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Bloggers Who Eat by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Food & Drink

A list of bloggers who write about food, wine, recipes and kitchen gear.

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The Family Chef

Amy teaches cooking classes and provides consultations in the Bay Area...more

We love this Bay Area mom and her blog, chock full of amazing classes, events, articles and recipes.

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The Healthy Apple

Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is a Manhattan based Culinary Marketing...more

SkinnyScoop Tastemaker Amie is Gluten-Free Industry Innovator helping others live a healthy, happy life. Her blog includes tasty recipes and personal stories.

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The Conscious Plate

Suggested by Randy Rabney

Randy Rabney is a trained chef, holistic health coach, author, food lover and parent. She is dedicated to helping people change their relationship with food and teaching them how to make great tasting, healthy meals quickly and easily.

FavePages Team: We're happy to see you on SkinnyScoop - we love finding new blogs to read! This is wonderful :)

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The Budget Diet

Suggested by Kristl Story

The Budget Diet is a diet for your wallet, not your waistline!!!! You'll discover a collection of frugalicious & fast recipes.

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The Weekend Epicurean


A blog about eating, drinking, cooking, movies, random ramblings and...more

Suggested by Swati Sapna

Indian food and experimenting with an ever-widening palate :)

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Foodie International

A foodie takes to the skies for the edible adventure of a lifetime. As...more

Suggested by Elyse Pasquale

Foodie International steps off the beaten path, exploring the culinary cultures of exciting destinations around the world. With a philosophy that focuses on food as living history and a passion for local cuisine, she tells an ongoing story of her own experience and the people and places behind the plates.

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Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

Suggested by sheri

I write mostly about gardening, baking and cooking, I also love to pass along great “finds” – from a beautiful, one of a kind store in Brooklyn (or Portland) to the most amazing donut or lobster roll

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Gluten Free School

Suggested by Jennifer Fugo Gresh

Gluten Free School is a practical, educational hub for all things gluten-free. Visitors find informative articles, reviews and recipes as well as free or low-cost tele-classes with gluten-free experts offering a unique spin on living a healthy, gluten-free life.

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6 Bittersweets

Dietitian in training who also loves baking, especially cupcakes,...more

Suggested by Xiaolu Hou

If you're passionate about food, this is the place for you. I promise you a warm welcome, reliable recipes (sweet and savory), and lots of eye candy of the edible variety!

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Rona Lewis

Low fat, lower carb, healthy recipes from Rona Lewis- fitness and...more

Suggested by Rona Lewis

This site is one stop shopping for having a healthy body and happier life for you AND your family! The recipes are unusual but can be made in an hour or less. The best part? Rona is absolutely hysterical! Get one of her funny, healthy cookbooks "Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat? Vol 1 and 2" there, as well! Her fitness tips are an added bonus

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The Pizza Project


Just a bunch of regular folks with a shared desire to write about...more

Suggested by thepizzaproject

Who doesn't like pizza ... or beer, film, music, raising kids, bulldogs and humorous rants on everyday events? Unless you're living under a rock, this blog's got something for you.

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Hungry, Healthy, Happy!

Suggested by Lanae Bays

My blog is focuses not only on food and what I eat but the health of my family and my constant striving for regular exercise amidst a very busy life.

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navy + cream

navy + cream is a blog about food, fashion and all that shimmers in...more

Suggested by elizabeth

navy + cream is my take on food and fashion as a 20-something gal living in the Windy City. I love everything about food - preparing it, eating it, writing about it, photographing it. Food links people together and each bite tells a story. I'm always looking to expand my culinary horizons and consider myself adventurous in the kitchen.

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Simply Nutrition


Suggested by Molly Morgan, RD

nutrition blog written by registered dietitian and author of The Skinny Rules!

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Cooking with coconut oil? With coconut oil recipes, healthy recipes...more

Suggested by Kelapo provides readers with ways to incorporate coconut oil into their diet through recipes, health articles, and expert opinions.

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The Accidental Locavore Home Page


The Accidental Locavore home page. What is a locavore? How to cook...more

Suggested by Anne Maxfield

Learn how a working woman cooks local and fresh for her family. Easy recipes and ideas for you.

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Florida Keys Girl

Life in Key West and Beyond.

Suggested by Stephanie Goldberg Glazer

Florida Keys Girl is a food, travel and lifestyle blog. Heavily focused on Key West and the Keys, I include travels and eating around the globe. Restaurant reviews, wine tastings, cooking and more. Stop by for a slice of paradise.

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Wine For Normal People


Suggested by Wine For Normal Peop

From a Certified Sommelier, Wine For Normal People is neither condescending nor "for dummies." It's for real people who want to know more about a complicated subject, minus the snob factor. It's a great look at wine that's accessible and educational. Readers can also access the podcast to learn more about wine straight from Elizabeth's mouth!

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Two Lazy Gourmets

Suggested by Robin Donovan

Two Lazy Gourmets provides delightfully easy recipes for surprisingly delicious dishes. Coauthors of The Lazy Gourmet: Magnificent Meals Made Easy, Robin and Juliana share simple recipes, cooking tips, and helpful advice for anyone who loves home-cooked, impressive, and delicious food, but is short on time, energy, or kitchen expertise.

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Natural Contents

A lifestyle blog (and marketplace) devoted to the healthy eating of...more

Suggested by Natural Contents

Our food system is broken and the only way to change it is to have a voice. Together we will have impact and we will make strides.

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Hope at Home


ONEHOPE Wine's private wine tastings and fundraisers in the comfort of...more

Suggested by Megan Brandt

We believe that behind every Hope at Home event is an untold story. Follow our blog to read these touching stories and also for fun recipes, tips, and crafts dedicated to what we all love: wine.

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Wholey Experiences

Suggested by Wholey Experience

Feeding people literally and figuratively.

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Foodnuti is for people who want to start—or go back to—eating real...more

Suggested by Stephanie Karpinske, RD

Dietitian, health writer, and recipe developer Stephanie Karpinske, MBA, MS, RD shares expert diet and health information, easy everyday tips, and simple yet delicious recipes. Stephanie writes for national magazines and has authored several diet books, including Read Before Dieting and the 28-Day Soup Diet.

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Exercise For Life and Wellness


Suggested by Jackie Keane

Exercise For Life and Wellness is a blog that has fitness and nutrition facts with a dose of humor every once in awhile.

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Welcome To My Kitchen

Suggested by skw3324

Recipes, Reviews, Giveaways. Tips from a cook extraordinaire.

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A Life Sustained


Suggested by Courtney Cable

Courtney strives to live a simple, mindful, beautiful, and sustainable life in the heartland. She blogs about her days, including recipes using local and organic ingredients.

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The Sweets Life

Pictures and Recipes of Sweet and Savory Recipes

Suggested by The Sweets Life

The Sweets Life has something for everyone...healthy dinners, make-ahead meals, indulgent desserts, easy snacks, you name it!

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Elevate Wellness - Blog


Welcome! My goal is for Elevate Wellness is that it becomes a one-stop...more

Suggested by Elevate Wellness

Healthy, kid-friendly whole food recipes. Weekly menu plans. Allergy-friendly.

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A review blog for the frugal family and lover of all things unique

Suggested by Jasanna Czellar

MunchTalk is not your average review/foodie blog. It's about life, God, not-so-common ideas, and everything creative and unique that you probably have not tried before!

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Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo


Suggested by mindiehilton

Award winning published at home cook shares recipes weekly. Linky party for you to share your recipes too. Your host loves to share healthy comfort food and how she has lost 100 pounds and kept it off.

Healthy,fresh and delicious recipes to spice up your kitchen. Spicie...more

Suggested by Spicie Foodie

Great resource of delicious and healthy recipes for those looking to keep healthy.

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The Healthy Bites Blog

This blog focuses on healthy, low-cal, easy, and delicious recipes. It...more

Suggested by MichelleHealthyBites

I have had a love for cooking ever since I was a little girl. Along the way I have picked up some healthy --but delicious-- recipes and tips that I'm here to share with you! I know from experience that eating well doesn't have to be hard: a few simple steps and substitutions and you're on your way to success!

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Eat Yourself Skinny


Suggested by Kelly Hunt

Kelly shares her favorite recipes that are not only guilt-free but incredibly delicious! She also shares the nutritional values and WW points with every dish!

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Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting Food Blog


Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting Food Blog highlights all the awesome...more

Suggested by AhoyNewYork

We love to show visitors and locals alike the inside foodie scoop to NYC neighborhoods!

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The Hungry Goddess

Suggested by Kimberly Moore

A Food Blog to satisfy the Ravenous Soul and home of the popular weekly twitter chat #HGEATS. Recipes, Chef Stalking, Amuse-Bouche recommendations - everything you need to be a Goddess in the Kitchen!

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The Live-In Kitchen

Suggested by The Live-In Kitchen

A collection of family-tested recipes and stories from my kitchen.

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Sweet Gala's

A site born out for the love for food and yummies, for the hobby of...more

Suggested by hausofgala

All recipes has been tasted, photographed and prepared by the author of the site.

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Vegan Yack Attack!

This is a vegan food blog that covers everything from indulgent...more

Suggested by veganyackattack

There is a great variety of vegan recipes fitting for vegans, and meat eaters alike. From your healthy dinners to raw desserts, and helpful reviews on many restaurants.

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Katy in the Kitchen


Katy is a law student and fashion blogger living in the Midwest. She...more

Suggested by Katy H

Provides lots of healthy and simple recipes for people on the go.

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Boat Cook

Suggested by janetgroene

Blogger and author Janet Groene lived and cruised on board a sailboat for 10 years. Each week she presents a pantry recipe, no fresh foods needed

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Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

Southern transplants write about cooking seasonally and creatively in Boston.

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Silver Smile Survival - Taking the Bite out of Braces

Suggested by Pamela Waterman

Silver Smile Survival helps parents, teens, children and adults thrive with braces-friendly tips, recipes and resources. We think life in braces should be a positive experience, so we share our latest finds, whether they're soft-food recipes, ideas for packing tender lunches, cool news in orthodontic technology or handy dental hygiene products.

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Create A Gorp


Suggested by janetgroene

Healthful, homemade gorp, snacks or trail mix can be fine-tuned to your diet to eliminate allergens and reduce sugar, salt, fat and chemicals

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Home - Jackie Keane


Jackie Keane designs Individual Fitness and Nutrition plans for her...more

Suggested by Jackie Keane

This blog provides lots of nutritional information on eating whole foods to peak your performance and inner beauty. Beauty is defined by health and wellness.

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Camp And RV Cook


Suggested by janetgroene

Author Janet Groene is the author of books including Cooking Aboard Your RV and ABCs of Boat Camping

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Home Skillet Cooking Blog

Suggested by HomeSkilletCookingBl

Food. It is nourishing. It is fun. It can be sublime. It can provide comfort, like a warm fuzzy blanket. It can transport us to other lands or even back into the recesses of our memories. It can connect us to our ancestors, families, friends, and other cultures. This cooking blog is our way of sharing our love of great food with everyone.

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The Cozy Apron

Welcome to my journal, The Cozy Apron, where I share my offerings on...more

Suggested by The Cozy Apron

Looking for cozy, creative and healthy recipes with pinch of personal story-telling? Come on by and visit with me!

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A Ukrainian gal's food blog.

If you've ever been to a Russian or Ukrainian potluck, you know what...more

Suggested by

Natashas Kitchen makes cooking easy. The recipes are popular because they are darn good and easy to follow with step-by-step photos. Plus, lots of tips and funny nuggets along the way!

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Tales Out of School

Although you might find a recipe or two in this blog, this Jewish...more

Suggested by Barbara Albert

My goal is to supply you with a chuckle or two, and sometimes with a knowing tear.

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Apron Strings

We are a birth mother and daughter, Donna and Anne, respectively, who...more

Suggested by Erin, Chief Mom

I recently came across this blog and have been in love ever since. I also love their story about reconnecting over food.

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