This a good one for little kids to make and help out in the kitchen, my little cousin enjoyed assembling them.

Eden Godsoe: Our au pair just did this for us the other day (yes...we are very lucky & very spoiled!) Even my "meat and potatoes" husband loved it.

Claudia: This will always be one of my Italian favorites that I used to make in Rome

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SIDE DISH: Thyme Roasted Potatoes

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

People will laugh that I am adding to this list but I do cook occasionally though only if it's simple. I love doing roasted potatoes. You can do these with thyme or other things like rosemary, salt & pepper, Dijon mustard, etc.

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SIDE DISH: Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

These only take 5 minutes of prep time & then into the over for 20. So easy to do and loved by kids as well as adults. Fancy them up by putting them in a separate container.

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MAIN: Engagement Chicken Recipe -

A chicken with ultracrisp skin and a subtle lemon flavor. Rumor has it...more

Suggested by Betsy Berman

Easy, delicious, and plenty of leftovers.

Eden Godsoe: I could have used this recipe 12 years ago when I had to twist my now-husband's arm to move us down the engagement process (in a good way!)

Erin: Love the backstory. And i guess everyone should know how ot make a good EASY chicken

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MAIN: Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

Suggested by Alex

This dish is super easy, healthy and delicious!

Larissa: Yay,, my brother's first time using my product...first impressions: "it was super easy." I'M GUSHING!!

Claudia: This pasta looks great! I want some for dinner now! I'm such an Italian at heart

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MAIN: Souperior Meatloaf Recipe -

This is usually one of the 2 meat loaves that I make. You can use...more

Suggested by Gena Hocevar

I substitute ground turkey for ground beef. Quick and easy sandwiches for tomorrows lunch...yummy!

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MAIN: Balsamic Chicken

I will admit--I make this recipe a lot. It's so easy, so tasty, and...more

Suggested by Kristen Podulka

Delicious, healthy and easy to make!

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MAIN: salmon en croute - Google Images

Buffet Salmon en Croute. Buffet Salmon en Croute. Serves: 16 with 2...more

Suggested by Christina Hall

A slightly 80's option - but flawless everytime....pettridge farm frozen puff pastry, a big piece of salmon, frozen spinach sauteed with some green onions with some goat cheese mixed it - slap it all together, bake and "voila" you're June Cleaver!

Larissa: I've made this before with dill - I'll try with spinach, and goat cheese for an extra kick next time. What sides do you serve it with?

Erin: I wouldn't have thought this would be easy... but I know you wouldn't steer me wrong. can't wait to try it!

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MAIN: Masalewala Murgh- Spicy Grilled Chicken - India

Suggested by Christy Swildens

Madhur Jaffrey's recipes are easy and delicious. I recommend her Quick and Easy Indian Cookery to impress anyone. Once you have the basic spices, the recipes are simple.

Yi-Ling: This is so delicious and easy. If you have time, marinate the chicken during the day and then just stick it on the grill.

Erin: Sounds delish.

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Grilled Herb Shrimp Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

Suggested by Christy Swildens

These shrimp are easy and delicious. I literally throw the shrimp and all of the ingredients in a bag, shake it up and put it in the fridge.

Larissa: Tryinng your recipe this week, thanks for adding it!

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MAIN: Indonesian Ginger Chicken Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

Suggested by Christy Swildens

Ina's recipes are simple and flavorful.

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