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Cooking Tips I Can't Believe I Didn't Know by Erin

by Erin, posted to Food & Drink

I went to a girls night out hosted by my friend Jen Lee of Crunch-a-Color and Amy Fothergill of The Family Chef - all as a fundraiser to support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day. My take away was how fantastic it is to share your passions with friends. I have been cooking my whole life, yet left... More »

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I can't wait to try this one. Light a votive candle while chopping onions. Cut onions as close to flame as possible without danger of being burned. The heat will draw the sulfur to it and away from your eyes. Does it work? Here are other onion tips...

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TIP: Trader Joes Savory Broth Liquid Concentrate

Great tip from Amy. These packets are great because you can make only the amount of broth that you need, and then save the other packets in the pantry for later.

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The Family Chef

Amy teaches cooking classes and provides consultations in the Bay Area...more

Thanks to Amy for sharing your passion. Check her out here, and have her come to your next party or girls night out.

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Crunch a Color

A company founded on the idea that healthy kids make happy kids. Their...more

Thanks to Jen Lee for getting such a great group of women together.

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's official site with loads of recipes and his latest...more

Thanks to Jamie Oliver to giving us a good cause!

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TIP: How to Chop an Onion

Don't ask me how I didn't know this, but alas, you learn something new every day.

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TIP: Heat the Pan, Not the Oil

Learn how hot you want your saute pan before sauteing.

You may have seen in cooking magazines or cooking shows where the chef holds his hand over a hot pan and when they can no longer take the heat, the pan is ready. I find this technique amusing because I know I can hold my hand over the heat longer than my wife and my brother, who works with his hands can keep his hands over the pan a lot longer than I can. It may give you an idea but there is an easier way to tell when the pan is hot enough to add your fat. Water simmers at 185°F but turns into steam at 21

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TIP: Grilled Chicken Ready to Flip When...

Amy made it so look so easy to cook the chicken while doing 5 other things. But her tips WERE simple! The underside is done when the edges start turning white and it's firm. The time depends how thick the chicken is.

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TIP: Frozen Spinach

Frozen spinach is great for adding to risotto. No need to even defrost!

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TIP: Conserve Pans


When making something such as this gluten free fruit and berry crisp, you can make it right in the pan you are going to cook with. Less clean up is ALWAYS better!

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TIP: Best Ways to Do Garlic in Salad Dressings

If you are making a salad dressing, such as this healthy (mayo free) Ceaser dressing from Jamie Oliver, it is a great idea to put it in the blender once you have added the garlic.

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RECIPES: Jamie Oliver Girls Night Out Cooking Party

These were some of the easy weeknight dinner items we learned how to make with Chef Amy at the Crunch-a-Color fundraiser to support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day.

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