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all about bacon by Jennifer Iacovelli

by Jennifer Iacovelli, posted to Food & Drink

I love bacon. You love bacon. This is a list devoted to bacon!

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Seremeres Blog: Bacon Ornament Tutorial

You can make multiple decorations for your tree, or make one as a...more

It's a DIY bacon ornament tutorial. Sweet!

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Science: Bacon Is The Ultimate Ingredient

While we always knew it within the thickening walls of our heaving...more

Evidence that bacon does make everything better!

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Eating bacon lowers sperm quality, study shows

Eating bacon can significantly lower a man’s sperm quality. 


Eden Godsoe: Wow - who knew?!

Jennifer Iacovelli: At least women are safe. :)

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Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes


Fair warning. This recipe is not for the faint of heart.

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Accoutrements Mr. Bacon's 2.5 Oz Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with a strip of fried bacon is tricky. If it's too...more

An interesting concept, particularly if you brush after eating bacon!

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Bacon Restaurant Forced to Close after San Fran Residents Complain of Aroma of Bacon

A popular San Francisco restaurant called Bacon Bacon must shut its...more

Someone needs to explain this one to me. How can people complain about the smell of bacon?

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It's got to be crispy: Woman, 105, says bacon key to longevity -

Three slices of bacon a day keep the doctor away. At least that's...more

Bacon is the key to longevity. Period. At least that's what Pearl tells us.

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10 Awesome Gifts for the Bacon Lover in Your Life

Fun, bacon-themed ideas for stocking stuffer, secret Santa and other holiday gifts.

Eden Godsoe: I LOVE your bacon lovers list! You have to make this a SkinnyScoop list of it's own. I promise to add to it. I gave Bacon of the Month to my husband for Father's Day & have it as the top item on my Father's Day gift idea list -

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Bacon Costume

Bacon Slice Costume - $29.95Halloween is right around the corner Are...more

Bacon Halloween costumes for the entire family, including pets!

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Wackiest fair food yet: THE BACON NIZER

When I wrote my story about crazy Kansas State Fair foods this week,...more

One Bacon Nizer features a banana stuffed with fruit, cheese and other secret ingredients that’s completely wrapped in bacon and flash fried. Crazy!

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Bacon Fest issues statement, apology

The organizers of the first Bacon Fest NY, held Sunday in Hudson, have...more

Never underestimate the power of bacon!

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The Bacon Trials: Baines Best Bacon Delivery

After a number of successful recipes, because let’s be honest,...more

The BLT Club A Caballo, complete with avocado and a fried egg on top, sounds amazing!

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Potato and Bacon Cakes

Potato and Bacon Cakes recipe Lunch and Snacks, Side Dishes,...more

Potatoes + Bacon = win!

Erin, Chief Mom: I'm sure this is "Man Approved" too!

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Social Media Explained With Bacon

another jennifer - I found the following infographic via J&D’s Foods...more

This is definitely the best image I’ve seen from the “social media explained” meme that has been going around the internet.

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Bacon and Cheese Focaccia Bread

I love focaccia bread. But, bacon and cheese focaccia bread? Sign. Me. Up.

Krista: Yum! I'd love to try this one.

Jennifer Iacovelli: I'm not one for baking bread, but I might make an exception for this one!

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How's your cholesterol?: Maple Bacon Sticky Buns


A recipe for Maple Bacon Sticky Buns from Jane's Adventures in Dinner

What do you do with fresh bacon, early season maple syrup and some time in the kitchen? You make Maple Bacon Sticky Buns, of course!

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12 Healthy Ways To Eat Bacon (That Don't Involve A Burger King Sundae)

Keep this in mind, don’t eat it all the time, and then try one of...more

Healthy recipes with bacon in them. Need I say more?

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Bacon Olive Oil | Uncrate

Pop quiz: how do you cook your food in bacon without actually cooking...more

All natural bacon-flavored olive oil? I may have to start cooking with this!

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WATCH: 'The Power Of Bacon,' To The Tune Of Celine Dion's 'The Power Of Love'

This video, set to the tune of Celine Dion's ballad The Power Of Love.

I'm not a fan of Celine Dion. But I do enjoy bacon. This is a really funny spoof that's all about the power of bacon!

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Rub Some Bacon On it (music video)

Song on iTunes: more

This hilarious video has the answer to all your questions: rub some bacon on it!

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Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas.

Let's talk pizza night. Or in my case, pizza night(S). Because the guy...more

This pizza looks really yummy, and you can eat it for breakfast!

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Rogue Ales - Bacon Maple Ale

Rogue Ales has collided with Voodoo Doughnut to create Bacon Maple...more

I have got to try this Bacon Maple Ale from Rogue. I do enjoy their Dead Guy Ale. If only I lived on the west coast.

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Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites with Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce

Okay, we're not going to win any awards for thinking up this...more

Suggested by Claudia

Another great one to add to your list :)

Jennifer Iacovelli: These look awesome, but Krista beat you to it! :)

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"Should you eat that bacon?" flowchart

A handy flowchart that helps you decide whether or not you should eat...more

I think we know the answer to this question, but here's a handy flowchart if you're having trouble.

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Peanut Butter Bacon Bars

Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter 1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter 2 cups...more

The peanut butter and bacon combo just sounds intriguing to me.

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Bacon and Egg Easter Basket | Elise's Kitchen

Why make an Easter basket out of bacon? Why not? It was a fun way to...more

What goes best with bacon? Eggs, of course! It's the perfect Easter basket!

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A Bacon Poem for National Poetry Month

A friend sent me this image thinking that I would appreciate it and be...more

It's National Poetry Month. Poems are hard. But bacon is good!

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Recipes featuring bacon from J&D's, the makers of bacon salt.

There is an endless supply of recipes featuring bacon on this site. And you can add your own. Enjoy!

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Make your own bacon roses (21 Photos)

A photo tutorial that shows you how to make bacon roses.

An art project for the bacon lover. What person wouldn't want to receive a dozen bacon roses?

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Macaroni and Cheese with Potato Chip Crust

Macaroni and Cheese with Potato Chip Crust recipe Main Dishes with...more

Macaroni & cheese with a potato chip and bacon crust. Sign. Me. Up.

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Death By Bacon? Study Finds Eating Meat Is Risky

People who consumed about one serving of red meat (beef, pork or...more


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Bacon Poet Magnetic Poetry

Bacon Poet Magnetic Poetry - $11.95 Dont' have the words to describe...more

bacon + creative writing = win!

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All bacon everything (25 Photos)

Funny bacon photos from

Just some funny bacon-related photos from

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Roasted Garlic-Bacon Dip

Food Network invites you to try this Roasted Garlic-Bacon Dip recipe...more

Making this for the Super Bowl. It combines two of my faves - garlic and bacon. Yum!

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Is Bacon a Cure-All for Nosebleeds? - iVillage

It seems the cure for nosebleeds might lie in a slice of cured pork.

See, bacon has some health benefits!

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20 Bacon Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

Bacon is one of those few ingredients that is appropriate any time of...more

20 super yummy recipes that feature bacon. You can't go wrong here!

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Why Are We So Crazy for Bacon?

Everything's better with bacon is the ruling philosophy of the decade....more

A look at the popularity of bacon throughout the years and why it's so popular now.

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St. Louisans Attempt to Set the Guinness World Record for 'Largest Bacon Explosion'

A bacon explosion is not a pack of bacon hooked up to M-80s, although...more

This is just a crazy amount of bacon!

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Gifts For People Who Like Bacon

Sometimes, humans get a primal craving in the caveman center of their...more

Another gift guide for people who like bacon!

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Wake n’ Bacon

An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon...more

I don't think you can buy this amazing bacon alarm clock, but it's a pretty creative project!

Beatriz Sandoval: This is hilarious!

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Here's a really funny video clip of comedian Jim Gaffigan doing a bit...more

Hilarious comedy bit from Jim Gaffigan on bacon.

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Bacon Art

6 works of art made with bacon.

This post combines two things I love: art and bacon!

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Just add bacon

A couple of yummy recipes featuring bacon.

Honoring bacon on International Bacon Day!

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Bacon Whiskey Sour | The Kitchn

Alcohol with your breakfast is one thing, but how do you feel about...more

Suggested by Jackie

An interesting drink I had to share on your list!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Very interesting drink. Curious how it tastes!

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Blog: The Republic of Bacon

Welcome to Republic of Bacon – a blog all about bacon and bacon...more

Suggested by Larissa

The definitive guide to bacon - Where Bacon Lovers Meet and Eat!

Jennifer Iacovelli: This is great. Thanks for sharing!

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BLTs, hold the bread.

Suggested by Larissa

A Paleo-friendly recipe perfect for you bacon lovers!

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Desserts for Breakfast: An Open Letter to Paula Deen


I love hearing from you and reading your comments! Thanks so much for...more

Suggested by Jackie

Mac&cheese pie with bacon on top!

Jennifer Iacovelli: This would be so much better if there weren't pie involved. However, I love the creativity and most people don't hate pie crust like I do. :)

Jackie: Well the pie crust I believe I read was a cheese-y bread and the "pie" is mac&cheese with fried mac&cheese balls all inside lol...I'm not a pie fan either though. & I am very sad the pic came out so small

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The Bacon Milkshake

The fast-food chain Jack in the Box is capitalizing on the nation's...more

Suggested by Krista

I saw this on Shape Magazine and couldn't believe my eyes. A bacon milkshake!? That's another level entirely. Would you try it?

Jennifer Iacovelli: Well, it's certainly not healthy, but I'd try it just to see what it tastes like. Interesting...

FavePages Team: We love that you'd try it. If you ever do, you'll have to let us know how it goes.

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Bacon Hearts!

Suggested by Krista

Perfect for V-day or any other time you want to show your love in bacon.

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Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

[updated from 08/19/2010] Mmmmmm, bacon candy canes. This could be a...more

Suggested by Jackie

This sounds like something I would definitely like to try!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Yum!

Claudia: Omgoodness..this seriously sounds amazing!

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Bacon Pancakes: Chicagoist

Suggested by Jackie

Bacon pancakes! An interesting recipe to make breakfast a bit more compact.

Jennifer Iacovelli: That's my kind of pancake!

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Bacon Hazelnut Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Where Bacon Lovers Meet and Eat!

Suggested by Krista

oh, sweet bacon!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Hmmmm. I can't imagine what this would taste like. Very interesting!

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Bacon Jam

Got bacon and a crockpot? You are just four hours away from a...more

Suggested by Claudia

Wow Bacon jam!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Wow is right. Bacon, coffee and garlic? I might need to try and make this.

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Bacon Almond Brittle

This recipe, which I adapted from I Love Bacon by Jayne Rockmill,...more

Suggested by Larissa

This combo of sweet, salty and smoky sounds delectable!! Congrats on 3k views!!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Thanks Larissa. This sounds yummy!

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Chocolate Toffee Cupcakes With Salted Caramel Frosting and Bacon


Suggested by Claudia

Couldn't just pass this post up without adding it to your list!

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Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream Recipe – Seriously

Where Bacon Lovers Meet and Eat!

Suggested by Krista

Would you try this?!

Jennifer Iacovelli: I'm not big on ice cream, so I'm not sure about this. I, of course, would give it a try though. I need to start making some of these recipes and blogging about them...

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10 Layer Breakfast Cake with Bacon

Where Bacon Lovers Meet and Eat!

Suggested by Krista

Wow, just wow.

Jennifer Iacovelli: Wow is right!

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Bacon Infographic

This infographic breaks down bacon bit by tasty bit to reveal some...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I love bacon. I love infographics. I bring to you an infographic on the history of bacon. Enjoy!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Oh my God! You just made my day! This will likely end up on my blog soon....

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Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites + Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce

Okay, we're not going to win any awards for thinking up this...more

Suggested by Krista

These look AMAZING!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Oh my. These look so good, and easy to make!

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Bacon and egg salad

I am sure you read about that one mother who sued Nutella and won an...more

Suggested by Amanda

This is an interesting "salad" :)

Jennifer Iacovelli: Sounds good!

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Pig Shaped Mmmmm Bacon Shot Glass

Here's how to drink your booze.

Suggested by saraelynch

A handmade pig shaped shot glass that says mmm bacon! What's not to love?

Jennifer Iacovelli: Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!

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Handmade I <3 Bacon Pig Shaped Mug : )

This is how you should be drinking your morning coffee.

Suggested by saraelynch

Drink your coffee out of a pig that says I <3 bacon!

Jennifer Iacovelli: I could definitely use this on a regular basis!

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New Burger Made of 100% Ground Bacon

Southern California burger chain Slater’s 50/50 has spent the past...more

Suggested by Larissa

They also throw in a slice of bacon as a garnish -- insane!

Jennifer Iacovelli: Oh my. This gives me a stomach ache just reading about it! I'd love to take a bite though. :)

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How to Make Bacon Cups

Bacon has long been a favorite ingredient but recently, more...more

Suggested by Larissa

I couldn't resist posting this one...

Jennifer Iacovelli: More people need to know how to make bacon cups. Who needs real bowls?

Krista: Wow, this is fantastic!

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Love You More Than Bacon Decorative Sign

This decorative box sign will let someone special know you love them...more

Suggested by Larissa

Declare your love!

Jennifer Iacovelli: I love it!

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Eden Godsoe:

 Love that this list just keeps growing and growing! You may even need to split off and do separate bacon-related lists - bacon desserts, bacon condiments, different flavors or bacon, etc. No end to it...