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Top 25 Green Blogs of 2012 by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Home

Are you a Green Blogger? We are looking for bloggers passionate about saving the world one step at a time with their green initiatives and eco-friendly lifestyle. Get listed by adding your blog below. A great way to get your fans to vote is to mention the Top 25 program on Twitter and Facebook.

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Peace Love Organic Mommy


Resource for mindful parents seeking non-toxic/organic/eco-friendly...more

Suggested by pclvorgmommy

This blog provides parents with the important information they need to discern which products are safe for their children as well as offering many other green lifestyle articles including eco-friendly crafts, recipes, and relevant giveaways.

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Small Ones Surround Us


"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones...more

Suggested by Rachel Gottlieb

A blog about making small changes to your life every day to impact the big picture.

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Retro Housewife Goes Green


Suggested by retrohousewife

Retro Housewife Goes Green is an eco-friendly blog that hopes to help everyone go green.

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EcoChic Mommy

Suggested by Alesha Bishop

Eco chic mom microblogging on twitter.

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The Greening Of Westford


Go green with REAL tips you can use locally.

Suggested by Kristina Greene

Practical resource filled with useful information.

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Peace of Earth


We are one family doing what we can with our little piece of earth to...more

Suggested by Sherri DeLozier Carter

I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mom and author. With my blog, Peace of Earth, I share what we do to live a green, sustainable life.

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Green living, playful parenting and the pursuit of happiness.

Suggested by Claudia

Mean, green, drama queen. HoneyBadgerMom of 3 and amateur photographer.

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I blog about green living, recipes, family life, Michelle's Favorite...more

Suggested by EcoMomMichelle

Blog written by experienced mom who lives a green life with her family.

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Earth Faerie Momma


Spreading "green" wherever I go! You will find green and eco friendly...more

Suggested by Angela Vullo

This is my site! I only review products I truly believe in!

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Named Top 25 Green Blogger

Congratulations to all those who participated in the contest!

Chevelle Sopkin: Good Luck Momma!!!!

Era Ending: Congrats to The Frugal Greenish Mama, what a terrific job you have done. You GO GIRL!

Janelle Leaman Gregory: Go Amanda, you rock! Especially love your gardening posts and natural cleaning posts. Bought tea tree oil and I'm giving it a go! :)

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My Beauty Bunny

Cruelty free beauty reviews and giveaways!

Suggested by Jennifer Mathews

Only reviews on products that are not tested on animals.

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#1: Healthy Living Natural Beauty


I like using products that contain natural ingredients. I also like...more

Suggested by HealthyLivingNaturalBeauty

I like to share my research on healthier options for consumers. I also like writing about eco fashions and future trends toward a more sustainable future. There are so many things we can do to help make a difference as individuals and as groups. We can all make changes for a better future.

Suzy T.: I like your posts on Celebs who wear Green dresses on the red carpet. Like the 3D Titanic post and the Academy Awards post. I'll keep watching for those fashions!

EcoMom: I like the make up articles that show us the make ups without harsh chemicals. I also like your pictures as well.

SherLu: I loved your story about TerraCycle. I would like our company to get into this program to recycle shampoo bottles and old make up jars etc. Especially, if they give you a prepaid label. That was a good story I think it was one of your tip of the week stories.

Joanie: The Earth Day article last year was good. I didn't know the history and the video was good too.

Leza1121: I really appreciated Michelle's info on Truvia (natural sweetner). With the recent stories going around about Aspartame (they're really confusing), it was good to read about other options.

Krissy: I liked Michelle's Truvia post also. I like natural alternatives to use in my foods. Truvia is a good alternative to the scary aspartame and saccharines. I like natural choices, thanks Michelle!

Bridget: I like the natural deodorant posts. I like using natural deodorants.

Renee: I like your posts about Tarte cosmetics. I like that they are natural and they work. I also like your lips in the lipstick pictures!

Beth R.: I like the articles you write about using household items like lemons to clean with and sanitize with.

Anne: I love your whole blog! Great job Michelle!

Brandy: I love your fashion posts the best. I didn't know there were eco fashions for the Red Carpet events. Those were interesting posts!

Heather: I love your tip of the week posts!

Jenny: Write a comment

Tracey B.: Hope you make the top 25. I'll let some of my friends know to stop by and vote too.

Desire: Write a comment

Sheli: Good luck to you Michelle!

Hillary: I just love your blog! Congratulations, and good luck! I'll let my Twitter followers know to vote for you today!

Tennis Girl: I love the posts you write about reviewing products. They are very informative and you tell us where to buy the green products. Good luck!

WorkingMom: Good luck! I hope you win.

Muriel: Luv the blog! I love the fashion posts, liked the W post this week with Nicole Kidman vintage pics.

Steph: Good luck!

Bobbie Sue: love your blog!

Kara: Just read your Earth Day post from last year, it was great!

Leanne: I like your guest post about using natural products to protect your teeth. I think they really work. My grandmother used baking soda on her teeth most of her life and she never had to wear dentures. She had all of her natural teeth all her life.

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#2: Happy Mothering

Great blog that shares ideas for green and natural living for...more

Suggested by HappyMothering

There is a huge variety of information on this blog - everything from natural parenting to sustainable living to health and nutrition.

Paul Tran: great place to find loads of resources on being green

Brittney Minor: Love the content! This is a very eco-friendly mama and I love reading her posts!

Kelley Johnsen: She gives great advice you natural living that is practical and helpful! Love her site!

Mandi Navarre Eschenbach: I love her blog and she is always so helpful!

rebelchick81: Awesome blog!

Mary Michaud: great blog!

Allie Lanc: great blog!

JunesparkLily: Love it!

Tammy: Great up to date site!

Tofu Fairy: great green giveaways!

Cari Schroeder: great tips, wonderful content!

Dandelion Days: Love this blog!

Kathryn Gatewood Costa: Great content!

Debbie M Petts: Great blog!

Natalia Ellin: its aMAZING

Rise Isom: love her green ideas and blog

JunesparkLily: Love their green giveaways!

Charissa Wagner: Great ideas shared :)

Elena V: Great content

Elena V: Great content

Kylie Carlson: great 21st century sustainable living resource

Kylie Carlson: great 21st century sustainable living resource

Teresha Freckleton-Petite: love this blog!

Marilyn Garces: Great blog for organic/enviromentally friendly advice.

Marilyn Garces: Great blog for organic/enviromentally friendly advice.

Brittany Choleva: Write a comment

Margaret E. Smith: Wonderful site!

Margaret E. Smith: Wonderful site!

Celebrate Woman: Crystal is amazing and very active in her community! Blog is sincere and interactive.

Angela Vullo: I love Happy Mothering! Great reviews. :)

Dee: One of my favorite green blogs!

kat Betts: I love this blog. Crystal always helps me to find great organic/green products for my family, she gives me awesome tips for mother, green cleaning, and green living. She has always responded to my questions with the perfect answer or solution. I love her style, her truly compassionate green/organic attitude that she displays in all her blog post. I know she writes from the heart as someone who really cares about our earth, our children & families. She is #1 on my list.

Cristina Aguilar: Write a comment

Healthy Working Mom: A wonderful resource for moms on natural living.

Marie AndChica: This is an amazing blog! Very informative, great content for green living!!

Sara Elizabeth Logan: Write a comment

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Happy Mothering

Great blog that shares ideas for green and natural living for...more

Suggested by Ruth Mayer Hill

great green site!

Karley Ziegler Mott: Chrystal is a green blogging guru! Great advice for moms who want to green their lives.

Ronni Keller: SUPER Tips!! You should REALLY read this blog... Chrystal is a great blogger and I have learned/seen much since stumbling into her blog! Glad I did ;)

Mary B Barrett: Voted, good luck! Countrylife4me

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#3: Organic Mama

Jenn writes about trying her best to reduce her family's carbon...more

Suggested by Claudia focuses in on living a greener life, while also examining new, innovative products that are organic, Eco-friendly or otherwise bettering our health and planet.

Ted: I love it because its green!

Taryn Lysa Colmenares: love your blog

Andrea Amy: I love how devoted you are to the environment/earth!!

Sandy VanHoey: Great blogger, great products you offer

Lori Davis: Organic mama has helped me learn how to live a greener lifestyle!

Janet Watson: Love your blog!!

Mechele JOhnson: Love the readability and the tips!

Mechele JOhnson: Love the readability and the tips!

Teri Tarrant: Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

Melissa Hunter: Love your site!

Anne Taylor: Brillient eco friendly blog! Love checking out new posts and learning from her!

Ruth Mayer Hill: Fantastic! Great site!

Teresha Freckleton-Petite: Great Green Blog!

Christine Hammer Weideman: great blogger

Christine Hammer Weideman: great blogger

Brittney Minor: great blog!

Debbie M Petts: Enjoy your blog!

Toothfairy: I ♥ her because she is so GREEN and " Making Natural Parenting Super Cool, one kid at a time" ☺

Toothfairy: I ♥ her because she is so GREEN and " Making Natural Parenting Super Cool, one kid at a time" ☺

tracietrump: Great blog and looking forward to improving my green skills

Brenda Penton: Love this blog!

Tracy Awalt Juliano: Awesome blog... great content!

Leann Zeglin LaPresti: Love your blog! :-)

Kaeli Hines: awesome!

Christine M Tubbytelly: Great info and fun giveaways.

Farrah Shumway: <3 your blog

Jen S.: It's great to read reviews of eco-friendly and organic products from real-life people who care about our world.

Eco Baby Mama Drama: Love reading this eco friendly blog!

Michele Pineda: super blog, love to get hints/tips on being Green.

Deanna Boocock: an awesome blog!

Sarah Louise: Good luck!

Em Schoen: Great blog with so much useful information!

Celebrate Woman: Jenn is authentic and I trust her opinions!

Jude Skocki Kelly: good luck <3

SkinnyScoop: good luck

kaseejohnson: Keep up the great work! You're awesome!

Gretchen Gerth: Incredible Ideas, thanks.

Kelly Bejelly: I adore the information Jenn shares.

Paul Tran: love your blog

Paul Tran: love your blog

Kathleen Garber: You deserve it!

Mellissa Hanks: wonderful page

Kelly Burroughs Crowell: One of the best "green" blogs I've ever had the pleasure of visiting :)

Lisa Brooks: Love your blog!

Kim Reid: Wonderful Green Blog!

Michelle Tucker: Love the blog!

Karla Sceviour: Love being Green! :)

Nathania Hunter-Auger: great blogger with great products!

Clancy Cash Harrison: Love this blog! Good luck!

Shelly Blur: Lots of great info..

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#4: Untrained Hair Mom

Suggested by Claudia

Providing green living tips along with fun natural hairstyles for children, product reviews and giveaways!

Tiffany Divalocks: Awesome green living tips and tricks that are very detailed :)

Amanda Blount: Write a comment

Nicole Haas Etolen: Loads of great and easy tips!

Debbie Lamb: Excellent Blog!

Mellissa Hanks: Love the tips!

Diane Nassy: Great tips!

Melissa Snow: Awesome blog!!

Debi: Lots of great information

Karli Anne Keck: I've learned so much from this blog!

Ellen Lafleche-Christian: Great blog. Always fun to read.

Clancy Cash Harrison: Great blog! Good luck!

Jodi Skrip Horsley: Great website!

Danielle Sg: Love this blog

Michelle G: Great tricks, tips and info on new things. Detailed info throughout in a variety of areas.

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#5: Mom Always Finds Out

Eco-friendly product reviews, giveaways, coupons, recipes and more to...more

Suggested by Mom Always Finds Out

Anyone who wants to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle can visit Mom Always Finds Out to learn about the latest in green products...and enter to win them!

Addison Kat: Write a comment

Dana Beeman: I *love* this blog & I keep coming back.

Melissa Norton: great blog

Kelly Burroughs Crowell: Amazing eco-friendly blogger :)

Vicki Vix: Neat blog. Useful info.

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#6: The Organic Mamma

Suggested by Claudia

Wife, mamma of one organic baby, trying to keep them healthy without going broke.

Jennifer Lewis: Voted for you! I love your site :)

Jude Skocki Kelly: good luck <3

rebelchick81: Great site! Good luck!

Ginette Dube Anger: voted - ginette4

Kelly Bejelly: An honest, compassionate mommy sharing her journey. Great site!

Sarah Rainwater: =)

Nicole Mamatothreeblessings Homeschooling: best wishes! :)

Michelle Macaluso: voted!

Michelle Macaluso: voted!

JR Pickett: Great blog. Love this site. Good luck!

Vesper: great site,

Tammy Dalley: Voted for you, Great blog!!! Tammy D

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Tips for green living for the average person

Suggested by greenforu

Real life advice on how to live a greener life. This blog is resource for everyone on how to make a difference.

Clancy Cash Harrison: Good luck...we love your blog!

Healthy Working Mom: Wonderful blog!

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#7: Simple City Life

Writing my thoughts on living a non toxic life with kids, surviving...more

Suggested by Courtney Ann

I am authentic in my writings, I do not believe in sugar coating things, what you see is what you get.

Healthy Working Mom: A wonderful blog which I read regularly. Worth everyone checking out!

Mary Lutz: She rocks the truth!

Sarah Jane: I liked her blog, but now I love it after she combined her two blogs together.

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#8: Chic & Green

Chic & Green™, Official Member of the MSNBC Going Green Network...more

Suggested by Karley Ziegler Mott

Join Karley for green beauty and product reviews as well as Elizabeth for her Thrifty & Fabulous features. Deanna also shares her Handmade in the USA finds! If you love eco-style, makeup, skin care, Etsy, and everything fabulous, you'll adore C & G!

Claudia: Here is the link for the site:

pzweigle: I've been reading this blog for years now and I learn new things every day. I love the time and thought she puts into her posts about makeup and skincare. I have saved so much money by not buying junk and just being good, healthy stuff.

Blog Lover: informative, smart, witty, and lots of fun information for beauty fanatics.

Sarah: My favorite green blog. Talks to you like a friend and gets you to green your routine without being preachy. I recommend Chic and Green Daily!

Michelle: This is a fun blog. I never knew about Etsy until I read this and now I am hooked on that website. I also didn't know about how unhealthy my expensive make up and skincare items were. I tossed them out and now use the good stuff and am saving money.

sky1317: Learn new stuff in every post. Very helpful and sweet.

kat Betts: I love Karley is an understatement! Awesome lady whom knows her stuff. A concerned, caring friend to all. Highly knowledgeable, esp about organic, safe skin care. Always has great info on green safe non toxic toys, baby needs, & skin care. Cant say enough about how wonderful she is.

Stacy: A true advocate for safe cosmetics. Honest reviews, no holds barred.

Kate: Informative and fun!

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#9: The Pistachio Project


Suggested by Claudia

Wanting the best for her children, started her journey of becoming crunchy and green.

Anita Martin Bishop: Love this blog!

Jordan Holmes: Write a comment

Clancy Cash Harrison: Very informative blog!

Healthy Working Mom: I'm a happy follower of this blog

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Accidentally Green

Suggested by Hilary Kimes Bernstein

Accidentally Green helps readers make healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment.

Kristen Soika Fernandez: This girl is smart and bases her knowlede on facts and the Word of God. Love this blog.

Kristen Soika Fernandez: This girl is smart and bases her knowlede on facts and the Word of God. Love this blog.

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#10: Eco Baby Mama Drama


Suggested by Eco Baby Mama Drama

Blog based on going green and living life eco consciously including natural parenting, and living organically. Tips, and information to help you make healthier choices for yourself, family and mother earth!

FavePages Team: Here is the URL:

Jenn O'Ma: I love Bri's site - it's fantastic!

Angela Lee: Love, love this blog!

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#11: Marianna

Suggested by Claudia

Connecticut mom and lifestyle blog. Marianna writes about being a mom of 4 boys, green living, product reviews and giveaways.

Sarah Marturano: Love Green Mama's Pad!

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#12: SAPsMama

Suggested by Claudia

A working mom, always on the go! Check out how she makes everyday choices in going green

Joshua Daniels: its simple... this blog is.. wait for it... EPIC!!!!

Joshua Daniels: its simple... this blog is.. wait for it... EPIC!!!!

Healthy Working Mom: As a fellow working mom, this blog helps me see what I can do in the craziness of the day.

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A blog dedicated to living green!

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

Good Girl Gone Green is passionate about promoting green habits and environmental values, as well as being the voice of change that will help others make their positive contributions to the environment. Living a healthy, sustainable, and eco-conscious lifestyle does not have to be overwhelming. Making the simplest changes to your lifestyle can translate to a non-toxic, healthier, greener you, family and environment.

Jenn O'Ma: Good Girl Gone Green is one of my absolute favourite sites! Way to go, Steph!!

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#13: Eco Crazy Mom

Trying to stay sane on my mission to save planet earth!

Suggested by Amanda Nicole

Terri's blog is encouraging, she promotes healthy green family living in practical ways that everyone can achieve. She offers great reviews and giveaways as well! EcoCrazyMom deserves to be in the top 25 green blogs!

Healthy Working Mom: A great go-to site for things green.

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#14: The Frugal Greenish Mama


Suggested by Claudia

Learning to save money while living in a greener way.

Era Ending: Your blog has made a difference in my life, Thanks!

Kelsey Apley: Good luck, I am rooting for you!!

Sarah Mansfield Coulsey: Good Luck!!!!

Healthy Working Mom: It's always good to find ways to save money while being green!

Sherie Davis Rowe: Good luck, blogging buddy!

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The Daily Green

Suggested by Claudia

The consumer's guide to the green revolution. Learn the latest tips and tricks on going green!

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#15: Colorful Canary

Seeking all that's good in a coal-mine world. Hence;Canary. ...more

Suggested by Colorful Canary

Find out who's green-washing, a source for the safest products, learn how to make your own personal care and follow a green-living lifestyle with Colorful Canary!

mathilda: I LOVE this blog,it has made me aware of so many very high quality organic products,I can't even tell you,and all the reviews are very honest,I really feel that what you see is what you get ,it is really well maintained,and updated often,and I find myself using it almost as a reference guide to a lot of different products,personal care,cooking,gardening,it really does cover a lot,and you get a lot of great info if you're interested in organic,and non-toxic household products.

Michelle S.: She has a great blog!! Love it!!! Check her out!!!

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#16: Green Lifestyle Consulting


We are a husband and wife team who want to help others get started...more

Suggested by Alicia Hunt

We are trying to live greener, do things that are good for the environment and help others learn about what is healthiest for themselves, and best for our planet. We are passionate about what we do and love to share our knowledge and experience with the world!

Jonathan McIndoe Hunt: We cover a wide range of green living topics we know personally from cloth diapers to renewable energy from our solar panels. We know you can make a big difference and we want to help give you ideas and ways to contribute and live healthier.

Elaine Nichols: These are some down to (Mother) Earth people who are walking the walk, not just talking the talk...they are teaching others how to be greener in real-life ways that their family have already done, and they teach about bacground information pertaining to each green thing they do! Well educated, but not pompous, they know the science to back up any claims made! Very informative and inspirational!

Alicia Hunt: Green Lifestyle Consulting has rebranded as Green Lifestyle Changes and can now be found at

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Jetson Green

Suggested by Claudia

Design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. Learn the latest on how to make your home a more "eco-friendly" house.

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#17: Naturally Healthy Parenting


Natural Parenting, Green Living, Eco-friendly Reviews and Giveaways

Suggested by Klshrrs

This blog features helpful tips for the whole family on going green and living a healthy, natural lifestyle while saving money in the process with reviews and giveaways for eco-friendly products for babies, kids, and parents.

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#18: Spit That Out

Official blog for Paige Wolf and the book Spit That Out: The Overly...more

Suggested by Paige Wolf

Blogging about green guilt, eco-anxiety, and finding practical, reasonable ways to keep our families safe and healthy.

Stephanie Anderson: Paige is a phenomenal blogger and author - she is the go-to green resource in the Philly area!

Suggested by Claudia

A community for organic living, eco friendly product reviews, going green, environmental discussion, sustainability, and everything from electric cars to LED light bulbs

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#19: Don't Mess with Mama

Balancing motherhood, work, green lifestyle, eco kids activities, and...more

Suggested by Don't Mess with Mama

I love finding green and eco-conscious products and featuring green recipes and kids activities for my family.

Penny Lischer: Good advice that is relatable.

Trevor Nielson: My kids love your recipes!

Jessicavolkmer: Very thought provoking, good recipes, and a fun read!

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#20: A Life Sustained


Courtney strives to live a simple, mindful, beautiful, and sustainable...more

Suggested by Claudia

Simple ideas for everyday green and sustainable living.

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Wholesome Mommy

Suggested by Claudia

A mom set out to prove that eating wholesome and organic food isn't just for the elite and cooking from scratch is within reach for anyone. Check her tips on Wholesome living!

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#21: Dagmar's Momsense

Suggested by Claudia

Blogging about parenting, breastfeeding, home decorating and of course green living.

lifesizeld: Always helpful, fun and interesting. Great giveaways and green tips.

Danielle Murray Tallent: Write a comment

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#22: Groovy Green Livin

Lori Popkewitz Alper, Founder and Editor of Groovy Green Livin,...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I've been a fan of Lori's for nearly 2 years. She is passionate about eco-wellness and shares practical advice for those of us who want/should be leading a green lifestyle.

Amity Hook-Sopko: Lori truly cares about every topic she shares. She's fun-loving, but totally serious on the issues that matter to all parents - not just green ones.

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#23: Happy Green Mama

Suggested by Claudia

All things green, natural and herbal from a busy mama trying to be green.

Brittney Minor: Love all her party ideas!

Healthy Working Mom: Oh I love this has great ideas and I love the herbs!

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The smitten word


Suggested by Claudia

pilgrim, poet, kingdom-seeker. raiser of children & chickens. lover of justice, community, the underdog & earth.

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#24 Healthy Working Mom

Working mom of two boys trying to be healthy and happy in an...more

Suggested by Healthy Working Mom

My own observations about the fun and challenges of bringing up children in an eco-friendly way while reminding myself to carve out some time for Hubby and also for me!

Clancy Cash Harrison: Good luck! this is a great blog!!

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#25: The Green House



Suggested by The Green House

Includes posts about being kind to our planet while living a simple, debt-free life.

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The Simplistic Mom

Welcome to my little space on the internet! I'm a busy work-at-home...more

Suggested by Claudia

A mom on her journey to live a green lifestyle.

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Random Recycling

Suggested by Claudia

Eco-minded Mom wanting the best for her growing family. Loves the beach, cooking, crafting, blogging, social media and creating a greener lifestyle.

Em @Random Recycling: Thanks for sharing!

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Suggested by Claudia

Ecofriendly children's products for your home and at school. Teaching children to tread lightly on this Earth!

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Pink and Green Mama

Two months ago, Geoff and I decided to cut a secret passagewayfor the...more

Suggested by Claudia

A crafty mama that loves to recycle, freecycle and grow organic veggies with rain barrel water.

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Organic Cents


Suggested by Claudia

As a Mom, Jenn feels an incredible obligation to make sure that she gives her daughter the healthiest food and products that she can find. So, Organic Cents will search and hunt down organic and eco-friendly deals for you, look for healthy new products, designers, and a little inspiration too!

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New Green Mama

Suggested by Claudia

She enjoys sewing, cooking, photography, and living green. This blog chronicles her day to day life.

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Non-Toxic Kids

Suggested by Claudia

Founder and Author of Non-Toxic Kids, Teacher, Blogger for @MCAF, Author of 2 books, Activist, mama of two spunky girls, believer in the goodness of humanity.

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The Tree Huggin' Momma

Suggested by Claudia

Documenting her trials, errors, struggles and laughs as she tries to raise her son and save the world while sticking to a dime-sized budget.

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The Thrifty Mama

Suggested by Claudia

The natural and thrifty way of living.

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3 Little Ones

Suggested by Claudia

Blogging about how she lives a green life and to document some of her crazy days!

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Going Green with Noah

Suggested by Claudia

Green, green baby, green living, eco-friendly, be sure to check out her blog!

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{NATURAL} mommie

Suggested by Claudia

Turning mommies from eco-weak to eco-chic one fabulous find at a time.

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Lazy Green Mama

Suggested by Claudia

LGM is a blog that encourages and educates others about simple green choices...without making you feel guilty about whatever choices you make! LGM also features green product reviews and giveaways.

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Nature Mom's Blog

I love that this blog introduces us to green products, natural foods...more

Suggested by Maggie

There are giveaways, great reviews, great dinner recipes. It makes managing your home so much easier and keeping things natural and organic.

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Suggested by Claudia

Their attempts at green parenting

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Suggested by Claudia

Going Green Gradually

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The Nature of Beauty Blog

Natural and Organic beauty products on this site.

Suggested by Jill

Great posts and it's fun to read. This one gets updated often.

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Beauty Au Natural

She describes and reviews many natural makeups. She also has...more

Suggested by Janet

She does great reviews and has good giveaways too.

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Big Green Purse

Suggested by Claudia

Environment, Recycling, Organic, and Fair Trade at Big Green Purse

Diane MacEachern: Claudia, Thanks so much for nominating Big Green Purse. I'm glad you find it "list worthy!" We love helping moms find greener products and services that save them money and time.

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Website dedicated to helping parents keep up with a non-toxic life. ...more

Suggested by Katherine McMackin Scoleri

It to caters to all walks of life to help parents make healthier choices without having to do hours upon hours of research. :)

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Almost All The Truth

A mama trying to live a green life, pursue greater health and...more

Suggested by Claudia

a mama, blogger, advocate, researcher and passion filled seeker of all things pretty. A green living, green parenting blog.

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CelloMom on Cars

The quest for the fuel-efficient car that fits the planet and the...more

Suggested by CelloMom On Cars

A mom's thoughts on how to green your ride and keep more green in your wallet. Covers such things as fuel efficiency; electric, diesel and natural gas vehicles; health safety in car interiors; reviews of sweet gas sippers that aren't even in the US: yet!

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Going Green with Karen

Suggested by Karen Kady

Very important to self educate about household toxins. They can be the cause of many illnesses as , asthma, eczema, cancer, tumors , liver & kidney problems and on & on. Keep your house safe and healthy and rid your life of as many toxin chemicals as possible,

Added to Your List

A blog about living an organic and natural lifestyle for you and your...more

Suggested by organicchild

Great articles on vaccinations, children's everyday products, health and recipes.

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Withywindle Nature Blog

The Withywindle Blog features writing from a professional naturalist...more

Suggested by Cynthia Menard

Daily info on how to connect with the natural world!

Cynthia Menard: Write a comment

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Mom Always Finds Out

Suggested by Claudia

Organic, Eco-Friendly Mom who always finds out!

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Experimenting Mom


Suggested by Claudia

She is a graphic designer by day and a mom to a three year old girl. She spends time with her daughter going on nature walks, messy paintings and sharing fun creative activities on her blog.

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Early Play

Suggested by Claudia

She is an early childhood educator who lives in Sydney Australia. Her current work is with indigenous kids and in supported playgroups with young families.

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Mama Smiles

Suggested by Claudia

Blogging about her life as a mother of young, playful curious craft loving children. Check out her latest post in honor of Earth Day: Gardening with Kids.

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NurtureStore is packed full of fun and frugal ideas you can use at...more

Suggested by Claudia

Passionate about play and early learning.

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Mommy Labs

Suggested by Claudia

Creative and Artful Learning for Children. Check out her earth awareness post

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Little Wonders' Days


Suggested by Claudia

Savoring the wonder in childhood. Check out her spring garden planting post.

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The Golden Gleam

Suggested by Claudia

Light up our kids through art, play, learning, and a lot of love.

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Smiling Like Sunshine

Natural family living,arts and crafts, child education, learning and...more

Suggested by Claudia

Natural family living,arts and crafts, child education, learning and growing naturally

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The Lone Home Ranger

The Lone Home Ranger is a blog about natural parenting and DIY...more

Suggested by lonehomeranger

I am hoping to build a network of like-minded moms who can share their own experiences with reclaiming the home as the center of their lives.

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Apron Thrift Girl


Apron Thrift Girl is a blog that emphasizes the thrifty side of life...more

Suggested by Selena Cate

Thrift is the new Rich

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EcoBabyz is your one stop blog for the journey of raising an...more

Suggested by Eco-Babyz

A great resource for green parenting!

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Sustainable Green Earth


My hope is that my Blog will inspire YOU to consider "simply practical...more

Suggested by carrie

Although I am new to the scene, I believe my blog covers a variety of important subjects, presented in an easy to understand and fun to read format, balanced by a selection of video, photos, links and products geared to a greener lifestyle. I may be a mustard seed, but watch out!!!

BeachPeter: Great content, wide variety of topics..something for everyone

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Blog about upcycling and green living

Suggested by Susan Coburn Tucker

Great info about the new (old?) trend of upcycling. Awesome products, too!

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I Prefer Organic

Healthy, natural, eco-friendly and organic alternatives to...more

Suggested by IPreferOrganic

interesting, inspiring posts revealing both the problem and its solution(s). You can find topics ranging from cell phone radiation risks for kids to how to make a homemade shaving cream.

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Mindful Momma


A blog about adventures in living a greener life, served up with a...more

Suggested by cynthia cross

Practical green living tips every family can take advantage of.

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Green Goddess


Musing about Sustainable Issues be they Green Building, Architecture,...more

Suggested by cynthia cross

I like the focus on building and architecture. A very well written, smart blog.

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Inspire readers toward a healthier, more sustainable life (which we...more

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Eco Chick is the web's first site for women interested in living a chic, sustainable, superfun life. Since October, 2005.

CatK: This is a great blog. I think it's called Eco-Chick (you left off the "k".) Gets a vote from me!

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Eco-fashion blog featuring gorgeous products that are fair-trade,...more

Suggested by Beatriz Sandoval

Provides sustainable information on fashion pieces for the conscious consumer.

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Green Talk

Green Talk offers a mix bag of green content for everyone no matter...more

Suggested by Claudia

Practical ideas and thoughtful articles "no matter where you are on the green spectrum" (as they put it.) I like that it's realistic and not preachy.

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