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Posts About BlogHer 11 [CONTEST] by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Tech & Blogging

BlogHer 11 provides bloggers with lots of material for posts including pre-conference posts about how to prepare and what to bring or wear to posts written while at BlogHer that capture the energy and excitement of the conference to post-conference articles on your favorite memories and key takeaway... More »

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Things I Learned at Blogher | 3 Kids and a Breakdown

1. It’s best not to wear 5″ platform wedges on travel day Duh,...more

Suggested by Trish Bittman

What a newbie learned at BlogHer11

Larissa: Hands down the best post! I was also pretty pooped from the day too and couldn't bring myself to partying with strangers. I'm glad we had a more intimate pre-party so our bloggers can get to know each other. Hope to see you there next year and thanks for writing this fabulous post!

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My Thoughts on BlogHer11

Suggested by Jessica Torres

Honest review of BlogHer with opinions on sessions and people.

FavePages Team: Thanks for adding your post!

FavePages Team: I've added in your URL:

Robin: It's honest.

bewilderedbug: Jessica has a way of bringing things to light that other bloggers would not. She is honest and straightforward even if it is negative. Her blog portrays a true opinion whereas many other bloggers tend to just say how great it was, Jessica tells the truth about her experience.

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As Cape Cod Turns: A Brief, Poetic Re-cap (BlogHer 11)


When I need to fit a lot of information into a post, I usual try to...more

Suggested by Susan Campbell Linnell

After 3 BlogHer's, I know what is important in a recap :)

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Mommy on the Spot: What I Learned at BlogHer11


Suggested by Erin-MommyontheSpot

BlogHer was a lot of fun, but I learned a lot. . . .which led to more questions.

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BlogHer ’11 deserves an A

My recap of what I got out of BlogHer '11

Suggested by Red Lotus Mama

This is my third year attending BlogHer. I provide information on how to set a goal for a conference and meet it.

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My BlogHer wrap up | New to Mom

When I first started this whole BlogHer process, I was thinkin, What...more

Suggested by newtomom

As a newbie, I had the best time and couldn't ask for anything more.

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Coming Out at BlogHer

Retro Modern Mom - A Newbies fears subsided the minute she meets her...more

Suggested by Kate

Hope my impressions are a fun read!

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The Adventures of MomRN at BlogHer 2011: Part One — MomRN

MomRN escaped a scorching heatwave in the flatlands of Oklahoma to...more

Suggested by Tamara Walker

Because it's about BlogHer and San Deigo! :)

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BlogHer 11 San Diego Recap | Eighty MPH Mom

Another BlogHer has come and gone, and it is time for BlogHer 11 –...more

Suggested by Jennifer Regan

My thoughts on BlogHer 11 in San Diego

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I Survived BlogHer’11 and all I got was this Awesome Blog Post

If you're not a blogger, you are totally over the...more

Suggested by Lori Schaffer Garcia

Because the pictures are purdy.

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i skyped with my blogher bffs | the stylish housewife


i made forever friends at the blogher conference. we had a skype...more

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and had to share my blogher experience!

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i’m going to the blogher conf | the stylish housewife


panic attacks before the conference!

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and couldn't wait to share my before, after and way after blogher experience!

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i went to blogher 2011 | the stylish housewife


why i had the best time ever at blogher

Suggested by the stylish housewife

saw your tweet and had to share my blogher experience!

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Communications Goddess: Marketers & Event Planners: BlogHer '11 Had Lessons for You, Too


My blog is a divine celebration of modern communication and the people...more

Suggested by KarenMW

Marketers & event planners w/o blogs would never think of attending BlogHer, but they should monitor online discussions of it for the best/worst practices.

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The Queen of Swag: My First BLOG HER 11! Oh Boy!


Suggested by Vanessa Diaz

My honest experience of attending BlogHer for the first time at BlogHer11. It was an epic experience to say the least!

Vanessa: thanks so much for promoting me!

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Blogging is Big Business. But for Whom?

Suggested by Chloe Mountain

My first time at BlogHer

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Suggested by Carol Valenzuela

Because BlogHer was a blast and people should know this!

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Motherscribe: JCK prepares her wardrobe for BlogHer11

JCK shops for her BlogHer essentials...a little black skirt and always...more

Suggested by JCK (Motherscribe)

Silly fun.

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BlogHer11: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Scene: BlogHer11 Location: San Diego, CA When: August 4th -6th The...more

Suggested by Mommy Needs a Vaca

BlogHer Recap!

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That's What She Said: One Time at BlogHer . . .

The world through polka dot glasses

Suggested by Laurel OC

BlogHer through a newbie's eyes

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It's Fitting: BlogHer 11 - I Survived!

My BlogHer recap!

Suggested by Ashley Fitting

It's funny! And helpful in a few ways.

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Obligatory BlogHer ’11 Post | | Farewell, StrangerFarewell, Stranger

My strategy for BlogHer '11 in 28 words.

Suggested by Robin Farr

It's different than the other freak-out posts.

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Coming Alive at BlogHer ’11 | | Farewell, Stranger

How I found inspiration and direction at BlogHer '11.

Suggested by Robin Farr

It's not about the parties. ;)

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The Miss Elaine-ous Life: BlogHer Top 12 (because top "tens" are boring, right?)

a beautiful recap full of lovely pictures and lovely ladies!

Suggested by Elaine Hosek Alguire

Encompasses all that conference has to offer

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An Inspiring Blogher ’11 Recap… | Sellabit Mum

I was not quite sure what to expect at a Blog conference with 3500...more

Suggested by sellabitmum

Discusses the benefits of coming together as a community and seeking collaboration and partnerships and not alienating our sister bloggers.

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BlogHer Recap: Five Fabulous Fails

Suggested by Sherri Kuhn

An honest recap of the things that I didn't do at BlogHer.

Robin: Sherri has a great sense of humor.

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Thrifty Jinxy: My BlogHer '11 Recap in Pictures and a Few Words

People, Parties, Brands & More

Suggested by Thrifty Jinxy

Just fun!

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Eleven Good Things About BlogHer 2011 - San Diego


Things I loved and learned at my first blogger conference experience...more

Suggested by Kate Hayes

Good summary of why blog conferences are worth attending, written from a first-timer's perspective. It's definitely less about the sessions and more about the relationship-building and the unique experiences!

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The San Diego Convention Center. 3600 attendees. And I was still able...more

Suggested by Marcy Massura

Cuz this brilliant woman wrote it. Okay fine..I wrote it. But I think a lot of myself :)

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About #BlogHer11 : These Little Waves

Writing by Galit Breen

Suggested by Galit Breen

The softer side, the importance of home, a vlog.

Robin: I love Galit's use of video in this.

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BlogHer without a Band-Aid

We've all had embarrassing moments at BlogHer. This one involves no...more

Suggested by Christina Strickland

You can feel better about your own embarrassing moments!

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So I went to #BlogHer11 and all I got was…

What I learned as a BlogHer Con. newbie.

Suggested by Hanan

For newbies!

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Part II: San Diego Without Kids « West of the Loop

BlogHer and dinner with friends

Suggested by Emily Paster

Several book recommendations inspired by my time at BlogHer

Kate: beautifully vulnerable

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What makes BlogHer different | chinese grandma

A conference review of BlogHer 2011 in San Diego highlighting what...more

Suggested by chinese grandma

A comprehensive look at BlogHer 2011 by a first-timer

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Bla, bla, blog | So Humor Me

Couponman dropped me off early this morning at the San Diego...more

Suggested by Penny

Received an email from Erin at SkinnyScoop suggesting I submit this post for the roundup. Thanks for the invite!

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My First Blog Conference

Robin's, from The Not-Ever-Still Life. Not only was she brave enough...more

Suggested by Robin (noteverstill)

Honest and accurate!

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Inspired…Connected…Rejuvenated « « Rockin MamaRockin Mama

BlogHer Recap

Suggested by Caryn Bailey

It's about how the conference inspires women in social media

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BlogHer 2011 Recap- Day 3

Anna (Moana Saves) and I headed out to meet our friends, Jennifer...more

BlogHer Day 3 - Pancake breakfasts, new friends & more!

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BlogHer 2011 Recap- Day 2

So.. Friday. The day the actual conference really begins. The Marriott...more

BlogHer Day 2 - Still going strong!

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BlogHer 2011 Recap- Day 3

Suggested by Yolanda Machado

Day 3...almost home...

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BlogHer 2011 Recap

By Divina

Suggested by DivinaDancinghotdogs


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BlogHer recap #1

Suggested by Yolanda Machado

BlogHer Day 1 recap--so much to do!

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I Survived BlogHer11

I'm back from a crazy whirlwind weekend in San Diego, where I survived...more

Suggested by Veronica

Fresh perspective from a newbie to BlogHer.

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BlogHer in Pictures | 3 Kids and a Breakdown

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I wasn’t about to have...more

Suggested by Trish Bittman

So much swag, so little time.

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Growing up BLACKXICAN: Blogher'11 it's a wrap! All kinds of OVERLOAD


post-blogher11 post with all kinds of overload!!!!

Suggested by Ruby D.W.

See what blogher was like this year lots of pics!

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BlogHer11: A Force to be Reckoned With | Her Deep Thoughts (sm)

Kind words...are the things I cherish the most. That's my favorite...more

Suggested by La Licenciada

Lessons from BlogHer ;-)

by admin on August 10, 2011 in parenting

Suggested by Gina Badalaty

BlogHer '11 made me step out of my comfort zone, and dive into the deep end, encouraging me to blog truer than ever.. and start to ruffle some feathers. And, oh yea, find more tribes...

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chronicles of my sweet p: you spin me right round baby


BlogHer'11 how it spun my head and made me realize that being a mommy...more

Suggested by Melissa Atkinson

because it is. everyone who attended the conference should make the list!

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Preparing for BlogHer and Blogging Conferences: What to Pack, Expect, and How to Make the Most of the...

Tips for preparing for BlogHer and other blogging or social media...more

Suggested by Melanie Edwards

Tips from personal experience in attending 3 BlogHer conferences so far.

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BlogHer 2011 Recap- Day 2

Suggested by Yolanda Machado

Day 2 With Friends!

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That Shaker of Salt - BlogHer 2011 Re-Cap

A look at life through the eyes of a Parrothead. Complete with Boat...more

A great BlogHer 2011 Re-Cap post

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That Shaker of Salt - Thanking Sponsors

A look at life through the eyes of a Parrothead. Complete with Boat...more

A great, well-written thank you to sponsors, including Udderly Smooth, Imagine Toys, Lemi Shine, Lane Bryant and Kicker Company.

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Highlights From BlogHer 2011 | Groovy Green Livin

Imagine 3,400 bloggers all in one space. Add to that speakers, brands...more

Suggested by Lori Alper

Highlights From BlogHer 2011

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Pits and Peaks: BlogHer '11

Since this was my first BlogHer conference, I wasn't completely sure...more

Suggested by Erin Cox

A noobie's view and what I learned for next time.

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My Impressions of BlogHer 2011 - the Good and the Bad

The Culture Mom - for moms not ready to give up sushi for hot dogs.

Suggested by Holly Fink

Honest opinion on experience.

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Expect Moore: BlogHer 2011 Mini Recap

A craft blogger's take on BlogHer '11

Suggested by Carolina 'Cara' Moore

Every point of view is worthy. : )

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The #BlogHer11 decompression… | The Maven of Social Media

Monday I was still on a BlogHer11 adrenaline high. After four and a...more

Suggested by Kerri Jablonski

because the Mini-Maven rocked BlogHer 11 with me!

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What I Learned This Year At BlogHer '11


Suggested by Candice Kahn

So many great tips for blog conference goers

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How To Accidentally Interview Jane Lynch « GoodNCrazy

Great memories from BlogHer11!

Suggested by Carissa Rogers

You have to find humor in everything. And connections are my THING.

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Anyone Else Hate Shopping For BlogHer? « GoodNCrazy

What is the deal with Cocktail dresses? Anyone else hate shopping for...more

Suggested by Carissa Rogers

My advice: Quit worrying about what you are wearing, cuz everyone else is only worrying about what THEY are wearing!

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BlogHer '11

A quick summary of my highs and lows.

Suggested by cabesh

A first-timer, everyday blogger's point of view.

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Le Musings of Moi: the greatest lesson of all: blogher 2011

sometimes the greatest lessons of BlogHer 2011, you just don't learn...more

Suggested by Le Musings of Moi

because skinnyscoop told me to enter in on Twitter. =)

FavePages Team: Thanks for adding your post!

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BlogHer, Jimmy Dean & Me | Lita's World

One of the best sessions I went to at BlogHer11 - Cause Marketing and...more

Suggested by Jennifer Hunter

Every blogger has a chance to add their voice to support causes they believe in.

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A Flashmob was born at BlogHer11

a post about what it was like to be in a flashmob

Suggested by Jennifer Mercurio

Being in the now famous BlogHer11 flashmob was everything I thought it was going to be and more. I am now forever bonded with all these amazing women!

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Funny Story...

Suggested by RealMommyChron

This is for anyone who was questioning attending, being alone, leaving family, keeping up with blogging...or having general 'BlogHer Anxiety.'

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Pack It Up, Pack It In

Suggested by RealMommyChron

That's a silly question. Because I wrote it - Duh!

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Cranberry Coconut Smoothie

There's nothing like a chilled Summertime smoothie. Especially when...more

Suggested by The Healthy Apple

It's a delicious gluten-free snack and BlogHer 11 Conference recap!

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Little Bit Quirky: I'm Back from BlogHer '11!

This blog is aimed at parents of high-functioning autistic/Asperger...more

Suggested by cheryldorfman

This post gives my highlights (and lowlights) of BlogHer '11!

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The Call That Changed it All–My First Blogher Experience on Stress-Free Baby

My first Blogher experience came in a call that changed it all.

Suggested by Des Miller

This is a different spin on the swag and the parties and what Blogher has become known's about connections and making the most of a terrible situation.

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chronicles of my sweet p: Preparing for BlogHer '11 Madness


My schedule before the madness!

Suggested by Melissa Atkinson

It's a BlogHer thang!!

Witty fashionista mom's take on life & style!

Suggested by Smarty Shortz

Clever, witty and hilarious approach to everyday style situations for moms

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BlogHer '11, Boomers, and a bang-up ending - Grandma's Briefs - It's not just for grandmas!

Recap of BlogHer '11 from a Boomer/grandma-bloggers point of view.

Suggested by Lisa@GrandmasBriefs

Because it rocks, as grandmas are wont to do.

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The Best of BlogHer 2011

The best parts of BlogHer 2011

Suggested by Ana Picazo

Gives a rundown of the best things about BlogHer 2011 so conference attendees can share in the memories, and bloggers who didn't attend can get all excited about BlogHer 2012!

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culture mami: BlogHer 11

About the fun experience of being a blogger and going to BlogHer,...more

Suggested by Dariela Cruz

It shows a simple little glimpse of a BlogHer experience :)

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Meet Seven Fabulous Bloggers from BlogHer 2011

Thinking about starting your own blog? Simply cruisin for sneaky new...more

Suggested by rebstevenson

Because it highlights seven wonderful personalities.

Krista: This was my favorite post! I love the Fashionably Bombed girls & Kath Eats! So glad to see this added here. :)

Larissa: Wow, what an amazing post, how did I miss the bicycle necklace??

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Thrifty Jinxy: BlogHer '11 San Diego Private Parties and Events Map & Location Guide

Map of locations for private parties and events at BlogHer.

Suggested by Thrifty Jinxy

Get your bearings and figure out where to go!

Claudia: Thanks for adding your blog post! Just sent you an email :)

FavePages Team: We need this guide!

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BlogHer ’11: Get Over It

Advice on what to do at BlogHer ’11.

Kludgy Mom provides some no-nonsense advice for people headed to BlogHer 11.

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My Obligatory Pre-BlogHer ’11 Post: The One Where I Don’t Freak Out

I've been reading eleventy-billion BlogHer '11 posts over the past few...more

Post from Stop, Drop & Blog full of great advice on do's and don'ts for the conference.

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Preparing for BlogHer 2011 | chinese grandma

I’ve been unemployed – that is to say, 24/7 home-employed – for...more

Suggested by chinese grandma

let's channel excitement without anxiety. breathe.

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How To Make BlogHer Not Suck: A Guide Nobody Else Will Give You (From Somebody Who Knows*) | Clever Girls...

how to prepare for blogher, how to emotionally prepare for blogher,...more

Suggested by Angie Lynch

Best I've read in years, and it's written by a former BlogHer events coordinator.

FavePages Team: Thanks for sharing. Appreciate the honesty!

Larissa: Great post Angie! I noticed that you also started Mouse Genius - what a great resource. You should create your own list of Disney tips, like this one

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Nervous Poops At #BlogHer11

Suggested by Angie Lynch

All those tips you didn't think about until it's too late.

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This will be my first year to attend BlogHer. Here's what I'm doing to...more

Suggested by Jennifer Williams

This post is about what I'm wearing to BlogHer, which seems to be a pretty hot topic these days.

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BlogHer ’11: The Agenda

If you haven’t heard already, BlogHer’s yearly conference is...more

Suggested by Red Lotus Mama

How to set a goal and plan your agenda for BlogHer '11

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BlogHer ’11: The Wardrobe

Typically the second question (first being “what parties will you be...more

Suggested by Red Lotus Mama

How to plan what to wear to BlogHer '11

Melissa: Because those clothes from Jockey looked great!!!

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BlogHer 2011 – What’s Around the Marriott and San Diego Convention Center

Here is a helpful list of services and other essentials that are...more

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

A helpful guide to ATMs, restaurants, and more around the BlogHer hotel.

FavePages Team: This is great - thank you for pulling it all together!

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BlogHer ’11: The Accessories

Can you believe BlogHer ’11 kicks off in San Diego this Thursday?...more

Suggested by Red Lotus Mama

Because sometimes accessories can spark a conversation!

Melissa: The purses Nic was sponsored to use during Blogher were LOVELY!

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One Bored Mommy Blogspot: Getting All My Ducks In A Row...For My Trip To San Diego For BLOGHER 2011!

Planning for the Blogher 2011 Trip to San Diego

Suggested by Courtney Hutson

Because I think it might help other's prepare for the East to West Coast Trip...

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What to Wear: BlogHer11 Edition


Relax, girl! Pick what you feel the most comfortable wearing. You've...more

Fun blog post from Mommy on the Spot asking readers for help on what to wear to BlogHer 11.

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More BlogHer ’11 Fashion

What Not to Wear: The BlogHer ’11 Fashion Edition 5 Ways to Rock a...more

Some beautiful images and fashion tips for BlogHer 11 from The Little Hen House.

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