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Tips on Hosting a Girls Night Out Party at Your House by Erin

by Erin, posted to TV, Movies & Music

You love your girlfriends. You want to make some new friends. You want them all to meet. Host a girls night "in" party at your house. We need more girl time, but none of us have enough time to plan something. So here's the Keep It Simple guide to having a fun GNO at your house.

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Paperless Post Invites

Paperless Post has some great online invites. Fast, free and easy.

Larissa: I tried Paperless Posts, but the functionality is so limited unless you pay. I'm a big fan of, great designs, easy to use and most features are free.

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Minted Invitations

If you really like paper invitations, check out these great ones from Minted. Better yet, they are customized to Girls Night In, so you can get great ideas for this SPECIFIC event (and just change the date and address!).

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Easy Frozen Appetizers

There are so many great frozen appetizers that can make your party great. If you live near a Trader Joe's then be sure to check out this list of great TJ's apps for parties.

Eden Godsoe: My "go to" item to bring to potlucks or serve at our parties are Trader Joe's meatballs. They are always the first to go.

Sandra.chandler: I shop at Trader Joes and love the quality and prices. But when we have a larger party and want some higher end appetizers I buy from They have an appetizer call crispy asparagus and they are delicious.

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Mommy Juice Wine

Great label AND really tasty. The red and white are both perfect for girls night.

Eden Godsoe: Can't go wrong with a name like Mommy Juice. Actually in our family we call it Grammy's Medicine.

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Put your favorite songs (old or new) onto an iMix. Or just use Pandora. If this is not your thing, ask a friend to bring a good mix. You must have music.

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Don't let the state of your house stop you from hosting a party. Stuff clutter in a closet, dim the lights, add some candles or flowers if you like. Make sure the kids have flushed the toilet before the first guest heads in there.

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Icebreaker Games List

It's always fun to have some conversation starters when we have people over. At first I thought this was best when we have friends over who don't all know each other. But it also works really well for old friends, you find out great things about people and get to know everyone better. Here are some ideas for get-to-know-people party games.

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Help from Your Friends

Whether you are cooking or buying, ask the ladies to help. Ask everyone bring a little something or just ask a few friends to bring something specific. People love to be a part of the program.

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The Party Prep Plan

Even if it's just a small girls night in with your closest friends, you still want to get your house ready. This list has some good reminders like laying out coasters and new soap in the powder room.

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Tips and Tricks for Easy Girls Night In: Just Do It! | SkinnyScoop Blog

Great blog post on hosting a girls night in! So the bottom line is that we all need more girls nights. It’s a great way to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. It’s easy enough to send out an email to meet at a restaurant or local wine bar. But that can get spendy and you usually end up just talking to the people that you sat next to. So host a girls night in!

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