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Top 25 Recipe Blogs by FavePages Team

by FavePages Team, posted to Food & Drink

These Top 25 recipe bloggers whip up some of the tastiest dishes we've ever seen!

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gestational diabetes diet


Hopefully that the following practical information on eating and...more

Suggested by surat.digitastyle

i like this because this blog provides details about gestational diabetes recipes that helps to the community

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Healthy living food blog that features awesome, delicious yet easy...more

Suggested by xokammie

Although the recipes are mostly healthier, they are full of flavor and simple to make!

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Top 25 Recipe Blogs

These 25 recipe blogs were voted onto the Top 25 list during October, 2012.

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A Year of Slow Cooking

Suggested by Ashley Grubb

A blog dedicated to slow cooking recipes? What more can I say? Oh and her recipes have gluten free options as well!

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The Endless Meal

36 votes from 3 nominations

Suggested by Erin, Chief Mom

Kristen's blog is worthy of a read.

An Uneducated Palate: And her photos are WICKED GOOD!

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A Year of Slow Cooking

Suggested by Ashley Grubb

A blog dedicated to slow cooking recipes? What more can I say? Oh and her recipes have gluten free options as well!

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Scientifically Sweet


32 Votes

Suggested by joanb

Christina is a Food Scientist and her blog is full of great baking tips and info...and of course amazing recipes! She has the best chocolate chip cookies.

Karen: Oh I love this blog! Her tips have saved me from disaster so many times.

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Suggested by Ashley Grubb

Great recipes with no crazy ingredients.

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That skinny chick can bake

30 votes

Suggested by Liza Moss

cookies and treats galore, recipes for each!

kayeorama: wonderful recipes and beautiful photography.

Susan Sheber: If the recipe comes from Skinny Chick I know it'll be a hit!

curryandcomfort: Lizzy is one of the best bakers and ladies I know. :)

Vicki Bensinger: Great baker and totally dedicated to her blog and her blogger friends

Irene Podzyhun-Bolel: Lizzy is the best, great baker, beautiful photographs and wonderful recipes.just an overall nice person. XX

cynthiakris: Liz's recipes are spectacular - every single time!! You will completely wow your friends and family!!

Maddy Weber O'Connell: Mouth watering recipes from turtle cheesecake to gnocchi, and she has the sweetest kitchen pal, Lambeau, an senior yellow lab who delights in the aromas of Lizzy's kitchen.

SkinnyScoop Member: One of my favorite sites to find recipes. Liz does a super job!!!

sweetiepapper: Love all her recipes! Super lady and super cook!

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Pidge's Pantry

22 Votes

Suggested by Mary Doyle

I love this site! This foodie is always posting delicious better-for-you recipes that are always 100% whole wheat and very low sugar. I check her site every day for new ideas and have tried many of her recipes in my own kitchen.

Laura Schenkel Swartz: I LOVE Sara's recipes! Healthy and actually tasty - two things that don't typically go together :)

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A Crafty Gourmet


Suggested by Gabriella Malestonan

great blog with delicious recipes and product reviews.

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Pies and Plots

18 votes

Suggested by Joanna

I love this blog for its great made from scratch treats as well as the stories which are so engaging and well written. I visit every day!

Jessica Gappy: This blog is fantastic! The recipes are to die for and the stories make it feel like you are swapping stories with a friend. I am always checking it for the next new recipe to try my hand at.

Arturo: Considering my tolerance for blogs hovers somewhere incessant whining and a nagging toothache, I appreciate the commitment of storytelling and local tie-ins while maintaining the integrity of the recipe. I tend to find myself visiting quite often.

SkinnyScoop Member: This is the most fantastic recipe blog ever! Laura writes a story for each recipe and has all the step by step directions. The recipes are fantastic and even if you are not especially gifted in the kitchen, you will love how enjoyable she makes it. The instructions and pictures make it so easy and the writing is first class.

Scotty: Wow, I love this blog. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen and the recipes from Laura make it super easy to bake. I visit this blog for great ideas every day! Check it out for the writing as well as the recipes....

Rick: This blog has it all-recipes, restaurant reviews, and great stories. I look at it quite often.

Eric: Great blog with great recipes. I enjoy taste testing new recipes. :)

Lendon: The recipies on this blog are well written and easy to follow! I get all my baking recipies from this site. I visit very often.

sheeners: Great site! Love the recipes here!

lketelhut101: I love this blog. The recipes are easy to follow and come out just like the pictures. everything I have tried has been great. I visit often.

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The Endless Meal

Cooking. Eating. Sharing.

Suggested by Paula Good

bjslmj: The most amazing blog ever. Every receipe is a winner. The best.

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Eat. Drink. Love.

18 votes

Suggested by Candace

Skinny bitch pumpkin soup!

Sarah Sweeny Giuliani: Stephanie has such great ideas on her plate! YUM!

curryandcomfort: Congratulations!! :)

AlissaD_0619: Stephanie is awesome! :)

Emily Lynne Smith: Congrats!!

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Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts


Stay at home mom who loves to cook and bake. Constantly trying new...more

Suggested by Beth Goldman Roman

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Baked by Joanna

13 votes

Suggested by Krista

Joanna has always been one of my favorite SkinnyScoop list creators. Her recipes are divine (and she's an absolute sweetheart too).

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Sugar and Chiffon

Suggested by Katy H

This blog takes classic dishes and turns them into simple and easy-to-follow recipes for begginers. The recipes are ofter healthier versions of favorite foods, like macaroni and cheese or margaritas.

Larissa: I didn't see too many recipes, this is more of a fashion blog.

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Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts


13 votes

Suggested by Amanda

New recipes all the time!

curryandcomfort: Yay for Erin!!

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Nutella Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake #SundaySupper | Baker Street

April 22, 2012 | 61 Comments

Suggested by Anuradha Baker Street

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11 votes from 2 nominations

Suggested by Mr.T

Paleo/health driven recipes for life.

josh_jenk: Great site for anyone following a grain or sugar free diet! Especially for those on SCD!

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