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Top 25 Gluten-Free Blogs of 2012 by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Food & Drink

Whether you or someone you know needs a gluten-free diet, blogs can be a great place to find new recipes, information and support. Studies estimate that as many as 1 in 100 people in the United States today have celiac disease. Share your knowledge and take part in the Top 25 Gluten-Free contest by ... More »

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FT Latina Business Woman, Mom, Wife, and Celiac sharing quick and easy...more

Suggested by Pilar Quintana Odria

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Adventures of a Gluten Free Kid


I am an eleven-year old girl with celiac disease and this is my blog...more

Suggested by Scott Givens

My daughter just got diagnosed with celiac disease. She's been doing this blog as a way to emotionally work things out (and of course to share recipes!) She'd get a thrill if you viewed her blog, since she still checks her "stats" every day. Thanks!!!

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The Gluten Free Cuisine

Suggested by gfcuisine

This is my new gluten free blog that was launched a couple of weeks ago. It is a dedicated resource for helping people enjoy delicious, healthy foods that are totally free of gluten.

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Gluten-free kid (based in the UK)


Suggested by jeninnotts

This blog shares my experiences as the parent of a child with Coeliac disease. Alexandra was diagnosed when she was 16 months old and we have been learning how to deal with it since then. It may be useful for any parents of children who have been diagnosed with the illness.

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Easy Gluten Free | Kumbuya

Celiac? Wheat sensitive? Trying a wheat-free diet? This is the tribe...more

Suggested by Cass Hallacker

Kumbuya combines the best of Etsy, Pinterest + eCommerce....I'm interested in bloggers, authors, celiacs + anyone else joining my tribe there to help others adopting the lifestyle! See you there xo

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Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes

Wheat Free Mom is a blog about gluten-free living offering tried and...more

Suggested by Wheat Free Mom

Great gluten-free website full of delicious recipes!

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Gluten Free Jenna

A personal journey of gluten free living including restaurant reviews,...more

Suggested by Jenna Drew

Restaurant reviews and delicious, easy-to-make recipes!

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Queen of Quinoa

Queen of Quinoa is a gluten-free food blog focused on nutritious and...more

Suggested by Queen of Quinoa

This site is full of healthy and delicious gluten-free treats, many of which are made with quinoa!

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The cookbook, Nina Cucina | Your Healthy Gourmet embodies cooking for...more

Suggested by juliesandberg

Nina Cucina | Your Healthy Gourmet is a cookbook that embodies a healthy, gourmet-tasting cooking style comprised of whole foods that is gluten-free, heart-healthy, nutrient-dense, sensually gratifying and absolutely delicious.

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Gluten Free Recipes - The Healthy Apple

Your Guide to Clean Eating and Gluten Free Recipes

Suggested by Amie Valpone

Thank you so much for including me! Greatly appreciated and I am honored!

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Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

Hi. My name is Shauna James Ahern. I am alive. I have been alive...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Recommending on behalf of Victoria C. Read the About Me for a good background on Shauna.

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Gluten Dude

Suggested by jessica

A great guy dedicated to raising awareness for people with Celiac Disease.

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The Crispy Cook

Suggested by Claudia

Cooking Gluten-Free with the Garden and Seasons

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Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

Love her!

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Gluten Free Foodies


Twitter: @Glutenfreefoodi

Suggested by Claudia

Lisa chronicles her journey in dealing with chronic pain and celiac. Incredible resource since she was diagnosed with celiac in 2004!

Lisa GlutenFree Foodies: You are the sweetest Claudia:) thank you for such kind words.

Claudia: No problem!

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Gluten Free Mommy

Suggested by Claudia

Offering gluten free recipes for the whole family!

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Gluten Free Cooking School


Suggested by Claudia

Gluten Free [Cooking School] is the place to go if you need to learn how to cook great gluten free food. Gluten Free Recipes and How-To Posts for the new Gluten Free Cook, plus a great Gluten Free Survival Guide.

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Top 25 Gluten-Free Blogs of 2012

Be sure to check out the Top 25 Gluten-Free Bloggers!

glutenfreeliving: GREAT Give away this WEEKEND !!get"Living a Gluten Free Life - A Guide to Gluten Free Diets" for FREE! @

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#1: A Girl Defloured

Fresh, seasonal and gluten free recipies

Suggested by Kristie Mang Leiner

Alison is a wonderful friend and food blogger. After finding out she had Celiac disease, she delved into the gluten free world of cooking. Her blog is amazing with beautiful pictures and easy yet delicious recipes.

Angela Rector Gaudino: Love this blog!!

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#2: Simply Gluten Free

Twitter: @SimplyGlutenFre

Suggested by Claudia

Gluten Free Recipes & Food Blog with hundreds of recipes & great photos & tips for those on a gluten free diet by g free girl & mom, Carol Kicinski

Kathie A.: Simple recipes, beautiful photos and I love her sense of humor!

SkinnyScoop Member: Really DELICIOUS gluten-free food that makes us feel deeply satisfied, not deprived!

donna: Love this blog!

elegantlyglutenfree: Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, and fun along the way!

glutenfreeliving: GREAT Give away this WEEKEND !!get"Living a Gluten Free Life - A Guide to Gluten Free Diets" for FREE! @

Robin Grigsby: Check out these gluten & guilt free recipes!!

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 Where is I have been to a couple of these blogs and they are great, but this site has been my go-to for the past 6months. I really recommend Uncle Howard's "guilt free" Chocolate Tart, although recently I have been experimenting with the Citrus Olive Oil pancakes and loving every bite.


 I'm very excited to have found this site! I also have a gluten-free blog. My site addresses a healthier gluten-free lifestyle as well as recipes I've shared. My site is

Leah Marie Vance:

 Here is a link to my blog, I post about my food findings, mistakes and things that I think that help the gluten free battles we live.

Gluten Free Recipes:

 This recipe " Roasted Fennel with Parmesan Cheese" that I have created is healthy and delicious, I would highly recommend it to any diet...check out my website with many more delicious recipes at

Pilar Quintana Odria:

Pilar Quintana Odria:

 My new blog is Enjoy the Latin, Asian, and yummy all around GF recipes of a FT working Mom, Wife, Businesswoman, and Celiac.


 It's really nice to see all these blogs! Here's my gluten free blog that I just launched a couple of weeks ago: The Gluten Free Cuisine


 I found a great site (that also has articles and blogs on gluten) on Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep. It's They are a one stop shop for skin care, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. All for sensitive skin, as well, which is a plus.


 I was so happy to come across this list! I am quite health conscious and always looking for new *AND EASY* ways to drop some weight. I would highly recommend the website I recently purchased her book, Nina Cucina: Your Healthy Gourmet and I have become addicted to gluten free recipes! Thanks for sharing!


 Patty McPeak 24/7 is the most delicious meal replacement drink on the planet (at least I think)! It is based on the #1 nutrient-dense Super Food, stabilized rice bran, which contains 120 antioxidants and phyonutrients, so it also delivers mega nutrition. It is also gluten, corn, and soy free!! No GMO, or high fructose corn syrup. To learn more go to It is the best!!

Pandora Sin Gluten:

 This list of gluten-free resources is wonderful ! Two thumbs up !