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Top 25 Frugal Living Blogs of 2012 by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Career & Money

Are you a frugal living blogger or love finding the best deals in town? Enter your blog in this month's blog contest and get those votes ("likes") in! Winning will be based on the highest number of votes to your blog entry. The Top 25 winners will be featured on SkinnyScoop and receive a badge for t... More »

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Nanny To Mommy

Former Nanny turned Frugal Mom. Same job, Different Kid, 24/7 Hours,...more

Suggested by Diana Chastain

I, yes I, blog about my life going from a 5 digit salary to zero. And how I manage to save money for my family so I can be a stay-at-home mom.

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Saving money; money tips to help you enjoy a rich life from a canny...more

Suggested by Karen Bryan

How to get the most from your money while still having fun; money saving tips from a canny Scot.

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Top 25 Frugal Blogs of 2012

Congratulations to the Top 25!

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The Frugalette


Suggested by NiceteeNichelle

Suggested klout!

Tammy Sue Frederick-Leckbee: Very interested in reading more.

Melita: interesting and versatile blog

Maria Kristina Yu: interesting blog u have :) i will follow u here and every where :)

Thuy Vu: Hi I love your blog. 5

Amanda Martin Ray: Love it! The Frugalette Rocks!

Pinky Sade: Awesome blog!

Seyma Doris Bennett Shabbir: Love your site!

Rochelle: Great blog!

Kimberly Dunek-Buck: I truly enjoy your blog. Thank you for such great content!

Kris: Great Blog! #16

Lisa Hackney: Looking forward to reading more in the future!!

Michael Crowley: Great blog # 17

Tamar Swe: Great stuff :)

Christal Couturier: nice #22

KCAmother17: Great site! Useful stuff!

Hale Slehan: great contests.

Betsy Barnes: Great site for deals/giveaways!

Black Asphodel: You have great giveaways!

SkinnyScoop Member: great blog!

Mattandcolleen Fuller: Thank you! Vote 29! Thanks again!

Brenna Jones: Vote #30 for the frugalette

Kathryn Gatewood Costa: Voted #31!

Debbie M Petts: Great read, make sure to stop by!

Sandy Weinstein: voted-think was no.33 sandy weinstein

Tara Gauthier: Done. no 34

Sylvia Ortiz: #35 - Nice blog!

Stacy Hamacher: #36. Nice

Angel Majan: #37 Loved what I read. Can't wait to read more. I am amazed you do all this with three children and a budget.

Katie Cremasco: Awesome blog!

Sandra J Brower: Love getting to know your blog. Keep it up!

Autumn Kelly: great site.

Juana Esparza: Fab blog!

lilyk: great blog!

Avon: Voted #47 - Thanks for the giveaway!

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Living on the Cheap


Suggested by Claudia

Living on the Cheap is a consumer website designed to help folks live the good life for less. It's all about thriving not surviving.

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The Thrifty Queen Speaks

Suggested by Claudia

Living like royalty on a shoestring budget...thrifty home decor, recipes, household products, and so much more!

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Barbara's Beat


Suggested by blp3

We blog about family issues. We do reviews and giveaways; and find coupons and resources to save money and make life easier.

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Family Budgeting


Suggested by Becky Goddard-Hill

Brilliant blog for theose with children from 5-10 living on a budget and wanting to have lots of family fun whilst they do so!

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Romantic Frugal Mom


Suggested by Claudia

Sharing frugal mom related content for all the moms out there on a budget.

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Frugal and Fun


Suggested by Becky Goddard-Hill

This brilliant new frugal blog and resource website is all about fabulous thrifty fun with kids

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Good Deal Mama


Suggested by Claudia

Finding all the good deals, freebies, and coupons to help you live better for less!

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Being Frugal


Suggested by Claudia

Live more and spend less. Tips on frugal living in order to get out of debt.

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Saving and Giving

Suggested by Claudia

Saving & Giving is dedicated to sharing ways to spend less, save more, and give generously. Hopefully you can walk away with some shopping strategies, recipes, ideas for generosity, or just a bit of encouragement each time you visit.

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Baby Budgeting


Suggested by Claudia

Baby Budgteing is a daily blog full of money saving tips for thrifty parents

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Saving Dollars and Sense

Twitter: @sawickis

Suggested by Claudia

A homeschool mom who is Saving Dollars and Sense by bringing all the best deals, coupons, freebies, and ideas she can find on This Side of Eternity!

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3 Boys and a Dog


Suggested by Claudia

Funny stories about the boys and dog, reviews, giveaways, super cool guest posters, recipes, and much more.

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Who Knew?



Suggested by Claudia

Daily household tips, plus more bargains and ways to save! By Bruce Lubin and Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin, the authors of the bestselling Who Knew? books

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Faithfully Frugal and Free


Twitter: @faithfulmomblog

Suggested by Claudia

Tweeting about parenting, faith, travel and all the tips and trips of a frugal lifestyle.

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The Budget Diet


Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I am a big fan of Kristl from The Budget Diet. Her blog is full of practical ways to live on a budget.

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Hillbilly Housewife

Twitter: @HBHW

Suggested by Claudia

Low Cost, Home Cooking from Scratch!

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Diana Chastain:

 How does one get listed on here?

Christie Robinson:

 Good content & interesting read!!!!! I really enjoyed it!!!

Sylvia Ortiz:

 I entered the Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop Grand Prize.