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Stocking Stuffers That Support Small Business by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Holidays

These stocking stuffers are made by small businesses with a lot of love. Support their efforts when you buy one this Holiday season.

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Check out! Pump Strap

Suggested by Kami Gallaher

Pump breast milk hands free.

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Need more ideas? Shop this roundup of the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids, teenagers, men, women, creative types, eco-lovers and more!

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Trendy Kidz - Peel & Stick reusable photo Fraimz

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Suggested by Val Bertrand Moody

Fraimz are cute and adorable peel & stick photo frames young girls - tweens love to use to display photos of friends, family, pets, etc. They don't cause damage or leave residue, and the designs are fun! $3.49 - $9.99

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Early Lingo DVDs

Suggested by Caryn Antonini

Give your kids the gift of language this holiday season - Early Lingo is now available in Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German and English!

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Fab Personalized Gifts

Fabulous personalized gifts; monogrammed jewelry and housewares,...more

Suggested by Karen - Paper Fancy

Paper Fancy has fun, modern patterns and oodles of personalized gifts for everyone on your list!

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Crunch a Color

Created by a mom, Crunch a Color™ is a game that gets kids to eat...more

A great stocking stuffer for kids that also benefits parents!

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Recycled Cork Wine Charms | That's Caring

Drink and be eco! Our recyclec cork wine charms come six to a set and...more

Suggested by Jamie Pritscher

Let's face it when the girls get together for wine we often "misplace" our wine glasses. These wine charms are Eco-friendly and help you keep track of your wine glass all night long.

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Recycled Cork Mustache Coasters | That's Caring

Mustasha Mustache. These furry accoutrements have been worn across the...more

Suggested by Jamie Pritscher

Who doesn't love a good mustache? The items is great for guys and girls alike. The coasters are made from recycled cork and are a fabulous conversation starter at cocktail parties.

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How do personal trainers have such great success with their clients?...more

Suggested by alisonstripling

This is a no-nonsense approach to weight loss. You CAN being healthy and happy, and lose weight.

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JK Naturals assorted high-quality handcrafted soaps, lotions and...more

Suggested by Marilyn Rose Grillo Eakin

JK Naturals' products are amazing! My personal favorite is the lemon clary-sage natural deodorant. I teach up to 4 Zumba classes a day and it is the only thing that works!

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The One Minute Bible Study is bite-sized biblical education &...more

Suggested by Nicole Meloy Lyons

The people who subscribe to the OMBS say that it is life-changing. Tracy receives emails every single day from subscribers who marvel at the relevance of that day's lesson, cannot believe how timely it was, or never realized that THAT'S what that passage meant ... it's so inspiring!

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Shoe Bag from Sacsies

Sacsies shoe bags are both a shoe storage bag for use in your closet as well as a travel shoe bag, or shoe tote.

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Charlotte Lounge Dress by Les Lunes | Les Lunes LLC

The art of lounging. We believe it should make a comeback, don't you?...more

Suggested by Lane Kennedy-Levy

All women deserve the comfort and luxury of Bamboo... Love this.

Lane Kennedy-Levy: It can be folded to the size of my hand, perfect for a stocking. :)

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Zing Anything

The Aqua Zinger infuses all natural strawberries, raspberries,...more

Suggested by ZingAnything

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