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Top 25 Healthy Eating Blogs by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Health & Fitness

These healthy eating blogs are devoted to finding recipes and using healthy diets to cook and eat their way to a wholesome lifestyle.

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Suggested by Galerie Blue Square

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Suggested by susieu

Healthy recipes, good exercise ideas and ideas for healthy snacks, and now healthy pregnancy too...and in the future, how to lose the baby weight!

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Weight Watchers recipes with points...Healthy low fat skinny recipes....more

Suggested by KarinaDLC

Great blog!

Delicious and healthy diet and weight watchers pointsplus recipes. ...more

Suggested by KarinaDLC

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The Epicurean Muse

After many years of good intentions, I finally made my way to...more

Suggested by Jane Orihel

The Epicurean Muse - an amalgamation of recipes and musings to delight all of your senses. The recipes primarily focus on natural, fresh, whole-foods with a spice of ethic fusion that will satisfy both your epicurean curiosity and your cravings for something au natural. Bon appetite!

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101 Cookbooks

3 votes

Suggested by Jane Orihel

A lovely wholesome, exciting, fresh foods-based blog...Heidi Swanson's talent comes out not only in her recipes, but also in her commentary and additional photographs and recomendations. Whenever I need a unique and impressive recipe, I go to her website.

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A Spoonful of Sugar Free


Happy New Year Everyone!

Suggested by Christina

Alex is giving me a different outlook on sugar.

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Clean Eating Chelsey

January 10, 2013

Suggested by Christina

Great gluten-free and vegetarian recipes!

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100 Days of Real Food

I usually never know what’s going to spark a lot of conversation on...more

Suggested by Jessica Goodrich

So many great recipes and tips!

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Health Living - Healthy Recipes

Suggested by Jessica Goodrich

Kris' recipes are helping me cook better for my dad who has a big sweet tooth but needs to cut back on sugar.

A busy mom sharing her passion for food fitness and finding balance.

Suggested by Jessica Goodrich

Awesome healthy, family recipes!

Just a college girl finding her way to happy, healthy, and strong!

Suggested by Jessica Goodrich

Kacie is all about empowered women being healthy!

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The Healthy Everythingtarian


My name is Holly. I like food. I like activity. I like traveling. I...more

Suggested by Marissa L

So many great recipes from Holly

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Eating Made Easy

Food Solutions for Your Busy Life

Suggested by Marissa L

Love all of Amelia's tips!

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Kiss My Broccoli


One girl's journey to happiness one fresh vegetable at a time!

Suggested by Marissa L

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Suggested by K

Added to Your List is where you can fulfill your passion for...more

Suggested by Mari Fenili

This is an amazing site for all things low carb!! I love it!!

jsweet: Great suggestions, great recipes, sound advice for low carb! is where you'll fulfill your passion for...more

Suggested by Barb Walker

The most original, human, funny and delicious low carb site out there. Plus, she is so personable, she soon feels like a friend.

Nikki Parry-Wulff: Writes so funny and the recipes are SOOOO good.... love her and the site is where you'll fulfill your passion for...more

Suggested by cynthia cross

Loving these low-carb recipes from Jamie!

kmfuller: Love Jamie's site and ALL her recipes!! She's the bomb!! :)

berryello: YLS, is the best! The recipes are amazing, you will love every bite!

SkinnyScoop Member: My favorite and GO to site for any and every thing low carb.

Cheryl Spotswood: Great site easy to follow recipes and she is funny:)

SkinnyScoop Member: Your Lighter Side is the best low carb web site out there.

Temple Terkildsen: Great site for gluten free sugar free living.

Lydia Russen: Great site, Love Jamie, and Love her recipes! Couldn't be healthy without her!

Patti Ribble Scoggins: It's the best! Thanks for all your hard work and your passion, Jamie! And for the humor!

Anne Safran Dalin: Low carb and high humor! Your Lighter Side helps get me though the day with great choices. Jamie always provides terrific ideas and when someone asks her to tweak a recipe and make it low carb...she's on it right away!!

Gina Troiano: Good luck Jamie!!I love your blog, the recipes and funny posts keep me coming back for more.

Jeanette Reese Norman: I've lost 80 pounds eating delicious, easy to prepare and low carb foods. Thanks Jamie for all of your fabulous recipes, and making it fun as well!

Cheryl Moore: Love YLS!!! Jamie is awesome and members are wonderful.

Shannon Hall Leftwich: If you follow a low carb must visit Jamie's Blog and wesite. She is awesome!

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Adventures in healthy eating with a pickly husband and --now-- 2kids!...more

Suggested by cynthia cross

Roni's recipes seem quick and simple so now I have no excuse not to make healthy foods.

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 Love the site and it has healthy eating healthy lifestyle blogs as well as articles etc...LOVE IT!!

Deanna Mahan:

 Great recipes great information you have got my motivation stirred up again great job.My top of the list place to be is here on your site


 Some good recommendations!

Anne Safran Dalin:

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