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Family Vacation Ideas: Inspiration for Every Budget by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Travel & Places

Great family vacation ideas - beach or mountains, on a shoestring or luxury, all inclusive or not. Share your ideas here.

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Fallen Leaf Campground, Lake Tahoe, CA


Fallen Leaf Campground is about three miles west of South Lake Tahoe...more

This camp ground is in a GORGEOUS location. On the shores of Fall Leaf Lake, you can get to Lake Tahoe easily plus the trailhead to the Desolation Wilderness is also right there for spectacular hiking. Lots for the kids to do and see.

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Costanoa | Pescadero, California

Costanoa is an eco adventure resort designed to encourage our guests...more

The accomodations range from eco lodge with ensuite bathroom to cabins to tent cabins to a KOA with tent and RV spots. Breathtaking views of the Pacific, great hiking trails, beaches, plenty of space for the kids to run around and explore nature.

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Tyler Place Family Resort

Summer camp for families! Perfect balance of family/together time...more

We had 16 people (8 adults, 8 kids ranging from 2-13). Individual parents' helper for kids <2, age-appropriate groups/activities for kids up to high school - adults get mornings through lunch free, then family time for the afternoon, then kids-free dinners and evenings (lots of sitters available). Great food, great staff, and so much fun.

Eden Godsoe: My sister raves about this place. She went with her family and another family a couple of times. Fun for the kids and even more fun for the adults.

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A Lake Superior Resort - Grand Superior Lodge is located just north of...more

Lots of things to do and easily accommodates large groups all in one destination.

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Kauai, Hawaii

Snorkeling just 50 feet off-shore with your kids for the first time. Seeing the Na Pali coast by helicopter. Taking family surf lessons. Enjoying fresh fish and produce at every turn. Marveling at the glorious natural landscape. Completely unwinding and bonding as a family. These are just a few of the reasons Kauai now holds a special place in our ...

Lisa: Probably should have separate lists for <3 and >3. This Kauai trip (and the Costa Rica trip) don't sound very toddler-friendly. My 2-year-old isn't going to be snorkelling or surfing any time soon, unfortunately. Snow sports are also off limits to the under-3 crowd. Places like Tyler Place (or the Club Med resorts with childcare) are much friendlier to toddlers. It's a real struggle finding a vacation for kids under 3 if you want some time to yourself -- probably merits a separate list.

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Costa Rica, Central America

What I loved so much about Costa Rica was the lack of development. It felt like Mexico without the Burger King but with howler monkeys. It is remote and a long bus ride may be required, but the hospitality we encountered, in addition to the pristine beaches and rain forests, was beyond compare.

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Disneyland, California

I know I do not need to convince you that every kids adores the Disney experience. It is truly magical. And I think every parent should experience the awe in your child's eyes when she see her favorite princess {or he sees his favorite character} and truly believes she is that princess. Disneyland makes that Disney experience manageable and enjoyab...

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Atlantis Luxury Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Tropical resort and hotel featuring a large marine habitat, marina,...more

The great thing about Atlantis is that there are tons of activities for kids of all ages including water slides, kids camps and even a kids discos but Atlantis is also a fun place for adults with its restaurants, shopping and casino.

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Beaver Creek, Colorado

"Not exactly roughing it" {the officially Beaver Creek motto} sums up our experience at this Colorado ski resort. The mountain is vast. The runs are challenging, and easy, and scenic and everything in between. And it doesn't hurt that they offer warm chocolate chips cookies as you come off the slopes around 4:30. Sold.

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Northstar at Tahoe, California

Skiing, snowboarding, cross country, skating, tubing in winter....more

Northstar is a great family friendly mountain. Obviously wonderful in ski season - great ski school and adult classes, fun village, and if you use VRBO or get a condo just outside the village, you can get a decent deal. Also tons of stuff to do in the summer. Something for all ages and a real focus on family.

Eden Godsoe: Northstar makes it so easy on families. And for me, vacation with the kids has to be easy.

Lisa: According to their website: They provide care for kids 2+ during the day and 4+ if you want care at night. Kids won't get out in the snow at all unless they're 3. Ski resorts in general aren't very friendly to toddlers, I've found.

Eden Godsoe: Lisa - agree that skiing with kiddos 2 or under is tough. I think Northstar does it as well as any ski resort I've been to and we have been there every year since our kids were born. They have excellent ski schools and day programs for kids 3+ but below that it may be best to have someone (we had grandparents who didn't ski) to hand with the kids, take them to the rink, roam the town, do the nap, etc.

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Club Med Ixtapa Pacific

All-inclusive with reliable, caring daycare for kids from 4 months and...more

Suggested by Lisa Fisher

There are few places you can go with a kid under 3, at least if you'd like a vacation yourself. And you need the time to yourself most when you have a kid <3. We had a great experience here with our 9-month-old. The daycare staff was caring, and the caregiver/kid ratio was great. They also provide evening care for a small charge. I never thought I'd like a beach vacation, but having a week where I could sit and read in peace in the morning while swimming with the kid in the afternoon was so relaxing.

Eden Godsoe: This place is actually great for kids of all ages. My family went there when my sister was 12, I was 13 and my brother was 15. It was a blast for us and my parents also enjoyed it.

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Berkeley Family Camp! (In Tuolumne)

Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp is a 14.5 acre camp located on the South...more

Suggested by Penelope Poet

Many east-bay families make a summer pilgrimage to Berkeley family camp. Rates are per day, and include 3 meals and lodging!

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Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp | Sonoma County

Imagine a week of music, drama, writing, art, swimming, fresh food,...more

Suggested by Penelope Poet

This is at the top of my list of family camps to try out in Northern California!

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Dordogne, France

The Dordogne is located in the Southwestern area of France. A great...more

Suggested by CiaoBambino

There is so much for families to see and do in the Dordogne region of France. Kids are educated and entertained in the many castles and prehistoric caves yet there are many active options available like swimming, canoeing, kayaking and ziplining. And you can find reasonably priced accommodations for French standards.

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