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Best San Francisco City Guide for "Friends Visiting Town" by Erin

by Erin, posted to Tech & Blogging

I have lived in and near San Francisco for over two decades. We love this city, but I realized once we had our cousins visiting town that I hadn't taken my own kids to check out many of the historic sites. Here's a great guide! I've also grouped some of the great attractions into "Day Trips" at t... More »

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Must See Attraction: Lombard Street

The world's crookedest street. Drive down it if you can, the kids will love it. But just walking down is fun and great photo opps.

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"Cool" Venues in San Francisco by Jackie R. S. | SkinnyScoop

There are so many great places in San Francisco to check out when you...more

Suggested by Jackie

Here is a great guide of things to do in San Francisco when you have some "adult time" at night...check it out :)

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Food Lover's Guide to San Francisco | SkinnyScoop

Looking for a new restaurant or wine bar? Follow me on my new "foodie"...more

Suggested by Claudia

If you are in SF be sure to check out some of these places. You will not regret it!

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Crissy Field

Great place to walk or bike on a flat, hard-packed promenade with...more

Suggested by Larissa

Another must for anyone coming to the city... you can see the Headlands, Fort Baker, and the whole panorama of the bay.... a must see! Be sure to stop by the Warming Hut for a hot chocolate.

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Baker Beach :: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Mile–long Baker Beach lies at the foot of the rugged cliffs on the...more

Suggested by Mandy Moore

Tremendous views of the bay and bridge. It's not often "beach weather" but put in a jacket and it's a great place for a walk.

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Must See Attraction: SF Giant's Game or AT&T Park Tour

Catch a game at the home of the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Right on the waterfront, easy to get to and enjoy an afternoon in the sun. If the Giants are out of town, then do a tour of the park.

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Must See Attraction: Fisherman's Wharf

Touristy, but you have to see it. Don't forget to check out the Aquarium of the Bay. See the Sea Lions at the end of Pier 39. Browse the shops.

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Must See Attraction: Aquatic Park

Amazing tall ships exhibit (board the ships) and the SF Maritime Museum and a great little sandy cove. Right around the corner from Fisherman’s Wharf.

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Must See Attraction: Golden Gate Park

What's larger than New York's Central Park, once consisted of sand dunes, is now covered with more than 75,000 trees and is bison-friendly? GG Park. You could spend days here in the many gardens, playground, parks and museums. All great for a picnic lunch with the kids. The tower at the deYoung is free if you are across at the Academy of Science. The Conservatory of Flowers is also amazing. Nice to do a Museum and then run around outside with the kids or rent bikes.

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Museum: Aquarium of the Bay

Awesome small museum - easy to get in and out in an hour so great with little kids. Right at Fisherman's Wharf. Kids love to touch and feel the sharks and rays.

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Museum: Cable Car Museum

This museum is SO incredibly cool. The museum part is one room and has lots of great historical photos. But the rest of the museum is the ACTUAL working mechanism of the actual cable cars. You can see them from above and from below. Gives you a really good idea of the engineering feat to put these together so long ago, with all these hills.

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Museum: SF Academy of Sciences

After nearly 10 years in the making, this museum is amazing. Exhibits, theaters and the building ITSELF are all fantastic. Go EARLY as it gets very crowded and overwhelming.

Larissa: Don't miss the albino alligator!

Eden Godsoe: The Academy of Sciences is AMAZING. We live in SF & my kids are there at least 3-4x per year and never get bored.

Tricia @cheekyattitude: Always a wonderful way to spend the day. The planetarium show is amazing.

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Day Trip: Muir Woods

Leave early, drive north to Muir Woods and do the “walk/hike” which takes about an hour, but could be longer if you wanted. Then stop in Sausalito for lunch at FISH. You could also check out Sausalito (but you’d need to repark near the shops). And then once back in the City, pick one city thing to do.

Eden Godsoe: I am not a hiker type but the nice thing about Muir Woods is you can do a short walk on one of the paths and really get a feel for how amazing the redwoods are. My children have done the simple loop at age 2 no problem.

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Day Trip: Cable Car and Chinatown


Do Lombard street (driving and on foot). Park near there (but have 2 hour limit) so you could also park in a garage down at the pier. Get on cable car. Ride it as far as you want, we stopped at nearest stop to china town. Walk down 3 blocks to entrance to china town. Walk through the streets ( I have guide books with walking tour). Stop in the fortune cookie “factory”(just a room, but you get samplers) and def check out the temple. Then end by walking up to the cable car museum which shows the ac

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Day Trip: SF Waterfront

Hit Aquatic Park and take in the view and the Tall Ships exhibit. Then stroll down the street through the shops and Fisherman's Wharf. Head out to see the Sea Lions at the end of Pier 39. While at Pier 39, spend an hour seeing the Aquarium on the Bay. If you want to rest your feet, get in a trolley and head around the waterfront to eat at the Ferry Building. If you still have stamina, keep going around the waterfront and end up there for a Giant’s game (or park tour if they are out of town).

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Getting Around: Cablecars

Kids will love the cable cars. You can just do a short hope from the Ritz to the Ferry Building. Or you can start at Aquatic Park and take it as far as you want! Hint: if the line at the turn around his huge, walk up the hill one or two blocks to the next stop and see if you can get on without a wait (assuming it’s not too full or someone is getting off at your stop).

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78 Things to Do with Kids in San Francisco | 7x7

Great post from 7x7SF and the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Fantastic ideas about what to do around the Bay Area with kids.Here are great ideas for summer.

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Ferry Building Marketplace


The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture's 9th...more

Suggested by Healthy Hip Mama

Peruse the amazing selection of one of a kind artisan vendors in a gloriously restored space. Bonus for the kids, see the ferry boat dock!

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Farallon Islands

The Farallon Islands, or Farallones (from the Spanish farallón...more

Suggested by Anne Rutherford

A little bit out of the city, but I've heard the boat ride our there is beautiful! Haven't been myself... Yet...

Larissa: I've lived here 5+ years and never heard of these islands, thanks for the awesome suggestion - I'll definitely check it out.

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San Francisco Map & MUNI Routes PDF

Instead of paying for and installing an app, email your friends these...more

Suggested by Larissa

An out-of-town guest recently asked to could borrow a SFmap and I found a more efficient solution, these FREE PDF maps that can be viewed on any smart phone offline (he doesn't have a data plan) without installing an app. I'm a genius!

Jackie: SF public transportation is an adventure in itself! Having a map is very important..Great suggestion :)

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Must See Attraction: Alcatraz

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

A visit to San Francisco wouldn't be complete without spending some time at Alcatraz. Take a short ferry ride out to the island that housed famous inmates like Al Capone and "Machine Gun" Kelly. It's worth a half day.

Larissa: Definitely a must-see, the night tour is worth checking out.

Anne: I've lived here my whole life and still never seen it, but always recommend it to people who are visiting, so it definitely belongs on the SF to do list!

Jackie: I still want to make it out to Alcatraz sometime! Never been :9

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An afternoon in Sausalito

Suggested by Lynn Milos

Take a look back at the city from this European(ish) town by the Sea. Great shopping, fantastic views and easy to get around. Park the car and walk. In the summer, the fountain in the park is beautiful.

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San Francisco For Kids: 5 Family Friendly Restaurants

When it comes to epicurean epicenters, San Francisco ranks at the top...more

Suggested by Jackie

Came across this list of family friendly restaurants in SF and I thought it would be a great suggestion for this list. Great food at these places as well!

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