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Dating Dealbreakers by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Relationships

We might not be as shallow as Hal but we all have them: dating deal breakers. Whether its something as serious as smoking to as silly as webbed running shoes, what sends you running for the hills?

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Vibram Five Fingers

We've polled the SkinnyScoop office, and none of us find these webbed running shoes even the slightest bit sexy. In fact, silly as it is, we vote them to be a huge turnoff.

Eden Godsoe: Agreed. These freak me out for some reason...kinda like clowns & mimes.

Beatriz Sandoval: Agree! scary looking fingers.

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Going Dutch on a First Date

If you are asked out by a guy, then it should be assumed that he will...more

Suggested by Claudia

If my date goes dutch on a first date that will most likely be my last date. I once went on a date where I paid for my own meal and he took MY leftovers home. I went running!

Eden Godsoe: That is crazy...I think I wouldn't have let him take my leftovers - better to give to a homeless person.

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Picky Eaters / Calorie Counters

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I have heard men don't like when women order salads on a dinner date. Even worse is a man who is a picky eater and only orders a salad (dressing on the side.) Makes me wonder how uptight the guy is about other aspects of his life...

julie: Seriously! I dated a picky eater... never again! I don't want to feel like hes judging me every time we eat

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I Can't Fit In His Jeans

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I'm happily married now and my husband is 6'3 and 200+ pounds, so my husband's clothing is huge on me...and that's the way I like it. Back in the day when I was dating, I had this rule - if I can't fit in his jeans (with room to spare) then we couldn't date.

Krista: It's true - I don't think there's anything that makes me feel more uncomfortable than being bigger than the guy I'm seeing. I wish I didn't care, but I can't help but feel super self-concious!

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Flaking on a Date

Suggested by Claudia

There's nothing more annoying when you've set aside time for that date and the guy flakes. Unless he has a reasonable excuse I wouldn't hold back on dating the next guy that comes your way.

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Takes Longer Than Me To Get Ready

Suggested by Erin

I find it to be annoying when a guy takes too long to get ready or seems to be overly primping. Of course you want them to look good, but know when to say when.

Claudia: Totally agree! Of course I want him to look great but if I can get it down to under 20 min so should he!

Beatriz Sandoval: Yep, NO guy should take longer than 30min.. seriously !

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Suggested by Larissa

I think it's incredibly rude when guys check their phone, text, are Facebooking, or take calls.

Claudia: Yes, this is so rude!

Beatriz Sandoval: I guess this just means he's not interested ?. ugh! men.

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Cheap With Tipping

Suggested by CatK

If a guy pulls out a tip calculator to figure out exactly how much 15% is or if he under tips, he won't get a second date.

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Disrespectful to Bartenders, Waitstaff, etc.

Suggested by Krista

Kindness and respect are high on my list of must have characteristics, so I just can't tolerate when someone is short, disrespectful or downright rude to bartenders, waitstaff, cab drivers, etc.

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Bad Kissers

Suggested by Sloane Taylor Blake

Bad Kissers send me running for the hills...

CatK: So true - bad kissing is a deal breaker. You really can't teach a grown man how to kiss...he should have figured that out in his teen years.

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Sports Slackers

Suggested by julie

My deal breaker is baseball. If they do not like it, I lose interest. Really, if they don't like sports I lose interest. If I know more about sports and baseball than him and he can't keep up with me in a conversation about the Dodgers, I am immediately turned off and don't want to pursue anything.

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Men Who Bash Their Ex's


Suggested by Rosalind Sedacca

If a guy is still so emotionally charged about his divorce and hates his ex, he has serious inner work to do before dating again. It's not healthy to date a guy with so much energy focused on disparaging another woman.

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He Puts Me in Charge


A man needs to be a man.

Suggested by feasttofamine

If a man gives me his phone number rather than asking for mine, or insists I choose the location of the first date, I know he is not the man for me. I need a guy who is comfortable taking the lead.

Eden Godsoe: Agreed. While I don't want a guy who controls everything (I'll order for myself and happy to suggest ideas for later dates), I hate wishy washy guys.

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Suggested by LorneCaplan

Years of experience good and bad and as an expert in relationships in the scent, music and food areas, I know there is so much more we can all to to build on our intimacy, romance and passion and this is a good place to start avoiding the initial pitfalls.

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Poor Grammar

Correct grammar and proper spelling can be a challenge, and their...more

Suggested by Krista

I might be too picky, but I have a tough time with men who use poor grammar or sound unintelligent.

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Bad Manners

– Unless it’s your personal preference to be around people who...more

Suggested by eloveceo

People have different definitions of acceptable behavior. Different genders might also view things differently. Some people swear in front of everybody, whether they know them or not. Others are more refined.

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Keep the eyes here

Wandering eyes are a no-no. If you can’t focus on your date on the...more

Suggested by eloveceo

It's about respect. You go out on a date with somebody, that's who you are with for the night. Checking out other women sends a clear message about you and what you think of your date.

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Not getting along with his mother.


He MUST be on good terms with his mother.

Suggested by Haley

Age old advice that we all seem to ignore: watch the way a man treats his mother, it's likely to be the way he treats all the women in his life.

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