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Posts About BlogHer 11 [CONTEST] by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Tech & Blogging

BlogHer 11 provides bloggers with lots of material for posts including pre-conference posts about how to prepare and what to bring or wear to posts written while at BlogHer that capture the energy and excitement of the conference to post-conference articles on your favorite memories and key takeaway... More »

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Things I Learned at Blogher | 3 Kids and a Breakdown

1. It’s best not to wear 5″ platform wedges on travel day Duh,...more

Suggested by Trish Bittman

What a newbie learned at BlogHer11

Larissa: Hands down the best post! I was also pretty pooped from the day too and couldn't bring myself to partying with strangers. I'm glad we had a more intimate pre-party so our bloggers can get to know each other. Hope to see you there next year and thanks for writing this fabulous post!

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My Thoughts on BlogHer11

Suggested by Jessica Torres

Honest review of BlogHer with opinions on sessions and people.

FavePages Team: Thanks for adding your post!

FavePages Team: I've added in your URL:

Robin: It's honest.

bewilderedbug: Jessica has a way of bringing things to light that other bloggers would not. She is honest and straightforward even if it is negative. Her blog portrays a true opinion whereas many other bloggers tend to just say how great it was, Jessica tells the truth about her experience.

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As Cape Cod Turns: A Brief, Poetic Re-cap (BlogHer 11)


When I need to fit a lot of information into a post, I usual try to...more

Suggested by Susan Campbell Linnell

After 3 BlogHer's, I know what is important in a recap :)

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Mommy on the Spot: What I Learned at BlogHer11


Suggested by Erin-MommyontheSpot

BlogHer was a lot of fun, but I learned a lot. . . .which led to more questions.

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BlogHer ’11 deserves an A

My recap of what I got out of BlogHer '11

Suggested by Red Lotus Mama

This is my third year attending BlogHer. I provide information on how to set a goal for a conference and meet it.

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My BlogHer wrap up | New to Mom

When I first started this whole BlogHer process, I was thinkin, What...more

Suggested by newtomom

As a newbie, I had the best time and couldn't ask for anything more.

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Coming Out at BlogHer

Retro Modern Mom - A Newbies fears subsided the minute she meets her...more

Suggested by Kate

Hope my impressions are a fun read!

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The Adventures of MomRN at BlogHer 2011: Part One — MomRN

MomRN escaped a scorching heatwave in the flatlands of Oklahoma to...more

Suggested by Tamara Walker

Because it's about BlogHer and San Deigo! :)

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BlogHer 11 San Diego Recap | Eighty MPH Mom

Another BlogHer has come and gone, and it is time for BlogHer 11 –...more

Suggested by Jennifer Regan

My thoughts on BlogHer 11 in San Diego

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I Survived BlogHer’11 and all I got was this Awesome Blog Post

If you're not a blogger, you are totally over the...more

Suggested by Lori Schaffer Garcia

Because the pictures are purdy.

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i skyped with my blogher bffs | the stylish housewife


i made forever friends at the blogher conference. we had a skype...more

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and had to share my blogher experience!

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i’m going to the blogher conf | the stylish housewife


panic attacks before the conference!

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and couldn't wait to share my before, after and way after blogher experience!

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i went to blogher 2011 | the stylish housewife


why i had the best time ever at blogher

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and had to share my blogher experience!

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Communications Goddess: Marketers & Event Planners: BlogHer '11 Had Lessons for You, Too


My blog is a divine celebration of modern communication and the people...more

Suggested by KarenMW

Marketers & event planners w/o blogs would never think of attending BlogHer, but they should monitor online discussions of it for the best/worst practices.

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The Queen of Swag: My First BLOG HER 11! Oh Boy!


Suggested by Vanessa Diaz

My honest experience of attending BlogHer for the first time at BlogHer11. It was an epic experience to say the least!

Vanessa: thanks so much for promoting me!

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Blogging is Big Business. But for Whom?

Suggested by Chloe Mountain

My first time at BlogHer

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Suggested by Carol Valenzuela

Because BlogHer was a blast and people should know this!

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Motherscribe: JCK prepares her wardrobe for BlogHer11

JCK shops for her BlogHer essentials...a little black skirt and always...more

Suggested by JCK (Motherscribe)

Silly fun.

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BlogHer11: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Scene: BlogHer11 Location: San Diego, CA When: August 4th -6th The...more

Suggested by Mommy Needs a Vaca

BlogHer Recap!

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That's What She Said: One Time at BlogHer . . .

The world through polka dot glasses

Suggested by Laurel OC

BlogHer through a newbie's eyes

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