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Top 25 Humor Blogs by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Just for Fun

The Top 25 Humor Blogs bring a smile to our faces and have us laughing so hard it hurts. Contest closed 2/28/2013

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A humor blog about life's foolish events!

Suggested by SophPearl

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50 Shades of Grey Hair at

50 SHADES OF GREY HAIR - 129 Signs You've Dyed And Gone To Hell!...

Suggested by Funny-E-Books

Lots of weird parody on this site:

Suggested by terry

As they say in Downtown Abbey "Vulgarity is no substitute for wit." If you'd like to see a mashup of humor and tabloids try Webloid News. This humor site is literate, clean, somewhat cerebral and silly. Fun!

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Awkward Sex and the City

Suggested by wallnp

Paige's self-depricating humor and lack of shame for what makes her so awkwardly awesome will leave you in stiches. Plus she makes awkward sex sound hilarious.

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Musings on Motherhood and Midlife


Suggested by Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Some very funny pieces: check out 10 Reasons Why I Think My Preschooler is in the CIA.

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Top 25 Humor Blogs

Congratulations to our top 25 Humor blogs in our February 2013...more

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The Spin Cycle

Guess who’s back?

Suggested by Lmchurch11

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Kid-Free Living Humor

A big congratulations to Kid-Free Living Humor with 128 votes!

Suggested by Margaret1010

I love Amy and Mike's stories. Those are usually the best.

MaggieR: Amy is insanely funny!

Csamaras: The only thing funnier than her blog is her Twitter!

Stephen: Wicked smart and funny.

Nancy LeBarron: Never miss reading Amy's blog.

SkinnyScoop Member: Amy is hilarious. Kid-Free Living is my favorite humor blog. Period.

Lauryn Valencia: I love this blog!

Ryan: We're all voting for you!

Lance Burson: Amy has no children. I have 3. She refuses to babysit and she encourages drinking. I love her for all of these qualities. Great blog.

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Filing Jointly...finally

Dependent Status Pending

Suggested by Mandy Moyer

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Filing Jointly...finally

127 votes from multiple nominations!

Suggested by ImNotSureWhy

Lauren is hands down a funny girl! I stumbled upon her blog and had to start from the beginning! She's not ashamed and I like someone that can laugh, and also at time be down right honest and true! I'm always eager for a new post...

Merrie Mitzi Dickerson: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to find an octopus and dress up in costumes...maybe even dress up AS an octopus.

Ashley K. Hall: Lauren makes me want to move to Chicago so I can join her book club, go hang out downtown while she's dressed up as an elf, and just stalk her in general. But not in a creepy way. I hope.

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Suri's Burn Book

A study in Suri and the people who disappoint her. (Also on Twitter...more

Suggested by Alexis H.

Love this blog. I love imagining Suri to be this critical.

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The Spin Cycle

85 votes from multiple nominations!

Suggested by patricia

Sue's family is hilarious!

rohit: Great fan of her blog. Gal is a super writer, always fun to read :)

greenlake8: what a crazy lady! my sides hurt after reading her posts!

Coily Locks (Alisha): I have loved Sue's blog since I found her on a network site. She's funny and a great storyteller!

Thea Park DeLoreto: This girl is hilar. I laugh every time I read her posts!

The Small One: I love Sue!

Jane: Humor with a heart. That's The Spin Cycle.

Chicagomom: Love her blog!

Cw Stoelting: The spin starts with The Spin Cycle:)

NaperMom: To know her is to love her. And to laugh your head off at her.

Mark LaPenna: 70....keep it up kiddo!!!!

Vikas Gupta: Love her blog

leiamanchanda: If you've never read this blob, you need to give it a whirl. The author’s hilarious, tongue and cheek perspective on motherhood will have you in stiches and viewing your little darlings in a whole new light!

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Hyperbole and a Half


Suggested by Alexis H.

Love this blog, I can especially relate to the dog stories!

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The Bloggess

34 votes!

Suggested by Karena Fagan

Beyonce The Giant Metal Chicken.

SophPearl: Love this blog!

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White Whine

A collection of first-world problems. Updated daily.

Suggested by Bren Larimore

Pure comedy.

Bren Larimore: Gotta check this out. Kills me.

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Abby Has Issues

27 votes from multiple nominations!

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

She's hilarious and makes me feel normal.

Jen Havice: Very funny and poignant. If you're not reading, you should.

SkinnyScoop Member: Snark that is never overblown combined with real world concerns.

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22 votes!

Suggested by Tracy Rimdzius

evisceratingly funny

Adam Sendek: Speaker 7 is far from suckage

Madame Weebles: Oh HELL yeah, Speaker7 is the real deal. She's one of the few bloggers who routinely makes me spit coffee.

Le Clown: Le Clown thinks it's cute to see other bloggers in competition with Speaker7... Le Clown has spoken. May she win.

Sara Lomas: If this lady doesn't make you laugh you're probably in a coma or maybe your eyes were lost in a duel. No offence to anyone reading this with no eyes.

Alice: Speaker 7 is the best. The BEST. There are evil puppets and crap on that blog! Puppets.

curmudgeon.atlarge: Anyone can write crap. But only Speaker7 can recrap.

SkinnyScoop Member: Speaker 7 is a consistently funny humor site that has been my go-to source for laugh out loud encounters with non-vital organs.

Emily: I think Speaker7 invented the Internet so she should probably win.

Carrie Rubin: Sharp, clever wit. And her Hugo doll's funny too...

Jen and Tonic: Funniest writer on the planet.

Julie Davidoski: You do know what happened to Speakers 1-6, right? I suggest she win everything.

Tania Johnson: Speaker7 is the real (funny) deal. Her sidekick Hugo is a force to be reckoned with.

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Stories About My Underpants


21 votes!

Suggested by Samantha Rosenberg

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Mom Uncensored


Suggested by Rudy Connie Lawley

Bren Larimore: No. TL;DR.

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18 votes!

Suggested by Abby

She combines humor with social commentary that leaves you chuckling and thinking, two things we could all do a bit more of.

SkinnyScoop Member: Intelligent humor from a feminine perspective. Awesome.

Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne: NICE!!

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 this cracked me up, way funnier than that garbage at

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 Brilliant list! You people are GENIUSES! Love it! (do I win now?)