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If you have a Foodie you are shopping for... by Lane Kennedy-Levy

by Lane Kennedy-Levy, posted to Food & Drink

I am a foodie, but my husband even more so... SO our kitchen is full of gadgets from bunsen burners to syringe thermometers... I thought this might be a useful list for some who are seeking for that hard to please... foodinista!

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chops, cleans, and works well, the grip on top helps a lot!

cynthia cross: This looks really cool but for some reason the link isn't taking me anywhere - it gets stuck with a message about taking me to Amazon. Just thought you would want to know.

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The Gloves for your Mandoline use...

IF you use the Mandoline, you might want to use these as well... or else... be ready with band-aids...

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a simple Mandoline

Simple to use and SUPER Sharp... so watch your fingers!

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It just works, take a bit of practice but once you get a feel for it, you won't go back to trying to scale back the egg shell yourself!

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you will never OVER cook a piece of meat AGAIN.

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Sous VIde Bags


The images are beautiful, work of art, but more importantly are the recipes. NOTE: they take more time then you think to prepare... :)

we go back to these constantly... and they are always GOOD!

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we use this for our roast, and when our son is sick... we sneak in his room in the middle of the night to check him... incredible!

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Kitchen cooking mits

simple and useful... what else do I need to say?!

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Immersion Hand Blender

Right into the pan... I can blend. I love this

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I thought this was a total joke, but they make my life so much easier! AND EASY TO CLEAN!

Eden Godsoe: Love the look of these.

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if you are going to sous vide, you must have the sealer!

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Easy to assemble. and amazing egg whites... let's talk about our soufflés!

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Silpit Baking LIner

Never burn the cookies...

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