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Top 25 Mompreneurs by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Career & Money

These moms inspire and innovate through their books, businesses and companies.

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Top 25 Mompreneurs

These Mompreneurs impress and inspire many. They were voted onto the Top 25 list during October, 2012. Congratulations to those who made the list!

Donna Emge Mason: Love Jessica and the BabbaBox three grandchildren love being BabbaKids!!! they look forward to the monthly themed, cool activities to share with family and friends :) Order a BabbaBox today, you won't be disappointed!!

Ana Chaletzky: At our house we love the BabbaBox. Our daughter has so much fun doing crafts. Every box is full of great activities.

Susan Poulson: Yes, Mommycast is the best! I love the shows, and the videos are great. One of the very first mom shows, still going strong, and still the best!

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Kelly Douglas, Itzy Ritzy

30 votes

Suggested by cynthia cross

I love these products.

Itzy Ritzy: I just saw this nomination. Wow, I'm super flattered and very excited. Thanks so much ladies! xo, Kelly

cynthia cross: Your stuff is so, so cute!

Kimberly McMahon: Kelly is amazing and her products are top notch, staples in our house with three under 8!

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A blog for parents who are applying to private elementary schools in...more

Suggested by Cynthia Kaplan Baseman

What can be more important than finding the right educational environment for your child?

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Lori Krolik, More Time For You

25 votes

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Lori offers home solution, business solutions and more. This is the woman you want to get things organized and productive!

Shari Feldman Krandel: Lori is such a professsional and has great practical suggestions. She's willing to get right in there with you and get it organized!

Eden Godsoe: Go Lori! I'm rooting for you!

Kerry Lindell: Vote Lori--she is the ultimate mompreneur,,,,

Maren Sederquist: Lori is professional, great to work with, and has fabulous ideas!

SkinnyScoop Member: Lori's services are gold! Hope you win, Lori!

Debbie Quintana: Lori is so deserving of this award. She's an absolutely wonderful business woman that is inspiring and forward thinking.

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19 votes

Suggested by Jessica Goodrich

A must have service for moms in LA - it is crazy competitive her for schools. You wouldn't believe how useful this site and book are for LA moms.

Christina Simon: Thank you, Jessica for nominating our book! Christina

Matt Steiner: Beyond the Brochure is THE definitive, all-encompassing guidebook for private school admissions in Los Angeles. Having an educational company that depends on the expertise of peer institutions and professionals to work with our clients, I regularly recommend Christina's seminars and her book to anxious private school applicants. :)

rachbeth24: Beyond the Brochure opens up the hidden world of LA private schools to moms and dads who are seeking admission to these schools. They do an amazing job of helping parents navigate through this maze, make the process transparent and save moms and dads lots of stress, anxiety and worry.

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Michele Colucci - seeks to create a competitive marketplace for...more

Suggested by Sharon Knight

A single mother, Michele relocated her boys to the Bay Area to launch Via bootstrapping and angel support, she's building a business that is disrupting how individuals find attorney and obtain justice.


Suggested by Sharon Knight

Because they are working to realize a vision we all can support - helping women to build and fulfill their dreams of creating their own business on their own terms.

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Rachel Pitzel, Club MomMe

17 votes

Suggested by Christina Simon

Club MomMe, founded by two talented moms, Rachel and Lane, is a club for moms and moms-to-be as well as a great resource for moms who want to meet other moms and learn about parenting tips, baby products and more!

Matt Steiner: Club MomMe is an incredible resource for families in Los Angeles and Chicago who are navigating the many mystifying nuances of parenthood. I personally have enjoyed and participated in informational Club MomMe events pertaining to schooling, child development, and parent education. A FABULOUS resource.

Charity Allen Winters: Club MomMe has been the #1 RESOURCE that has helped me survive, successfully navigate & thrive in the 1st year of being a NEW PARENT in the huge city of Los Angeles, away from family. I wish every new Mom could be a part of a Club MomMe in their town! God bless my favorite founding MOMMEs, Rachel & Lane for their wonderful work with MomMes, Daddies & Little ones!

Ali Swanson: Club MomMe is notable because of its fabulous founders, Lane and Rachel, who provide both resources and support to moms and moms-to-be. It's obvious that they geniunely care about their Club members, as demonstrated by the fact that they often personally reach out via email or in-person to make sure that their MomMes have access to everything they need, including, but not limited to, gear reviews, a social network, and encouraging hugs!

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Sharon Schneider, Moxie Jean

15 votes

Suggested by Patty Huber Morrissey

I was MoxieJean's first customer. This is a values-based business that makes my life easier without making me make trade-offs. Clothes are in perfect condition and it helps me avoid over-consuming on stuff that my daughter is going to outgrow in a few months. I love MoxieJean!

Jamie Pudney Russo: If Patty was the first customer, I must have been the second :-) I also love MoxieJean! She summed it up perfectly.

Stella Fayman: MoxieJean is the best! It is made by moms for moms...I recommend it to all of my friends with kids.

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Ruth Ann, Raw Marketing

16 votes

Suggested by n2design

As a Mom and a successful business leader, Ruth Ann has the world by the tail and isn't afraid to help other Moms and business leaders make the most of every day, which usually consists of a large amount of hard work and lots and lots of laughs!

Jaibellapr: I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Ann at a PR conference this fall and was surprised by her candidness, yet incredible knowledge of the business. I love following her on Twitter and hope to interact with her more throughout my career.

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A Life Lived Ridiculously

A Life Lived Ridiculously tells the story of one girl with obsessive...more

Suggested by Annabelle Rc

A Life Lived Ridiculously can certainly be added to the books you couldn't put down list

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Lynn Perkins, UrbanSitter

14 votes

Suggested by colettenoelle

UrbanSitter is an online resource to find sitters recommended by people you know—so you feel secure in hiring someone you trust. Brilliant!

Eden Godsoe: Was just about to add Lynn Perkins. Big fan of her and UrbanSitter!

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Jennifer Lee, Crunch A Color

14 votes

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Love how Jennifer was able to turn eating healthy into a fun game.

Eden Godsoe: Go Jennifer!

Jennifer Tyler Lee: Honored to be on this list of fantastic moms! Thank you so much for the encouragement :)

Erin: Great game! Excited to see more good things from Tiny Green Bee/Crunch a Color!

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Kassie Rempel, CEO of Simply Soles

Trendy Fashionable High End Upscale Womens Shoes Boots Handbags...more

Suggested by Krista

I've been a longtime fan of Mom/Entrepreneur Kassie Rempel, owner of shoe shopping hotspot Simply Soles.

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Michal Chesal, Baby K’tan

12 votes

Suggested by patricia

I loved my Baby K'tan and found it much easier to use than similar products. Probably because it was designed by a mom.

Eden Godsoe: Definitely a great alternative to the Baby Bjorn or a sling!

Michal Chesal: Hi All - I just got back in town and saw this nomination! I am extremely flattered. Thank you so much for having me on your list!

Michal Chesal: Thanks for the nomination Patricia!

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TycoonMama - Kariann Iannizzotto

Business professional and entrepreneur, Kariann Iannizzotto, created...more

Suggested by Krissy

Owner and mother of two little girls, Kariann Iannizzotto, helps work from home moms start their own businesses and guides them with pointers to success.

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Jessica Kim, BabbaCo

12 votes

Suggested by stevie

I love this company - have given these activity boxes as gifts and they are always appreciated.

Dani M. Tous: Jessica is the best! What an inspiration! Who doesn't just LOVE the BabbaBox?! :)

Kelly Richardson Webster: The BabbaBox is amazing. Try one and you'll be hooked. Fun, educational, and delivered right to your door for a nominal price. Worth every penny!

Maria Sipka: We just started working with Jessica and our communities are going crazy over BabbaCo! Kudos to Jessica for bringing to market a solution that gets people incredibly excited - including kids :-)

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Kristen & Cris - Lunch Skins

Enjoy reusable lunchskins sandwich bags for your children for school...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I have too many of these to count. They are stylish, functional AND can be washed in the dishwasher. Clearly designed by moms for moms.

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Jill Salzman, The Founding Moms

11 votes

Suggested by Alice

Jill is THE Mompreneur of Mompreneurs. She now helps other Mums get going on their own business plans.

sshaterian: Agreed. From her TED talk on why Mom's make the Best Entrepreneurs to her tireless advocacy for alternative work schedules to her new accelerator program Jill is the awesomesauce.

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Cinnamon Bowser, Nail Taxi

Suggested by Katebrown10

Nail Taxi is the country’s premier mobile nail boutique.

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Debbie Glickman:

 Thanks for the nomination! I feel so honored to be amongst such AMAZING women!! Contrats to all!