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Top 25 Mommy Blogs of 2012 by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Parenting

In honor of Mother's Day, SkinnyScoop is showing their love to all the Mommy Bloggers. We are looking for the Mommy Bloggers that share it all, from the funniest things your child has ever done to your worst parenting moments. Get listed by adding your blog below. Winning will be based on the highes... More »

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Sweetness of Life & Motherhood

Embracing imperfectionism and modern motherhood with a sense of humor...more

Suggested by Kim

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Blog | Montana Whole Health

Dr. Erika Krumbeck, ND naturopathic physician in Missoula MT....more

Suggested by Dr. Erika

Health tips from a Mom and a Naturopathic Physician.

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Nanny To Mommy

Former Nanny who thought she knew everything about taking care of...more

Suggested by Diana Chastain

A funny, real blog that discusses the REALness of being a first time mom.

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Nap Time is My Time

Nap Time is My Time offers parenting tips, easy recipes & crafts,...more

Suggested by emily

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Suggested by Lisa Wells

A blog chronicling my journey to better financial health - coupons, contests, freebies, tips and tricks, and whatever else I find that may help others.

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Where being a Mom is a way of life!

Suggested by Mom-ology

A Mom Blog about parenting a special needs child. Sharing stories of homeschooling, general parenting, advocacy and humour.

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Chronicles of a Curvy Housewife


Twitter: @adrienneosuna

Suggested by Claudia

Her descriptive journey to a healthy life and reaching her goal weight, along with everyday Mommy and Wife adventures.

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OCD Runner

Twitter: @Lachelle_Dawn

Suggested by Claudia

Random musings. of a. runner. grad Student. med student. overachiever. compulsive List-maker.

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My 2 Crazy Curls

Twitter: @4evamamii

Suggested by Claudia

A deaf sahm of 2 little boys and another boy on the way. Tweets about all things random from coupon to food to hair.

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Mom With Never Enough Time

Twitter: @mellanhead

Suggested by Claudia

Mom two a teen, preschooler and toddler.

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Mama (plus a lot of other components) blogging opinions, tips and...more

Suggested by jannette771

MamaPlus is full of useful tips, delivered in a gentle and humorous way. The latest posts on writing, blogging and creativity are especially encouraging and practical. Definitely worth checking out!

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I Overthink Everything

Twitter: @myoverthinking

Suggested by Claudia

Her attempt to document life and encourage others to pause to see

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The Crowded Nest

The Crowded Nest is my blog about life as a mother of four kids.

Suggested by Shannon Hetherington Vander Meulen

Raising kids who will grow into people I actually like is the challenge. Join me as I dish on the big wins and the epic fails.

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Families are like Fudge, Sweet with a little Nuts!...more

Suggested by Just A Little Nutty

As the Ring Leader of our Crazy Train... I'd recommend anyone to stop by grab a recipe, some coupon/ money saving tips, and come with us as we find all kinds of nonsense to get into. It's never dull around here!

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Not Your Ordinary Recipes


Have you ever wondered if the reviews on food sites are true? No need...more

Suggested by Becky M

Recipes your family will eat.

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Evolving Mommy

Twitter: @EvolvingMommy

Suggested by Claudia

The mom behind Evolving Mommy where motherhood is a jungle!

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Mommy blog, reviews, giveaways, deals and freebies!

Suggested by Kelly A. Tanner

This blog is growing and has become a fun place to visit!

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Martinis and Minivans


A New Yorker now living the midwest life as a somewhat sarcastic...more

Suggested by Martinis and Minivans

Looking for a blog that makes you laugh about parenthood, being a women and using your Burberry scarf as a burp cloth? This is the one for you. Looking for recipes, healthy cooking and exercise tips? That's someone else's blog.

Martinis and Minivans: Yes!

elle z: LOVE this blog! Her sense of humor and relatability is awesome. I read it every morning to start my day and know that I'm not alone in this crazy world of parenting.

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Parenting tips, blogs, rants and great giveaways for Latina moms.

Suggested by Jeannette Kaplun

This blog highlights different points of views and voices. It´s mom blogging at its best.

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Suggested by Mom Kat

Parenting blog which features raising a toddler articles and premature babies.

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Los Angeles Mamma Blog


Mommy blog, great shopping tips, beauty reviews, and fashion advice.

Suggested by LAmamma

Great things to know and do in Los Angeles for mommies and families

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Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids


Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

GREAT blog about a goofy single mom and her adorable side kids.

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Lady goo goo gaga tells her humorous tales of motherhood to two boys...more

Suggested by ladygoogoogaga

Funny! True stories of the reality that is motherhood!!!!

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Mom with a dot com

Suggested by Momwithadotcom

Mom with a dot com gives me the opportunity to expand on things I’m passionate about. I love sharing and discussing parenting life with my readers. I also enjoy reviewing family friendly products and providing a chance for readers to win them. Along the way, I have met some really amazing people – readers and fellow bloggers.

Nicole Hartmann: I <3 Rita!!!

Nicole Azevedo: Rita is Awesome :)

Darlene O'Neal: Rita, puts her heart out there , and her reader`s love her..!

Briana Duke: Rita the best mom ever!!

Robert V. Nava: This blog has great giveaways & content - even for dads!

Alicia Keen: awesome blog!

Kat Riley: great information and easy to read and navigate

Andrea Williams: Awesome content!

Andrea: voted :)

Kelly A. Tanner: Great mommy blog!

Hale Slehan: great contests

Kat Riley: love your blog

Jeanne Bates Tennant: Great blog!

Mary Baker: I love the great giveaways!

Jennifer Vice Metz: Great blog!

Debbie M Petts: Great blog.

Carolyn Ann Colley: voted, thanks for the great giveaway & hard work

Thuy Vu: Congrats your blog is amazing

Kaeli Hines: thanks for the great giveaways!

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Savvy Sassy Moms

Twitter: @savvysassymoms

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I first met Andrea at a BlogHer conference and have been a fan of her blog (and her in general!) ever since. Andrea Fellman is described as "a mom who hasn't lost her style to motherhood" and I couldn't agree more.

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It's Jessica's Life

Twitter: @kikarose

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Jessica is witty and honest. She writes about her family, living in the Bay Area and the occasional product review or giveaway. Read her "About Me" page to see just how funny and talented this lady is.

Jessica: AW! Thank you Eden! :-)

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Frisco Kids

Your guide to kid-friendly events and trips around the San Francisco...more

Suggested by Frisco Kids

Great ideas of things to do with kids in the Bay Area...and beyond (plus lots of other fun ideas, like crafts, books, recipes and more)

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Mom Moments: Coming Clean on Family, Work and Clorox

When I’m not chasing my kids around or trying to get unidentified...more

Suggested by Tiffany Tan

Connect for tales of family, work and cleaning/organizing ideas to keep your household running!

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Classy Chaos

Suggested by Claudia

Three organic children. One whipped husband. Dash of class. A heap of chaos. Self proclaimed globe trotting, minivan driving, SAHM stiletto connoisseur in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Get a glimpse into the weekly (and life) lessons a 6-year old, 3-year...more

Suggested by Amy Heinz

This blog celebrates triumphs in parenthood and gives us a reason to laugh at the moments that don't quite go as planned (which, let's face it, is most of them).

Amy Felt Nelson: Love that I can relate to a lot that she says...she makes me laugh and get teary eyed at the same time! Great writer and mother!

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Daily Mothering

Suggested by Claudia

A fun (and pretty!) mommy blog featuring daily deal alerts, product reviews, giveaways, coupons and coupon codes, cloth diaper reviews, recipes and more!

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Resourceful Mommy

Created in 2009, Resourceful Mommy Media, LLC, is owned and operated...more

Suggested by Krista

Amy is a blogger, social media marketing expert and mom. Her brand is it.

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About Me

Hi. Welcome. Hope you brought me a latte. My name is Maria. I'm bored...more

Suggested by Krista

Another fun mom blog read. Don't miss it.

SkinnyScoop Member: love your blog! :)

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Mom Generations

Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your...more

Suggested by Krista

Audrey McClellan is totally queen of the scene. Can't help but love her.

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Nucking Futs Mama

If Hollywood’s looking for some new dramatic talent, then they...more

Suggested by Krista

If the name of this blog isn't enough to garner votes, I'm not sure what is. This mom is hilarious and wonderful.

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Home « Mama's Losin' It!

Suggested by Krista

A mom of three in Seattle, this lady has it goin' on!

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Boston Mamas

A one-stop source for retail, ideas, and resources for hip adults and...more

Suggested by Krista

Editor Christine Koh is a super influencer in her community and details everything online. This is a one stop shop for Boston moms.

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In Jennie's Kitchen

meals made easier, one recipe at a time

Suggested by Krista

A mama and amazing writer/recipe developer. She more than deserves a spot on this list.

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Bad Is The New Good

Suggested by Krista

Catherine writes an awesome blog from NYC. Where content is king, she reigns.

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Melinda Roberts

Words to you mommas.

Suggested by Krista

Melinda is a sweetheart!

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Mommy Shorts

War stories in the battle of mommy vs. baby- plus parenting tips,...more

Suggested by Krista

Illana's blog is awesome. End of story.

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Suggested by Teresa O'Brien Nguyen

I'm a mom in SF and lifestyle child and family photographer. I share musings about being a wife, mother of a fun loving spirited toddler, and photographer documenting Bay Area families.

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Simply a list of great events for families in the Bay Area.

Suggested by Ronnie Sharpe

A list of family friendly events in the Bay Area in 1 place.

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motherload: diary of a modern day housewife superhero

I'm a mother of two from Oakland, CA who hates mushrooms. My ears...more

Suggested by Tania Jiyoung Cho Blanford

Hilarious real life, honest posting about everyday life, often about things we are all thinking about but don't want to say out loud!

The Happiest Mom

Suggested by Amanda

Meagan Francis' posts make me smile. She seems like an amazing mother.

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the stylish housewife


Suggested by Amanda

I love this lady's style.

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Mommy Niri

The world according to Mommy Niri

Suggested by Amanda

This lady rocks! She is so funny and does the coolest things.

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Redneck Mommy

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I compromised with my husband.

Suggested by Amanda

Honest and intriguing.

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Two Peas & Their Pod

Stay up to date. Subscribe to receive blog updates in your email...more

Suggested by Amanda

Beautiful pictures and great content.

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Scary Mommy

A parenting community where less than perfect moms of all ages and...more

Suggested by Amanda

Jill is hilarious! I would love to meet her.

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Savvy in San Francisco


Enter your email address:

Suggested by Amanda

I love the photographs on this San Francisco mom's blog.

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Shop Sweet Things

San Francisco Lifestyle Blog

Suggested by Amanda

Jeanne's blog is awesome and her daughter is so cute!

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Modern Babble

Twitter: @ModernBabbler

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

A combo of reviews, giveaways and everyday mommy advice. Love the tagline - don't forget the popcorn.

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This is my personal blog. It’s heavy on the baby/parenting because-...more

Suggested by Anita Cuellar

A very raw account of being a stay at home mom. The good days, the bad ones, and everything in between. Things mothers think but hardly say out loud. Hats off to you Emmie! Thanks for keepin it real!

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Wait in the Van

Twitter: @waitinthevan Facebook:

Suggested by Claudia

Kristine describes herself as "another blogger with social anxiety, controversial posts about cats and children, and who writes to Oprah weekly with magazine clippings regarding my unsubstantiated book deal." We think she's awesome - and hilarious!

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Northwest Mommy

Twitter: @NorthWestMommy

Suggested by Claudia

We love Stasha's positive outlook and frequent posts about life as a mom. Her beautiful photographs and regular recaps make this blog an awesome daily read.

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Mama Bird Diaries

Twitter: @mamabirddiaries

Suggested by Claudia

"We love this blog, which chronicles the life of a busy mom of four. Kelcey's entries are honest and fun and she also contributes regularly to the Mouthy Housewives. Hop over to keep up with her and all of her adventures."

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Good Day Regular People


Twitter: @GDRPempress

Suggested by Claudia

"Alexandra had us at her tagline, "because you can't use your friends as therapists forever". Selected as BlogHer's 2011 Voice of the Year in humor, we love this witty lady's take on life as a mom of three boys. Her upbeat nature and desire to make people laugh never get old, and her gratefulness for her readers is so genuine."

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Twitter: @lilrongal

Suggested by Claudia

"Ronni of Anywhere Is is a writer, mom, yogi and long-time blogger - and we adore that her blog always feels like a ray of sunshine. We love seeing her photographs, keeping up with her '101 in1001' bucket list and reading about her life in Chicago."

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Top 25 Mommy Blogger

Check out the Top 25 Mom Bloggers on SkinnyScoop!

Lorna England: MamaNYC rocks! She keeps me up to date with great deals and the best giveaways!

Heather McKenzie Carter: MamaNYC always has something awesome going on.

Am Hengst: i like skinny scoop -amhengst

Gricelda Castro: i like skinny scoop

Jo-Ann Brightman: liked

malibugypsy: A very informative blog, thanks!

Jenny Pecor: I absolutly love this blog

Gail Panacci: Great website that I thoroughly enjoy!

Renee: Great site!

Pam Donica: #84

Amy Tolley: good luck

Gail Panacci: Thanks for your giveaways

Jo-Ann Brightman: Thanks for your giveaways

Katherine Blanchette: Thanks for your giveaway of a scale and a book

Fiona N: Thank You for Your reviews and giveaways!

kaseejohnson: I love your blog! Thank you for all your hard work.

Sarah Centrella: love your list, and would love to be considered for your next list. I'm a single mama, blog parenting tips along with the rest of my journey.

Diana Chastain: Would love Nanny to Mommy to be considered for text list. :)

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I am a mom, wife, teacher, blogger, and wannabe fit-mom! I have two...more

Suggested by Healthy Working Mom

Bring up kids is wonderful and challenging. Making the moments count is so important. I believe in creating a happy and safe environment for my kids to grow.

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#1: MamaNYC

Conquering Motherhood One Post at a Time! MamaNYC features motherhood...more

Suggested by MamaNYC

MamaNYC offers visitors an eclectic variety of topics with no saying what will come next! I am a work-at-home mom with a lot on my plate, which I love sharing and offering up for my readers to enjoy, or discover new products and parenting tips. It takes a village to raise a baby, but who has any time or room in their home for that many people? MamaNYC is an outlet and hopefully a village of advice for other parents to laugh, learn, and live!

Dixieland Reviews: I absolutely LOVE MamaNYC's blog! It has great content, awesome giveaways and great advice!

Nicole Mamatothreeblessings Homeschooling: Love Nicole

rebelchick81: Great site! Good luck!

Paul Tran: i love your site

Janet Pike Krugel: Great parenting advice and fun site, LOVE me some MAMA!!

Deb Dorrington: You have a great it.

Meagan: Love it!!

Christine K.: My FAVE blog hands down!

Kristin Duncan: Tons of great giveaways.

Clifford Perkins: Great blog and super giveaways always!

Trasina McGahey: Love this blog!

Debbie M Petts: Great Blog!

Carolyn Ann Colley: I enjoy your site a lot

Carolsue Anderson: Great blog!

Christine M Tubbytelly: always active and fun blog

Terri: Good luck!

Gladys Parker: Good Luck!

TNrina: Top notch blogger. Very helpful!

3sonshavei: Love the site!

Jo-Ann Brightman: Color hasn't change back to grey - although it's the next day I'd love to vote for you

Debbie Lamb: Fantastic blog...!

Crystal A Warren: great blog!

Rita O'Neal: Write I <3 Nicole!

Andrea: Good luck!

Melissa M. Miller: A must read, must follow blog.

lisa M: Awesome Site

Dianna Thomas: Great site--lots of info

Dee: I love this blog!

Kelly A. Tanner: One of my favorite blogs!!

Robin Quick: Love this blog!

Sandra J Brower: Greta Site! Love all your reviews!!

Hale Slehan: great contests

mylind: Look forward to MamaNYC everyday!! Thanx Nicole

Andrea Williams: Great blog!

Stacey A Smith: she has the best contest!

Teresha Freckleton-Petite: good luck!

Thuy Vu: I love your blog and just wanted to stop by to give you some support. Thank you for all of your great insights.

Sandy VanHoey: Good Luck!

Paul Tran: thank you for the wonderful giveaways ...I love your site!!

Jennifer Doe: Love this site! Lots of great advice and giveaways!

Melissa Robinson-Arezzi: Love it!

Rebecca Williams Parsons: My favorite daily visit!!

Hale Slehan: great blog

Lorna England: Fab blog! Always great info ... with humor!!

Paul Tran: love your blog! I visit it as often as I can

Melanie Johnson: Great site!

Elizabeth Owens: Awesome site!

Jodi Frasier: love love love

Black Asphodel: Love your blog!

Paul Tran: simply a great site

Andrea Amy: <3 MamaNYC!!

Danyale N: love your giveaway

Kris: thanks for all the giveaways

Paige Shuta Wernoch: good luck!

Jo-Ann Brightman: great blog

Amanda Sakovitz: best reviews and giveaway!

Kathryn Gatewood Costa: Love Love MamaNYC's blog. She rocks!

TNrina: Enjoy your blog very much!

Myra Rzepa: i love this blog ! its well done and enjoyable!

Rebecca Williams Parsons: I already voted but wanted to drop by again and say you have a great site.

Crystal A Warren: VEry fun blog!

trishden: Love it!

Tami Flynn Kittrell: New to ya but lovin' it! Thanks for all you do and for sharing with us!!

Gale Adkins Nelson: good luck

Mary Baker: One of the Best as far as Giveaways and great articles!

Janene Scarborough: Great blog!

Paul Tran: I love your site...I try to visit as often as I could

Cyndee Thomas: MamaNYC's Blog is filled with variety of awesome content,helpful advice and chances to win in awesome giveaways.

Geri Sandoval: Voted and Good Luck!!!

Jo-Ann Brightman: voted

Tammy: Love your site!

Dee: one of my favorite blogs with flavor and style

Courtney Tucker: <3 Mama NYC

Hale Slehan: fun giveaways

Linda Bradshaw: love your site!

SES1978: Voted

Stephanie Rowe: great blog!

Am Hengst: clicked on like it but # didnt change from 280 to 281

Naddez: Great blog and great giveaways! :)

Myra Rzepa: great blog i love it! not just like it!:P 30/05/12

Rae: MamaNYC has the best Bloging 101 content around and the best giveaways.

Kimberly Dunek-Buck: I love your blog! Thank you for all your awesome posts & giveaways! You ROCK!

Paul Tran: Just loving all the giveaways!

Jessica Gratz: Love your blog!

Paul Tran: voted

Deb Kovac: Thanks for doing so much for your fans.

Aranda Lewis: Love this blog 6/28

Trixie Dotson: Love the blog, thanks for all the great giveaways!

Sarah Centrella: been following your blog for a while, and link it on mine.. check out mine when you have a mine, I'm also a single mama, and LOVE NYC

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#2: Mom with a dot com

Suggested by Kat Riley

Very informative and easy to read

Jan Messali: Always enjoy Mom with a Dot Com.

Billie Rowell: Love the giveaways, great information.

Andrea Williams: Love your blog!

Larry Harms: Mom Dot Com is a really fun blog with excellent giveaways.

Alicia Keen: you rock at blogging!

Jo-Ann Brightman: I like your blog more and more

Amanda Alvarado: Love your blog! :-)

Black Asphodel: I like your blog a lot. :)

Camille Hutcherson: Thanks for the great blog!

Jude Skocki Kelly: voted for you. Good luck <3

Rebecca Williams Parsons: Voted today 5/6

Vicki Vix: Voted for you. Best of luck!

Sylvia Ortiz: Liked and voted.

Debbie M Petts: Great blog! Good luck.

Julie Lynn Bickham: Great blog!

Jaime Nicole: Great blog - good luck!

Andrea: voted today 5/6 :)

Helen Bush: Good luck!

Karla Sceviour: voted!

Shannon M Gallagher: voted!

Michele Pineda: just voted! good luck, neat blog!

Jo-Ann Brightman: liked

Paul Tran: just voted

Sharon Carr Kelly: go Mom!

Jennifer Doe: It's full of helpful articles and fun giveaways!

Leslie Galloway: Love your blog!

Janene Scarborough: Love this blog!

Jessica Gratz: Love your blog.

LuAnn Thoner: I REALLY LOVE this blog!!!! Thanks for sharing;)

'Lane Mahnke: This is a great blog!

Jo-Ann Brightman: I like your post/blog

Cynthia Keene: Love it!!

Krystal Ramirez: liked good luck

Jo-Ann Brightman: voted

Jo-Ann Brightman: liked

Zak Kleipe: Great blog. Really.

malibugypsy: great blog!!

Krystle Smith: Go Rita go! :)

Lisa Marie: good luck :-)

Zak Kleipe: You go, girl!

Kelly A. Tanner: Great mommy blog!

Jo-Ann Brightman: Liked

Carolyn Ann Colley: Mom With A is a great site to visit

Hale Slehan: great contests

Jo-Ann Brightman: Liked/voted

Tracy Awalt Juliano: Great blog :)

Jenny Pecor: I absolutly love your blog

Jo-Ann Brightman: Always a delight

Kimberly Dunek-Buck: LOVE this blog! Totally worthy!

Hale Slehan: can't vote again?

TNrina: Love this blog. Informative & current, this blog should be a model for new bloggers.

Ruth Mayer Hill: wouldn't let me vote last night--great blog!

SkinnyScoop Member: Love your blog!

Jo-Ann Brightman: The number doesn't change

Debbie Johnston: voted!!

Kimberly Dunek-Buck: Voted again for you on 5/14/12! I love your blog!

Kristie Betts: I love their Reviews

ncjeepster: Voted for you on 5/15. Great Blog

Mary Baker: Love the Great giveaways you host!!

Jennifer BlackPrincess Speed: great blog

Hale Slehan: 5/15/comment

Jo-Ann Brightman: Liked

Annmarie DiPasqua Weeks: Love this blog! Learn so much great stuff!

Jo-Ann Brightman: Jo-Ann Brightman liked again

Jo-Ann Brightman: Always liking you!

Paul Tran: love your blog

Pam Donica: Great blog! Always love it!

Kristie Betts: Love this site :)

Samantha E: It's a great blog & has great giveaways!!!

Marti Parks: Great Blog!!!

Karen Bryden Joyce: Love Mom With a Dot Com!

Kimberly Bhatti: Wonderful blog! love it!

Kris: Thanks for the giveaways!

Cathie Shane: wonderful site. love the giveaway! Thanks

Paul Tran: I love your site!

Gustosa Giveaways: wonderful site

KJ Stuit: great blog, fun to read

Julie Lynn Bickham: Love ur blog!

Megan Real: Love the giveaways! :)

Crystal Lane: She always has great giveaways.

Amanda Marie Roach: love your stie

jenzen69: ♥ mom with a dot com

Andrea: Great blog! :)

Holly Hennessy Swint: Great Blog! Like you #77

Jennifer Jo Archdeacon: I like your blog

Rhonda Martin: Thanks for sharing so much with all your readers~!

Rebecca Williams Parsons: Love this blog and back again to let you know!

Angela Ward Hartness: Thanks for the giveaways! They are greatly appreciated!

urbancwgrl84: what a great site! I just love everything about it :)

yipperbear: great blog

Dee: One of my favorite blogs!

Kimberley Rose Meier: Love your giveaways!

Sandy VanHoey: You're awesome! A+ Blogger

Jessica Olson: Great blog!!

Paul Tran: love your site

Tamar Swe: great giveaways and blog

Julie Lynn Bickham: My must read blog!

T.h. Ransom: Interesting posts and great giveaways!

Stephanie Hungerford: easy to navagate site

Seyma Doris Bennett Shabbir: Great giveaways!!!

Lorayne Chelsea McCarty- Gothard: great site lots of fun

Lorna England: Fab blog w. great articles and head's-up on giveaways!

Julie Lynn Bickham: One of my must read blogs!!

Jackie Reini: Wonderful blog!

Jeannette Naylor Laframboise: Love your blog-great content, ease of navigation and fantastic giveaways!

Kelly Reci: Love this blog, so much great information.

Michelle Oakley Warner: love your blog

Maria Kristina Yu: i like ur reviews :) tnx for the interesting words :)

Gail Panacci: great blog & thanks for the giveaways!

Lisa Hackney: Love your blog!!

kaseejohnson: I love following this blog! Thoughtful, insightful, grammatically correct! Quirky and honest.

Sharon Carr Kelly: Love the reviews and giveaways!

Johnny-Amy Lynn: love ur site....

Tamar Swe: I love this site

Christal Couturier: like your site

Fiona N: I love your blog! Voted for You, too :-)

Betsy Barnes: Wonderful blog!

Kathy Ross: Love your site and the giveaways!

Kiley Payne: Great Blog!

Desiree Reilly: love the hops

Juana Esparza: Thanks for having a nice & neat (uncluttered) blog.

Autumn Kelly: Great site.

Autumn Kelly: Great site.

Stephanie Hungerford: totally awesome site

Malinda Jackson: love the site! keep up the good work

malibugypsy: great blog with great giveaways!

Tammy Hemmerling: Being a mom is hard sometimes! This blog has helped me out in more ways than one! Thanks a ton!

Samantha E: Your blog & the giveaways are great!!!

Betsy Barnes: Love this blog!

Vesper: Vesper - good site, liked

Tracy Awalt Juliano: Great site. Lots of fantastic giveaways.

Jeannette Naylor Laframboise: One of the best blogs I have ever had the privilege of visiting! Great content, very easy to navigate and awesome giveaways! What's not to love? ;-)

Brandi-Josh Price: Great Blog!

Nicole Carter: Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amyorvin: Like this blog. Great giveaways here!

minibea12: Great blog!

Deena Vanbergen: I like your web site, its fun!

Crystal Lane: love your website and the great things you have to offer.

Gigi Coan: I love your site!

Jeannette Naylor Laframboise: Mom with a dot com is one of my favorite bloggers. Great site and interaction!

Jessica Cox: love this blog

Sylvia Ortiz: Lot's of fun giveaways!

Erica ToyLady Ardali: Awesome blog! :)

SkinnyScoop Member: i love mom with a dot com! its a great blog!

Katie Wurn: great site!

Deb Dorrington: Love your blog, appreciate all your hardwork keeping it fresh!

Seyma Doris Bennett Shabbir: love it!

kaseejohnson: Love, love your blog!

BookAttict: Liked

3sonshavei: Great Content. She puts hard work into her posts!

Bernice Mckay: This is an awesome blog love the giveaways

Ruth Mayer Hill: Great blog--thanks!

Megan Turner: I really like the layout! Thanks for the giveaways!

Shannon M Gallagher: Love this blog!

Theresa Janke: Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!

tjuliano1975: Love your blog!

Deb Dorrington: I have already voted on your terrific blog...thank you!

Rae T.: Mom with a dot com's da bomb! :)

Leann Lindeman: fun giveaways!

Samantha E: Great reviews & giveaways!!!

Betsy Barnes: Love your blog!

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#3: Operation Mommiehood


Twitter: @OperationMommie

Suggested by Claudia

Mom's thoughts from the kids, to family, to life, to....well....whatever!!

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#4: Mommy on the Spot


Twitter: @mommyonthespot

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Erin is a junior high school teacher turned SAHM who shares her on-the-spot observations on life and motherhood. I've had the opportunity to meet her in person and she is an all around sweet person.

Diane Puccio Moyer: Erin has that sweet/sassy satire that really hits home!

Lyndsay Rousseau Bullock: I can almost always completely relate to what Erin talks about. She hits it right on the nose and makes me laugh at the same time.

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#5: Grand New Mom

I became a mom. I became a grandmom. I became a new mom again.

Suggested by GrandNewMom

A humorous blog about parenthood from the viewpoint of a forty something with grandkids older than her new baby. Starting over has never been so fun!

M Jones: Great read. Funny and Real!

Doodlerah: Awesome new blog! It makes me laugh every time!

Gini Landry Nowak: What a fun Blog, I'm excited to read about being a new mom again at 40

Kelly McDonald: This is real life. Becoming a mom - again - at 40. She's an inspiration.

Donna Prather-Kenyon: I have alot of respect for her! Good Luck to her!!

Luan Martin: Making hearing the words "You're Pregnant" after the age of forty funny and inspiring instead of "WTH!!!". Love it!

Arista Green Easley: Kenjia I love reading your blog, I am learning alot for when ever I get pregnant, and believe me we are so ready to have a baby.

ms mary: I enjoyed following your pregnancy and I'm enjoying watching Beckett grow. He's a handsome boy.

Summer Clark: Great reading it :)

ktortella: you have always been one of my favorite writers...all the way back to our high school days!! You have a wonderful way of touching people with your awesome humor and realism. LOVE it! And I will enjoy living through you (cuz God forbid I do something this insanely crazy at my age!)

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#6: Motherhood in NYC

Motherhood in NYC

Suggested by Amanda

Marinka is hilarious!!!

Pamela Halligan: Voted

Dianna Thomas: Its real-- and to the point

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#7: Outlaw Mama

A blog from a mama who knows how to footnote and use semi-colons.

Suggested by christie.o.tate

A hilarious blog from a mama raising the Lip Gloss Queen of Northern Illinois and a multi-lingual 15-month-old who can say "Costco" but not "Mama."

GrandNewMom: Outlaw Mama goes from laugh-out-loud funny to breathtakingly poignant in a flash. I love the way Christie's personality shines through her writing. One of my favorite blogs. Period.

John Alexander: I love Outlaw Mama. She's hilarious and insightful. READ THIS BLOG.

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#8: One Bored Mommy

Suggested by Amanda

A sweet website. I like the perspective.

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#9: SmartyPantsMama

Been there, done that testimonials from one mom to another. Humor,...more

Suggested by Caroline Murphy

It's a relied upon site for moms new and veteran.

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#10: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Twitter: @DonnaReedSteph

Suggested by Claudia

The mother to 2 beautiful chicklets, Little Chica and Bitty Bug. Married to the most gorgeous blued-eyed English-teaching frisbee-throwing meat-grilling park-hiking beer connoiseur of a man you've ever laid eyes on.

Rachée Fagg: Always fun content!

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#11: The Dose of Reality

Suggested by sleepdeprived

This blog is my very favorite!! The Dose of Reality covers it all....the funny, the serious, & the crazy things in life always, always keeping it REAL. It's refreshing and hilarious and has moved me to tears on more than one occasion. You can't beat that!!!

thedoseofreality: Thank you SO MUCH sleepdeprived! I am so flattered that you like my site! :)

Eden Godsoe: Just discovered this blog (so thx for adding to the list!) Love the "Open Letter to Jessica Simpson" post.

c-gwood: My favorite blog ever!! Love to have a dose of the "real world"!!!

kingpam98: Absolutely my MOST favorite blog! She's hilarious, she's real, she's relevant. I love the humorous commentary on parenting and marriage, the honest discussions of newsworthy events, and her complete authenticity and vulnerability to share what's truly on her heart. So refreshing. LOVE this blog!

Debbie Lewis: I love reality - the real reality - way to go, Ashley!

Kim Hayslett Gajan: Fantastic blog!!!

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#12: Say it Rah-shay

Twitter: @sayitrahshay

Suggested by Claudia

The virtual soapbox where she rants about life, her child, and the like

Janeane Davis: A great read and always something you can relate to!

Brandi Jeter: Her musings on life and motherhood. Lovely mix of humor and seriousness. Earnest and genuine.

Jasmine Banks: funny and real!

Thomas Leavy: Smart, funny, insightful, thought-provoking, lovely, and beautiful.

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#13: Another Jennifer

The another jennifer blog is about art, life, parenting, philanthropy,...more

Suggested by Jennifer Iacovelli

I'm the mom of two boys and blog about everything from working mom guilt to teaching kids about giving and parenting a left-handed child.

Nicole Pelletier Holt: Love this blog!

sothisisloveinmaine: Awesome blog, and you can learn so many ways to give back to your own communities. Plus? who doesn't love bacon ;)

Two geeky girls' guide to the first years of motherhood.

Suggested by Whitney Moss

Focus on making motherhood more enjoyable, with an emphasis on free, fun activities.

Eden Godsoe: Rookie Moms are great - their book and blog are honest and accessible.

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#15: Frog Mom

Frog Mom is a California mommy blog about raising strong and confident...more

Suggested by Frog Mom

Inspires parents to get kids outside and raise strong and smart girls.

cedric.guyot: Because weekends are meant to be active, because kids need to be stimulated and because it's good to be outside, rain or shine.

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#16: Happy Mothering

Great blog that shares ideas for green and natural living for...more

Suggested by Claudia

Chrystal Johnson, founder and chief editor of, is a mother of two girls who believes in living a simple, natural lifestyle. A former marketing manager, Chrystal spends her time researching green and eco-friendly alternatives.

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#17: The Exhausted Mom

Suggested by Krista

I just came across this blog and love the look and feel of it.

TheExhaustedMom: Thanks so much Krista for believing in my blog!

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#18: Teach Me 2 Save

Resource for Coupons,Freebies,Deals, Giveaways, Product & Movie...more

Suggested by Leanette

It proves to be a valuable resource during a time in which we need and want to save money!

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#19: Ecocrazymom

Eco-Crazy Mom is a blog dedicated to helping moms go green, without...more

Suggested by EcoCrazyMom

Eco-Crazy Mom just launched in August and is already making a big impact! Thousands of moms have come to rely on Eco-Crazy Mom for practical tips, honest product reviews, breastfeeding support, and the latest information on all things green.

Kelly A. Tanner: I love this blog!

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#20: Green Grandma


Common sense healthier and greener living for moms and kids of all...more

Suggested by greengrandma

Green Grandma offers advice on common sense healthier and greener living, with a focus on young moms trying to raise healthy kids in a healthy environment. Cloth diapering, breast feeding, cleaning with vinegar, shopping local ... lots of relevant, doable tips 5 days a week and an inspiring weekend quote. Green Grandma is committed to her community.

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#21: The Mommy Mess

Twitter: @TheMommyMess

Suggested by Amanda

She's a wife and mother above all else. However, she has lots of other personalities that don't get enough attention at home, so she writes her blog.

Adrienne Bolton: Amanda, Thank you so much for nominating me!!

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#22: Green Lifestyle Consulting


GLC is a mom & a dad talking about greener living - particularly...more

Suggested by Alicia Hunt

Because sometimes mommy blogging helps others too!

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#23: Young At Heart Mommy

A family friendly blog written by a stay at home mom of a three year...more

Suggested by itoocutiiei

Young At Heart Mommy blogs about everything from parenting, family, crafts, beauty tips, fun recipes, baking, and funny family moments.

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#24: Because I Said So (and Other Mommyisms)


My blog is largely kids crafts, although I include anecdotes about my...more

Suggested by WMUmomof2

I have tons of kids craft ideas that are broken down by season, holiday, and craft materials. I often am inspired to make things from items in the recycling bin so if you are interested in "upcycling" you may find inspiration here.

Added to Your List

#25: Lehigh Valley Momma

Twitter: @LValleyMomma

Suggested by Claudia

Mom. Blogger. Photographer. Lover of Hostess Snowballs, Baby Laughs and dumb jokes. Blog reviews, saving money, DIY, organics and more

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