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"I Don't Know How She Does It" List by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Career & Money

Whether you are a woman or mom working full-time outside the home or not, many scenes from the book (and now movie) "I Don’t Know How She Does It" can ring true. There are days where I wonder how some of us ladies make it all work. We'd like to pull together a list of blog posts, tips, lists, j... More »

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BOOK: I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother

Allison Pearson's debut novel, I Don't Know How She Does It, is a rare...more

Give yourself some good laughs as this working mom of two and primary breadwinner tries to make it all work. Smart, witty, funny.

Rebecca: I would clarify: whatever Kate does, do the opposite!

Adrienne: I didn't realize this was a book. I'll have to check that out.

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BOOK: Me, Myself & Inc.

DeMao has been raising a small business and 3 daughters for over 25...more

Suggested by sldunlimited

DeMao says that people feel pulled in so many directions because “they are trying to balance what cannot be divided by two!” Me, Myself & Inc informs readers how to create synergy between all areas of their lives and find success in doing so.

FavePages Team: This sounds like a great book! Will definitely need to check it out

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This book gives tons of tips to women on How to Break the Glass...more

Suggested by Sonja Fisher

This book has great tips for woman! My chapter 24 - gives 10 tips for them to succeed in Corporate America.

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TIP: Remember You


Suggested by Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

Never Never put yourself last. You have to have a sense of yourself and your well being. Otherwise, you may be doing it all and be miserable inside OR you may be doing it all and just be doing too much- recipe for collapsing and dropping the ball.

FavePages Team: This is a great tip that many of us often forget.

Cris: The title of the tip say it all!

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~Experience the Art of Living Well~

Suggested by Cris Simone

Always carry yourself with elegance, style and grace no matter how hectic life becomes. Dress well, wear makeup, and style your hair. It simply feels good when you look good.

Jackie: I like this tip! It is one that I often forget when I am rushing to try to get to work on time.

Cris: This is what gets me through those tough days at the office. Helps me to feel like I'm gliding, not shuffling, through the day.

Eden Godsoe: You mean no more make-up-less faces and wet ponytails for work?! Just kidding - I really should take an extra 10-15 minutes in the am to pull myself together!

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TIP: Appreciative Living


Suggested by Denise Ercolino Yarrison

Keep a light heart & a positive spirit thru attentiveness to what's working well in your day, what you appreciate in any moment; not what's going wrong, or what we didn't get done. The latter are sure energy drainers! Read more on my blog..

Jackie: I will definitely be checking out your blog..and I need to work on staying light hearted and positive, because I do drain myself with "should have done this" thoughts.

Denise Ercolino: Hi Jackie! I catch myself saying "I should've" or "I shouldn't have" often! It helps me to switch to more empowering language like "I will / won't do that" or "I choose to / choose not to...".

Cris: With all that is happening in the world around us, we must live with gratitude and appreciation.

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TIP: Get a Hobby

Whether it's crafting, cooking, photography or something else, having a hobby and making time for it is so important to today's busy woman. It is truly "you" time.

Jackie: I agree. When it is a hobby that you love and truly are interested in, despite how busy life gets, there always seems to be some time where you can "work" on this hobby.

Eden Godsoe: Quite honestly, I feel like I need to get a hobby or get back into some of the things I used to be passionate about & spend "me" time doing. It's tough when you work long hours & have young children, but I do think every woman should have at least one hobby that is truly her own.

Adrienne: finding time for me is so important. I love my yoga classes. It's a total escape!

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TIP: Priorities

Suggested by Amanda Pekoe

Your partner is important to you, but so is your career. Make a "date" once each week to spend time with your spouse, even if it means bringing him or her to a work event.

FavePages Team: Date nights are a definite must!

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TIP: Make Goals | Fabulous&MoneySavvy


Suggested by Bahiyah Shabazz

Instead of overwhelming yourself, list 3-5 feasible goals each day that are measurable for progress. Revisit your goals in the morning and midday for any adjustments. >I like to highlight according to activities<

Jackie: I am definitely going to have to work on this one. I often feel like a spaz if I have too much on my plate and I tend to overwhelm myself. I will have to start making daily goals. Thanks for sharing :)

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TIP: Stay Organized

Suggested by Sapphire Bookkeeping

The best advice I can give is to keep an organized day planner. It doesn't matter if it electronic, a calendar on the wall or a paper calendar in your purse. Being able to write things down will help your mind remember them and get them done.

Jackie: I have a paper day planner, but I need to get better at leaving more detailed to-dos and using it more often.

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TIP: The Twisted Pencil

Suggested by Erika Walker

Tip: plan in advance - it usually works just fine when you're planning a week ahead; write down the schedules of every family member and organize yours' around those. Helps to organize your day while still being there for a family.

FavePages Team: Great tip! Scheduling is very important, and remembering to do so a week before allows for easy time managing.

Erika: Exactly! And it also helps not to miss important occasions like son's football game or a family gathering.

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TIP: Get Your Groceries deliverered


Order online at your convenience and chose a delivery slot that suits...more

Suggested by Margot Bloom

We waste so much time on grocery shopping - drive to Store put items in cart take items out of cart at checkout replace items in cart pack items into car drive home unpack car put away Add in traffic and small children for maximum wasted hours!

Jackie: I also make the mistake of not making a checklist or forgetting it and therefore I spend forever going down each isle seeing what I want/need. Added extra time is going grocery shopping hungry!

FavePages Team: Great idea, I will have to see if Trader Joe's does this..?

Cris: Love this tip. I am desperately waiting for Whole Foods to do this!

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TIP: Cook Once/Eat Twice


Suggested by Denise Dougherty

Cook enough for two meals. This will save you a tremendous amount of time!

Jackie: I have been seriously thinking about this because I wind up buying lunch when I could be cooking a larger dinner and eating leftovers for lunch. Will have to do this.

Erin: great idea to maximize benefits from your cooking time!

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~Experience the Art of Living Well~

Suggested by Cris Simone

Take a mental health day once a month to either do absolutely nothing, or only what you want to do. It gives you an opportunity to come back to center and refocus, especially when life is at its craziest.

FavePages Team: This is a great tip! Life can get so hectic and even on days off I wind up being busy doing errands I can't get done during work days.

Cris: For September, I took a mental health day with my mom at the Peninsula Hotel's afternoon tea time. We felt like ladies of leisure.

Eden Godsoe: Such a good tip. Must remember to book my mental health day soon!

Cris: This month, my mental health day will be a spa day at Joanna Vargas Salon. Her facials always take years off my appearance!

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TIP: Have A "Me" Day | Fabulous&MoneySavvy


Suggested by Bahiyah Shabazz

Women take care of others before their personal needs. It's important to incorporate a "me" day for tranquility. Remember you can't take of everyone else unless you take care of yourself.

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TIP: Don't beat yourself up over the small things


Suggested by Denise Dougherty

Always remember - you can't be 100% on your game 100% of the time. Try your best, and learn from your mistakes.

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TIP: How I (try to) Do It All

Suggested by Amanda Armstrong

As a mother of 2 and first time entrepreneur, I find that spending 15 minutes or less in the evening and morning tying up loose ends (dishes to emails) helps me prepare for the next day - ready to (try) to do it all again!

Jackie: Doing the dishes and laundry in the morning does save a lot of time for doing other errands later in the's just the waking up a few minutes earlier to do it that I need to work on!

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TIP: ABC'S = Always Be Carrying Something

Suggested by Lisa

Follow the ABC'S. "Always Be Carrying Something." Baby on one hip, laptop in the other. Going upstairs? Bring the laundry with you. Going to work? Bring your mail, iphone, prescription refills and calendar.

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TIP: Best Quote to Live By in a Busy Life


Suggested by Denise Dougherty

"I can, and will, do everything I want to...just not all at one time. Patience!"

FavePages Team: Great quote!

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TIP: Finding Balance

Suggested by Candi Wingate

Busy moms have a lot in common with circus performers. We have to juggle many balls in the air - and we worry that it's all going to come crashing down at any moment! Additionally, we strive to perfect our balancing act, some days feeling more surefo...

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