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Top 2012 Blog Post by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Tech & Blogging

Congratulations to Scientifically Sweet for having the best blog post of 2012!

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Autism Companionship

Suggested by Jack Wells

For a family with an autistic child this is my number one pick!

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What to do when you wash your iPhone on laundry day

Friday is my day to do laundry. Exciting, I know. Well, last Friday I...more

Suggested by Jennifer Iacovelli

I hope you never need this post. But, the truth is, you probably do need this post. Relax. I'll get you through this.

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DIY: Cereal Box Notebooks

Turn a cereal box into your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket...more

Suggested by cremedelacraft

A DIY project that costs less than a buck!

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New Car Smell: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Common toxins found in car interiors.

Suggested by CelloMom On Cars

Not you feel-good post. More like a wake-up trumpet. But if you're into clean & green living, or if you like your finely balanced hormonal system, you may want to know what's lurking in your second living room.

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Any chance you could think up a frozen yoghurt version????? I would be...more

Suggested by Betty Bake

cold and delicious any time of year

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Eco-Crazy Mom: Aromatherapy Recipes For The Whole Family

Suggested by EcoCrazyMom

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Guerrilla Mom: Your child is acting like an a-hole, and it's your fault. No offense.

Suggested by Guerrilla Mom

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Creative Carmella: Jewelry Box Makeover....Giving It Some Bling.


Oh my goodness, so pretty. I will have to do this to mine! Thanks for...more

Suggested by Carmella Calhoun

An easy DIY to give your jewelry box a little "bling" using vintage costume jewelry. Detailed instructions and a few tips to getting the distressed look without using sandpaper too!

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Birthstone Family Tree

Birthstone Family Tree

Suggested by Kayla

Great, detailed tutorial for making a personal family tree from family members birth stones. Instructions are clear and the photos are great.

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MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection with less than $21 a Month!

Pammy Blogs Beauty starts an ongoing Makeup Challlenge: Build a Core...more

Suggested by pammyblogsbeauty

Check out my MAC Matters Challenge! Build a Core MAC Makeup Collection for less than $21.00 a month. This ongoing challenge is so much fun!

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Getting the Ants Out - Naturally


I hate ants. It used to be that when ants got into my house we’d buy...more

Suggested by Alicia Hunt

This blog post has a number of suggestions of ways to prevent ant infestations and how to deal with them if they do occur. It's a must read for everyone!

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Autism "How-To" Guide for Parents

Suggested by Lorrie Servati

Imagine being told Your child has autism. This is probably the last thing you expected to hear; but now that it has been said out loud, the only thing to do is to move towards understanding it better. This comprehensive article will help you to understand, organize & prepare for your adventure!

hadassah5771: ifound this blog very educational, informative and encouraging to the famiies of Autism.

Becky Brown: I sure wish this had been around when we were given the news about our daughter!

Sarah De Diego: Really informative and a life-line for many parents I'm sure. Thank you so much for sharing. Besos Sarah, Journeys of The Zoo

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Bacon, Bourbon, Peanut Butter Cookies

Bacon, Bourbon and Peanut Butter Cookies. These very well may be the...more

Suggested by The Endless Meal

Eden Godsoe: You had me at hello (or really the bacon and peanut butter part!)

Evelyn Stevens: I like the Bourbon part!

adamjones: Bourbon + cookies = awesome!

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Suggested by The Pistachio Project

Great healthy cough drops with the bonus of being safe for kids!

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One Dad’s Travel Tip: Plan Activities, Not Destinations - FamiliesGo!

Unique advice on planning a family vacation that is based around...more

Suggested by EIleen at FamiliesGo!

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10 Tips For a Family Vacation To Disney World - FamiliesGo!

Helpful advice for traveling to disney world with small kids.

Suggested by EIleen at FamiliesGo!

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Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat


Suggested by JanetLWeller

Easy suggestions that work!

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1 Hour + 1 Mess = 5 Crock Pot Dinners!

Saving money and time! You will be able to fill your freezer with 5...more

Suggested by Savingyoudinero

It will save you time in the kitchen and it saves you money because your meals are already planned!

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Being Overweight Gave Me Super Powers!

Chocolate is my kryptonite! Another thing I have in common with...more

Suggested by coupon26

Being overweight myself, it's nice to see someone talk about it in this way. Amanda is so inspiring! Her weight loss journey is amazing.

Dianna Thomas: Oh yes I too an over weight chocoholic mom--lol--and working on getting rid of the hippo hips and thunder thighs--lol

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How to Have an At Home Pamper Yourself Day

My Beauty Bunny : ...more

Suggested by Jennifer Mathews

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