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Top Parental Health Concerns - Worth the Worry? by Erin

by Erin, posted to Health & Fitness

I admit it, I'm a little bit of a worrier. I'm also a researcher. I like to learn more about stuff by reading as much as I can. Which is confounding because there are conflicting reports on everything from cell phone radiation to antibiotics. What are the health issues worth worrying about? Ple... More »

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Helicopter Parenting

Suggested by FavePages Team

Helicopter parenting (where a parent who pays extremely close attention to his/her child's experiences & problems) is something I think we should all be worried about. Seriously - we should worry that so many parents are worrying too much!

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Worriers Rejoice! - The Washington Post

Report: worrying actually protects your brain. Not joking! Worrying in your 40s and 50s makes you less likely (42% less likely!!) to develop dementia when you are in your 80s. You will already have lost your mind, of course, from eating high fructose corn syrup or forgetting your tin foil helmet while using your cell phone (see below), but if you worry enough about the corn syrup, it might cancel out the loss of memory cells. So THERE, all you cheery un-anxious people.

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Antibiotics: Miracle or Nail in our Collective Coffin

Many point to the overuse of antibiotics when we didn't need them (ear infections?), and now we need them, but they don't work anymore and we're all going to die.

Eden Godsoe: I don't overly worry about such things but do think antibiotics are way overused.

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Cell Phones: Amazing Devices or Brain Snatchers?

Apparently we are swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, etc. But someone said that cell phones might be extra bad, causing more cancer (and/or brain tumors, genetic damage, and the like). The experts recommend not keeping them too close to your body, certainly not your head. In the meantime, you should make yourself a tin foil helmet.

Eden Godsoe: I just had to vote on this one because of the image. Personally I am not that worried about cell phones nor much else. As Erin knows, I am just not much of a worrier.

FavePages Admin: Love this pic! So cute :)

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High Fructose Corn Syrup: Cool or Conspiracy

HFCS is fun not only because it might be bad for you but because of the conspiracy theory. Danger: When used in moderation it is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and, my favorite, dementia. Conspiracy: the corn industry is spending millions on misinformation campaigns about the “sweet surprise” of “natural" corn sugar. I always wonder, if it's really *that* bad, how is it in so many foods?

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Fire Retardant Pajamas: Cozy Nightware or Silent Killers?

Cholorinated, brominated and inorganic flame retardants --> cancer (and impaired thyroid function and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems), but they are great for pajamas. They can accumulate in the body… whaa? Doesn’t make for a good nights sleep, for mom anyway. Also found in your nursing pillow. Since it is a place where moms are very likely to set down their cigarettes.

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Your Mattress: Relaxing Sleep Spot or Cancer Cloud?

As it turns out, pretty much everything in your house offgasses. Carpets, paint, cleaning products, flooring, furniture. Oh, and the mattresses you and your family spend many hours a day breathing in. So my brain cells are shot. Can I still save the kids? Just warn them about the cancer risk if they breathe too close to their bed. Although I’m sure you are aware that after five years, 10% of the weight of a pillow is dust mites. Maybe the cancer and dust mites will cancel each other out?

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Glass of Water: Basis of Life or Chemical Cauldron?

I grew up drinking, gasp, water straight from the tap. Now I see conflicting reports about the safety of tap water (flouride, chlorine, and general contaminants). Bottled H2O is obviously out unless you are okay with polluting our oceans and/or killing marine mammals. In addition to destroying your own liver (see below). So maybe we’ll get a filter. RO? Whole house? Just drink beer instead?

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BPA Plastic: Convenient Container or Liver Destroyer?

I fed two babies pumped breast milk served from BPA laden bottles. Unfortunately they were born just before this BPA thing became a worry. But only if you’re concerned about their heart, liver, or reproductive system. What about water bottles, canned food, food containers, etc?

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Ideas for Boosting Your Immune System & Staying Healthy by Erin | SkinnyScoop

I really don't like being sick (who does?). And even worse is when the kids get sick. Sometimes there's just not much you can do, and I'm told each virus makes you stronger. But I'm always looking for ideas to stay healthy. Here's a list of ideas.

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Back Sleeping: The Best Way or a Plot by the Fix-Flathead-Helmet Makers?

When we were babies, the doctors said the safest way to sleep was on our tummies. So our moms put us on our tummies. Now they say the best is "Back to Sleep." But it seems that there are a lot more sleep problems these days? Correlation? Plus there's this issue of babies suddenly needing helmets to help fix their flat heads that they got from sleeping on their backs. Red flag?

Eden Godsoe: My babies slept on their back. Both baby nurses were a-ok with this.

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Did you let your baby sleep on his/her tummy?

Did you? Click here to answer.

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Corn Syrup Commercial from Saturday Night Live

Two parents debate the safety of high fructose corn syrup at a birthday party. Good stuff.

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The new "dirty dozen" list of produce | Yahoo! Green

One of America's most popular fruits now ranks as the most contaminated with pesticides, according to this year's data. So should I just wash them well and move on or be really worried? Which is it?

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Hannah Andersson Organic Pajamas

Cotton, organic, chemical free. No worries!

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