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2013 Resolution: Be Healthy and Fit by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Health & Fitness

A round-up of some of the best apps, recipes and gear for getting healthy in 2013.

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Survival Guide to a Healthy Weight Loss Journey by Isabella

Want to drop a few pounds in 2013? Try this weight loss survival guide curated by Isabella, a lover of both food and fitness.

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My Favorite Fitness & Diet Apps by Lauryn Evarts

Lauryn Evarts, the force behind the popular 'Skinny Confidential' blog, shares the 5 apps she loves for health, fitness and weight loss.

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Top 25 Wellness Bloggers by SkinnyScoop Team

These bloggers write about their journey to a healthy lifestyle. Read...more

Need some inspiration? Check out the Top 25 Wellness blog winners from September, 2012.

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Our Favorite Recipes by Top Wellness Bloggers

Healthy and delicious recipes shared by winners of our Top Wellness...more

As if the list of bloggers wasn't enough, they've shared more than 30 favorite dishes that keep them full and healthy. Get the scoop on this list.

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Super Bowl 2013: Skinny Appetizers and Finger Foods by Larissa

Here's your cheat sheet for the best tasting and easy-to-make healthy...more

Avoid feasting at football parties with these skinny appetizers and recipe modifications.

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Delicious Greek Yogurt Recipes by Krista

I've replaced my frozen yogurt addiction with plain, non-fat Greek...more

Greek yogurt was a 2012 wonder food and Krista shared more than 10 ways to turn it into a tasty (healthy) treat.

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9 Ways Working Mothers Can Find Time to Exercise by Hello Ladies

It can feel impossible for working mothers to find the time to...more

Liz O'Donnell of Hello Ladies makes time for exercise on the busiest days. Here are her tips for fitting activity into your hectic schedule.

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Perfect Picks for Workout Gear by Amanda Davis

In honor of my new found obsession with Fitness Bootcamp, running and...more

Bikram yogi Amanda lists the gear that motivates her to get active. Treat yourself to some and achieve a new milestone!

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Cheat Sheet: Coconut Water by Krista

One of my latest obsessions, here are my reviews for a few of the...more

See how different coconut water brands stack up with this cheatsheet and find a new way to stay hydrated and healthy in 2013.

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