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Philanthropy Friday by Jennifer Iacovelli

by Jennifer Iacovelli, posted to Career & Money

Each Friday, the another jennifer blog shares stories of those who incorporate philanthropy into their everyday lives – personally and professionally – in a creative and unique way. This is a collection of posts from the Philanthropy Friday series.

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Philanthropy Friday: A Simple Giving Endorsement from

This book is a must have for everyone who wants to do good in the...more

Filled with real-life examples and practical advice, Simple Giving is a resource rich guide to changing the world and leading a more meaningful life

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Philanthropy Friday: A Simple Giving Endorsement from B1G1

Every so often a book comes along that makes you go “YES!” ...more

At some level, we all want to give; that is for sure. But the ‘how to do it effectively’ is often the challenge.

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A Simple Giving Endorsement from Linda Cohen

Each of us has opportunities in our lives to give and Jennifer...more

Not only was Linda kind enough to read Simple Giving early on and endorse it, she is also in the book!

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Working With a Purpose

I guess this is a roundabout way of announcing that I am now the...more

I started working in the nonprofit sector in 2004 because I was looking to have more meaning to my work and life.

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A Simple Giving Endorsement from PSI

The beauty of Simple Giving is its practical content. Jennifer has...more

I will be sharing more about the giving models, companies and people that are featured in the book in the weeks ahead. Today, I want to share with you the very first endorsement I received for Simple Giving.

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Why Giving Feels Good (rewind)

Back in March of 2013, I ran a two-part article on the subject of why...more

A two-part piece from Greg Evans PhD filled with insight as to why giving makes us happier human beings.

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It's Time to Talk About Menstruation

When’s the last time you’ve had any real conversation about...more

Can you imagine what you would do if you got your period in a place without access to pads, tampons, bathrooms or clean water?

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Doing the KIND Thing for Success in Business and in Life

In Do the KIND Thing, Daniel Lubetzky openly shares the story of the...more

Daniel Lubetsky, founder and CEO of KIND, shares the ten principles that helped KIND become a "trusted and vibrant brand."

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"I can make a difference in the world."

Max, age 7, shares why he held a fundraiser for Mid Coast Hunger...more

Max encourages people to follow their heart. "If you want to do something like this, do it!"

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Sudara Products, Made from Hope for Comfort

Sudara makes products that empower women who are working to remain...more

The company exists with the basic belief that "No human being should be owned by anyone, anywhere, for any reason- ever."

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Supporting TTTS Loss Moms

In 2011 a group of parents of identical twins banded together, united...more

In 2012, the TTTS Support Team started sending out grief packages to any TTTS loss parent requesting one.

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State of the World's Mothers Report 2015

Save the Children recently released their 16th annual State of the...more

Save the Children’s report also reveals a harrowing reality for urban moms and their children living in poverty throughout the developing world

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Maria's Home Ownership Story and National Women Build Week

This year’s National Women Build Week event brings together more...more

Putting in 300 hours of sweat equity as a single mom working a full-time job was not easy, but Maria was determined to keep moving forward.

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The Janji Promise #RunForAnother

Janji is a running apparel brand that provides water to those in need...more

When you purchase running apparel from Janji, a portion of the proceeds funds organizations that are tackling the world’s water crisis.

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Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company's mission is “to spread the joys and...more

Gardener's Supply Company has donated 8% of their profits since they opened in 1983.

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Making A Bigger Impact With Your Business

I am offering a worksheet I adapted from a chapter in my book, Simple...more

Download “5 Steps to Make Giving Part of Your Business Model” for free when you sign up for the Simple Giving Lab email list.

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40 Days of Giving at WolfPack Fitness

The ultimate goal of #40DaysOfGiving was to actively enrich the lives...more

"What if instead of giving up something for 40 days, the WolfPack community can GIVE for 40 days?"

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Combating Poverty with Ethically Sourced Bracelets

TierraDentro is a bracelet company based on the principles of fair...more

Each TierraDentro bracelet is hand-beaded or hand-woven by an indigenous woman – either single mothers or young women trying to further education at university level – that is employed by TierraDentro on a system of fair trade.

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BookMentors Connects Donors and Teachers

BookMentors is a website that connects teachers and students...more

The idea for BookMentors came from a group of friends who collectively saw how economically disadvantaged kids lacked access to books and wanted to do something about it.

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The Positive Energy of ALEX AND ANI

In addition to the Charmed by Charity local events, ALEX AND ANI also...more

We can feel good our purchases when we buy from those that give back and are committed to sustainable and ethical business practices.

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ONE Launches #PovertyIsSexist Campaign to improve the lives of women worldwide

According to a new analysis published by The ONE Campaign: “Poverty...more

Women hold the key to change.

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Raising Student Awareness About Energy Poverty

ONE has teamed up with Scholastic to raise awareness about energy...more

Using the upcoming change to Daylight Saving Time on March 8, the Life Empowered project introduces the topic of energy poverty to students in grades 3 – 8 across the United States, plus their teachers and families, through lesson plans, student handouts and parent information.

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Take a Survey on Simple Giving in Jeans

I have been working on expanding my writing on giving back through a...more

Will you wear jeans on Rare Disease Day and take a quick 5-question survey?

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What Compassion Means to Me #1000Speak

We are living, breathing creatures who need love in our lives. Love...more

Today is the day. The day 1,000 bloggers join together to write about compassion.

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Finding Love Through Volunteering

What Bev had not expected to gain from volunteering was to find love.

I know that we live in a busy world with overscheduled lives, but I encourage you to find the time to volunteer.

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A Polar Dip for Morgan

The Polar Dip is held each year in February at Sebago Lake. Teams of...more

Since our initial jump in 2011, Joe and I have raised almost $18k with the help of a few special friends willing to jump with us.

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Fostering Shelter Dogs (rewind)

"For those of you unfamiliar with the role of dog foster parents, we...more

Ilene Evans talks about her experience fostering shelter dogs.

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Philanthropy Starts With Compassion

1,000 voices speak for compassion is a platform that simply unites all...more

On February 20th, the goal is for 1,000 people to share awareness of compassion in their own unique way.

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Rare Genes

For the over 7,000 listed rare diagnoses and more than 300 million...more

On the last day of February, leap year or not, wear jeans. Fill so many with dreams, joy, feeling like part of a family and above all: HOPE

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WE’VE features consciously crafted artisan goods from around the...more

All of the products from WE’VE are collaboratively designed, consciously crafted and honestly produced.

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Naked Specs (rewind)

Naked Specs is an online optical store that sells prescription glasses...more

Naked Specs donates five pairs of products or the equivalent funding amount for treatment, such as cataract surgery, when a purchase is made. Customers choose which charity or project to support at checkout.

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#DeedADay for 2015

The 100 Good Deeds bracelet is meant to inspire you to do good deeds...more

With the Good Deeds bracelet, every time you complete an anonymous good deed, you move the rubber ring one bead closer to the 1GD button.

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Wonderbag, the Slow Cooker with a Social Conscience

The Wonderbag is a portable, non-electric slow cooker with a social...more

The best part is that for every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in need in Africa.

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Share Your Good Day

Share Your Good Day is a micro-donation platform that allows you to...more

The purpose of Share Your Good Day is to create a cultural shift into what happens when you do something good.

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Q & A with Heifer International + The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World

Since 1944, Heifer has provided livestock and environmentally sound...more

I recently had the opportunity to interview Heifer’s Vice President of Marketing, Christy Moore, by email. I thought it would be fun to ask more about Heifer’s alternative gift giving catalog, the impact it has had and her own thoughts on giving.

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Shop with a Conscience Today!

While others are shopping, I am contemplating how I will celebrate the...more

If you are shopping today, consider a purchase that also benefits a cause you care about. All of the suggestions in this post give back in some way.

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The #GivingTuesday Thirty-One Hope Kit (+ a giveaway!)

The Hope Kit is a Thirty-One Gift’s Cosmetic Bag filled with...more

For the first 3,100 donations made to World Vision on #GivingTuesday, Thirty-One Gifts will donate a Hope Kit tote filled with hygiene supplies to a woman or girl in need in the U.S.

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Heart of Haiti

To date, Heart of Haiti has employed 400 artists. These artisans are...more

Every item purchased from the Heart of Haiti product line from Macy’s provides sustainable income for a Haitian artisan and her extended family.

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Scary Mommy Nation Thanksgiving Project 2014

This Thanksgiving Project started as a simple blog post from Jill...more

An average Thanksgiving dinner costs $50. In that first year of the Thanksgiving Project, the Scary Mommy community raised more than $20,000 and provided meals for more than 400 families.

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Global Impact Summit

The Global Impact Summit, an online event happening November 10 – 28...more

Not only does this event sound incredibly insightful for entrepreneurs and change makers, the Global Impact Summit is free with a donation of as little as $5.

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Giving Back at Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, known as the the "heart of...more

To date, the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation has donated more than $11 million to 790 public safety organizations across the country. I’m told more than $25,700 has been donated in the state of Maine.

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Talking #Inequality for #BAD2014

Blog Action Day is an online global event that has taken place on...more

Blogs from 111 countries are taking part in Blog Action Day this year with the topic of Inequality.

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Help Edesia #Nourishthefuture

Edesia, a nonprofit organization based in Providence, was started by...more

Edesia has reached over 2 million malnourished children in 40 countries since March of 2010. Now, Edesia needs the support of the community to help raise the final $3 million dollars.

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Happy World Smile Day!

World Smile Day is a holiday started by the creator of the smiley...more

A smile can go a long way. It can lift someone up that may be having a bad day. It can show someone they are not alone. It can restore humanity back into our everyday lives.

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Social Good Summit 2014 Recap

The Social Good Summit is a unique convening of world leaders, new...more

This year’s conversation #2030NOW centered around one critical thought: Where do we want to be in 2030 and how can we inspire and engage the millennials of the world to stand up, use their voice, and disrupt the system to demand change.

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When More is Not Enough

Amy Sullivan, one of the brains behind an ezine called Impact,...more

Amy talks about the simple concept of generous living, and all of the proceeds of Amy’s book are going to Transformation Village.

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More Than Volunteering

Sharing a personal experience of volunteering at the Mid Coast Hunger...more

Volunteering can feel like a burden sometimes. We have busy lives. Time is precious. But when you find a good fit, where you can work alongside good souls and feel fulfilled from the work you are doing, it’s truly magical.

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Making Miracles for Kids During the #MiracleMarathon

The Miracle Marathon is a 27-day virtual fundraising campaign, for the...more

Besides the fact that the #MiracleMarathon is way more fun and convenient than running an actual marathon (holy training!), the funds that are raised during these 27 days will go a long way. Plus, I am a lead blogger for the upcoming #MiracleMarathon.

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One Comment = One Vaccine During #Blogust

Shot@life Blogust '14 is a campaign dedicated to sharing personal...more

For every comment or share of the Blogust posts, Walgreens will help provide a life-saving vaccine for children around the world who need them most.

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Leaving a Trail of Gratitude and Perspective

Read these posts and let me know your thoughts. I hope they touch you...more

Giving is so much more than money and time. It’s about actions and convictions. It’s about modeling the behavior we want others to have (particularly our kids), no matter what your situation.

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Join Me in the #MiracleMarathon

I’m thrilled to share that I am serving as a lead blogger for this...more

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raise funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. When a donation is given it stays in the community, helping local kids. So you know you are helping kids in your own backyard.

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Geeking out on global development

PSI’s mission is to make it easier for people in the developing...more

PSI has vast programs that span the globe that includes family planning and many other aspects for people in developing parts of the world.

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Charity Miles (rewind)

Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android social good fitness app that...more

The app tracks your distance and money earned. Bikers earn 10¢ a mile and walkers and runners earn 25¢ a mile. When you are done exercising, you accept your sponsorship, spread the word via social media and Charity Miles sends you a note confirming your “good work.”

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O is for Opportunity

O Wines was established in 2006 with a mission to fund college...more

Since the introduction of the wines to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 followed by a nationwide launch in 2013, more than $300,000 has been raised to support 52 college scholarships.

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Pioneers for Change

Pioneers for Change has been born out of a desire to gather together...more

In essence, Pioneers for Change will act as a catalyst for change, by inspiring and empowering those who want to do more than just write a check, to help address the greatest issues of our time.

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Shake the World and Provide Life-Saving Water in Ethiopia

Like B1G1′s work with businesses and individuals, the Shake the...more

To date, those clients using the B1G1 platform have made possible 44,700,000 giving impacts around the world. The Shake The World App will add many more.

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Empowering Mothers Through Baby Products

Partnership between RED and aden + anais. aden + anais was founded by...more

Through the partnership or Red and aden + anais, 10% of every (aden + anais)RED product will help support the Global Fund to fight AIDS and its critical work to reduce the number of babies born each day with HIV.

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Finding Your Muchness

Finding My Muchness is a community website that sells inspirational...more

Finding My Muchness is a community website that sells inspirational accessories and informational products to help women re-find joy despite grief or trauma.

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My Day with PSI

Though PSI is well known in the development world, they are not an NGO...more

PSI’s mission is to make it “easier for people in the developing world to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire by marketing affordable products and services.” They strive for pragmatism and have a strong focus on research and measurement.

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Why I’ll Be Traveling to Washington DC Next Week

When I saw the subject to a recent Mom Bloggers for Social Good...more

PSI is a global health organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing on serious challenges like a lack of family planning, HIV and AIDS, barriers to maternal health, and the greatest threats to children under five.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has...more

Thousands of volunteer host families in rural, suburban, and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and Canada open their hearts and homes to New York City children from low-income communities through The Fresh Air Fund’s Volunteer Host Family program.

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Making an Impact Through Collaboration

Amy and Lisa met a few years ago through The Global Team of 200. Last...more

Amy and Lisa believe you can touch the world in a way no one else can, in small and big ways. They hope Impact encourages you to serve and give generously. This summer they will share the second ezine Impact with Saving and Simple Living.

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Wrestling for Good

Luke Robinson is the owner of WolfPack Fitness is based in Auburn,...more

WolfPack is about so much more than working out. WolfPack is about learning to see the world in a different way. It’s about becoming a humble, appreciative human being who sees each day as a beautiful gift. On Saturday June 21st, Luke is wrestling for charity.

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Track Your Giving Footprint

everydayhero is a global fundraising platform that allows you to see...more

You can see the collective impact you are making with other community members around the world. I’m told $206 million has been raised using everydayhero from 3.8 million donations since 2007.

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Mother's Day Edition

National Women Build Week is a week-long event, sponsored by Lowe’s,...more

Since Habitat’s Women Build program was created in 1998, more than 2,200 homes have been built in partnership with low-income families using Women Build crews. More than 52,000 women from all 50 states have volunteered at the six previous National Women Build Week events.

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Moving Forward and Asking for Help is an online fundraising website that gives people an...more

To date, GiveForward has helped raise $98,051,700 towards medical expenses.

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World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day will happen on May 10, 2014, though there are...more

Around 100,000 people will attend nearly 1,000 events around the U.S. and Canada alone to celebrate World Fair Trade Day.

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1,000 Mitzvahs

1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and...more

Each chapter has a different theme – food, volunteer work, donations, environmental conscience, birthdays, death and grieving, etc. – and includes short stories about the mitzvahs performed. The neat thing is that just about anyone can complete these simple acts of kindness.

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Somebody's Daughter

The Justice Network was created to raise awareness of the issue and...more

It’s a tragic fact that there is more slavery in the world today than at any time in history. There’s an estimated 29.8 million people caught in human trafficking – modern day slavery.

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Jewelry for a Cause

Linkouture was started by Bev Feldman, a jewelry designer, blogger,...more

For the month of February Linkouture donated 20% of sales of their heart jewelry to Friends of the Center for Families. In April, they are giving to the One Fund Boston.

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Bringing Light to Grieving Parents

CarlyMarie of Project Heal began International Bereaved Mother’s...more

CarlyMarie and so many others make it their mission to bring light to grieving parents, and we are doing the same with a giveaway of 15 incredible items just in time for International Bereaved Mother’s Day.

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Generosity Has No Language Barrier

During my trip with WaterAid America, the people of Nicaragua have...more

Since being here, I’ve been amazed at the high level of poverty and near absence of running water all around me. Yet, I’ve noticed that you don’t see homeless people in Nicaragua.

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Two Easy Ways to Celebrate World Water Day Next Week

March 22 is World Water Day, a day for all of us to acknowledge and...more

768 million people in the world today do not have access to safe drinking water. That’s about 1 in 10 of the world’s population. And 1 in 3 people in the world don’t have access to a safe and private toilet.

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Celebrate International Women's Day Through Conversation and Giving

March 8, is International Women’s Day. It is a day has been...more

Two easy and fun ways to get involved with International Women’s Day through conversation and giving.

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Why I Will be Traveling to Nicaragua in March

I am elated and honored to announce that I will be traveling to...more

I will be the first blogger to accompany WaterAid America on an insight trip. We will be concentrating on telling the stories of WaterAid’s work in Nicaragua.

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Buy One Give One in Business and in Life

B1G1 is a membership-based company. When your business joins, you can...more

B1G1 does not take a percentage of donations, so 100% of members’ giving goes directly to the charities and projects they support.

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Daily Giving and The Pollination Project

The Pollination Project believes in the power of ordinary people to do...more

The Pollination Project seeds $1,000 grants to “individual change makers” every single day of the year. Approximately 31% of the applications are funded.

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Running for Boston

A Philanthropy Friday guest post from Lauren Pedigo on why she's...more

Lauren is raising $10,000 for One Fund Boston, the nonprofit that raises money for the victims and families of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

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Celebrating 100 School Days with Kindness

This year, there’s a philanthropic twist to my son's 100th day of...more

I share this post with the hope that it will inspire others to initiate similar projects in their schools. You can never start incorporating philanthropy into a child’s life too early.

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The Evolved Dog

The Evolved Dog is an online store that sells canine supplies with a...more

The Evolved Dog promotes awareness in regards to homeless animals, always encouraging adoption and fostering. Leah also welcomes any opportunity to help break the stereotypes about rescues and pit-bulls.

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Finding Sunshine After the Storm

Sunshine After the Storm, Inc. is a nonprofit that aims to raise funds...more

'Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother' is a compilation of heartfelt, hope-filled stories to encourage bereaved parents. The contributing authors share their very honest, personal and different experiences with loss and grief.

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Naked Specs Reveals Itself

Naked Specs is a brand new online optical store that sells...more

Online statistics showed her that 285 million people around the globe are blind or visually impaired and 80% of the reasons for these impairments are in the curable or preventable area.

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Top 10 Most Engaging Philanthropy Posts of 2013

Since this is the last Philanthropy Friday of the year, I thought it...more

The top 10 most engaging philanthropy posts on in 2013.

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Po Campo Bags Help Girls Get to School

Po Campo sells “versatile accessories for urban lifestyles,”...more

For every 25 bags Po Campo sells through its online store, a schoolgirl in Africa will get a new bicycle.

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Giving is a Given

Given Goods Company is a marketplace for products that give back. All...more

Since its launch, Given Goods Company has worked with over 200 vendors. Some products might provide jobs, while others might plant trees or donate proceeds to a charitable organization.

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Empowered By You

Empowered By You is a new luxury lingerie brand created by the Seven...more

20% of Empowered By You’s profits go directly to the Seven Bar Foundation. From there, The Seven Bar Foundation distributes loans to “outstanding microfinance institutions across the globe.”

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Gifts That Give Back Guide 2013

My Gifts that Give Back Guide for 2013!

You can feel good buying anything in this gift guide because all of the items give back in some way.

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Feeding Our Kids 7 Day a Week

Feeding America's BackPack Program helps children get nutritious and...more

The bags are discreetly placed into the children’s backpacks by the teachers so the kids don’t feel ashamed of having to take food home.

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Giving Trees for a Change

Trees for a Change is an organization that dedicates trees as gifts in...more

Trees for a Change plants trees for many occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, fundraisers and even pet memorials. To date, almost 10,000 trees have been planted by Trees for a Change in five different forests.

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Finding Solace with Roxie

The goal is for Roxie's Angel Fund is to help future clients who need...more

Roxie is not only helping pets in need, she is also helping the parents of those pets feel a bit of solace during an otherwise difficult time. See? Even dogs can give back.

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Sevenly was founded by Dale Partridge and Aaron Chavez in 2011 with...more

They call their business model a giving funnel. People can purchase products that help benefit causes. In the end, the hope is that people will become more involved with the nonprofits in the future as donors and supporters.

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Investing in Women is fashionABLE

fashionABLE sells beautiful hand-woven scarves and leather goods made...more

Women spend 90% of their income on their families, while men spend 30-40%. Investing in women and giving them jobs has an exponential effect on their children’s health, nutrition and welfare.

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Simple Giving Lab

Today I invite you to take a look at my new creation, Simple Giving...more

Simple Giving Lab isn’t just about me sharing inspiring stories about giving back. It’s also a platform for you to share your own inspiration.

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Buying (RED)

Founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) was established to to...more

Over $215 million has been raised to date through the sale of (RED) products and (RED) events. This money has impacted 14 million people and is focused in countries that have highest amount of AIDS impacted communities.

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Momchalant on Teen Pregnancy

Momchalant is a place where moms (and non-moms) come to not feel...more

The words of encouragement I receive are what keeps me blogging. After all – writing is free therapy.

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Love with Food

Love With Food helps you discover new organic, all-natural snacks...more

One in five children live in hunger in America. More than 100,000 meals have been served at food banks through Love With Food subscriptions.

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Do the KIND Thing

KIND Healthy Snacks are more than just yummy snacks made from...more

“Doing the kind thing” is literally doing anything that is good for your body, taste buds or world; the possibilities are endless and could be anything from running your first 5K to holding the door open for someone at your local supermarket.

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Tracking Humankind's Positive Progress on pplkind tracks humankinds' positive evolution, to inspire giving...more

These stories, ranging from a homeless man returning a diamond engagement ring to game-changing dark matter research, are collective and tangible evidence of the positive evolution of humankind.

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Better to Give Through UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods is an online retailer that endeavors to feature unique...more

Since the Better to Give program was started 12 years ago, UncommonGoods has donated over $700,000.

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Blogging for a Cause

BlogCause is a new website with a mission "to create and support a...more

To get involved, all bloggers need to do is head over to the Join BlogCause page, sign up, and then post the BlogCause pledge to their site.

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NAEIR is a nonprofit gifts-in-kind organization that supports...more

Donors feel good knowing that their products will help nonprofits, schools and churches in the community.

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Fair Trade Ambassador

I believe in fair trade, which is why I decided to become a fair trade...more

Fair trade, to me, is a simple way we can help change the world. Fair trade goes beyond providing jobs and ethical working environments.

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Taking Flight For Motherhood

This week Dr. Webster loaded up her airplane and launched her Flight...more

One in twenty expecting mothers in sub-Saharan Africa are at risk of death during childbirth.

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Honestly Good Interactions

Had I not shared a cab with Lisa as I left BlogHer '13, I would not...more

In it’s first year, Lean Cuisine says it will give one million servings of vegetables to those in need. And, I have a coupon for you!

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CentUp for Creators and Charity

CentUp aims to make the internet "a better place" by encouraging...more

Fusing content and charities together makes it easier for creators to ask and for fans to give.

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Miracles on Water

Krystal, a mother of 6 children on the autism spectrum, talks about...more

The purpose of Surfers for Autism is to allow children with autism the ability to get on a surf board and experience the love of surfing and being on the water.

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Get a SmilingStart on Your Computer

SmilingStart is a internet browser start page with a bit of a twist....more

Since the launch in April, been able to raise funds Rs. 12,592 for the partnered charities and 1,312 mid day meals for school children, 631 days of education for underprivileged girls and 1,059 days of shelter for street kids have been facilitated.

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VOS Flips

VOS is an eco-friendly brand that is affordably changing the world...more

For every sandal sold, a pair is given to someone in need of footwear through the partnership with Soles4Soles, the international shoe charity.

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Harnessing the Power of Social Good Moms

Founded by Jennifer James, Mom Bloggers for Social Good and the Global...more

According to Jennifer, from the beginning of last year to this year, members’ social media shares and blog posts have reached 50 million people worldwide.

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Fresh Air: Open Your Heart and Your Home

The Fresh Air Fund offers disadvantaged kids from New York City a...more

Over the years, 1.7 million children have benefited from this amazing program. In the end, Fresh Air is so much more than a summer experience.

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A Pearl of Fair Trade

Julia Simpson is passionate about fair trade. You can buy fair trade...more

Julia realized that by selling their jewelry back in the United States, she would be helping to keep women home and avoid being exported to work in another country or forced to work in the sex trade.

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Food For Thought on Global Nutrition

Join me, Save the Children, the Global Team of 200 and Mom Bloggers...more

There are 165 million children in the world who are chronically malnourished.

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Couch Rebel With a Cause

CausePub is a community of storytellers working together to create...more

For every Couch Rebels book sold, Blood:Water Mission will be able to provide three people with clean water for one year.

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Why Giving Feels Good (part two)

Sometimes the kindest thing to do is not to give to those that do not...more

Grant suggests that people do not burn out because of more work, they burn out primarily because they cannot see how their contributions have made any difference.

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Why Giving Feels Good (part one)

Often the best way to look out for ourselves is by giving to...more

Happy people have measurable benefits on the well-being of their friends and even strangers within their social networks.

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Women Build to Celebrate Mother's Day

The 6th annual National Women Build Week encourages woman to devote at...more

According to the Census Bureau, more than 16 million children are living in poverty in the US and nearly 48% of the children reside with women heads-of-household.

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Hello…Goodbye: Fostering Shelter Dogs

For those of you unfamiliar with the role of dog foster parents, we...more

60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats entering shelters are “put down,” and never have the chance to find a home or return to the home they strayed from.

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Volunteering as Currency

On Voolla, volunteering your skills is a way to earn money for...more

Voolla now has 1,800 people registered on the website.

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Bent on Charity

Zabe Bent is a jewelry designer, urban planning nerd, and travel...more

Each quarter, Zabe researches organizations that focus on issues near and dear to her: urban planning, arts, and children & families. She is always interested to hear new ways to give back.

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Conscious Shopping

Conscious Box promotes conscious shopping by allowing people to...more

Since product sampling is one of the best avenues for natural product companies to be discovered, they decided to start a fun service where consumers can try out sustainable and ethical products on a monthly basis.

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Let's Talk About Newborn Health

Newborn health is often something we take for granted here in the...more

Each year, nearly 3 million newborns die around the world and 2.6 million babies are stillborn. 99% of these newborns die in low- and middle-income countries.

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Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf is a social enterprise focused on bringing people together...more

Demin says if his company sells just 2,000 hammocks in the U.S. this next year, they will be able to provide enough income and work for the entire Mlabri Tribe to “escape indentured servitude, end child labor and leave slash & burn deforestation behind."

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Water is just the beginning

On World Water Day, my aim is to help spread awareness about access to...more

Because 11% of the world’s population do not have safe water to drink. This lack of access, coupled with poor sanitation, results in 2,000 children dying every day.

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World Moms Blog

World Moms Blog is a collaborative website that writes from over 20...more

World Moms Blog was listed in the ForbesWoman “Top 100 Websites for Women 2012.”

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Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

Using International Women's Day to feature more than 3 billion people...more

Who are we kidding? Women are not equal to men in this world. I’d like to thank all those women ahead of me who stood strong and carved a place for me in this modern world.

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Giving Back is SeriousFun

SeriousFun began more than two decades ago with Paul Newman’s vision...more

Because of the backing of Newman’s Own Foundation, 100% of the administrative expenses are covered and so 100% of donations go directly to the camps and kids.

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Fitness for Charity

Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android social good fitness app that...more

During the month of February, Charity Miles and the United Nations Foundation have partnered up to encourage people to help raise $10K.

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Zelda's Mission

Zelda’s Biscuit Bakery is more than just a small dog treat company...more

Jenna was determined to help her dogs (and not give up as many owners might do).

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A Repreve for the Planet

Repreve is a fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic...more

It takes more than 100 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in the landfill. More than 410 million plastic bottles were reclaimed and reused in 2012 Repreve U.S. production.

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100 Days, 400 Acts of Kindness

A philanthropic twist to the 100th day of school project, celebrating...more

This year, G’s school is challenging its 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to come up with at least 100 donations for a specific local nonprofit.

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Molly Bears

Molly Bears makes weighted teddy bears for families who have...more

I [Bridget Crews] was drowning in my sorrow. I needed to do something. I created, with my husband, children and Amanda, what would forever be the very first “Molly Bear.” I was able to breathe while holding her. I was able to sleep with her on my chest.

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Reclaiming a Neighborhood

The Tangelo Park Program was started by Harris Rosen, who owns an...more

After twenty years, crime and drugs have been dramatically reduced, and the high school drop out rate went from 94% to almost zero.

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3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Philanthropist

Susan Axelrod talks about her Philanthropy Movement called ‘Regular...more

When I read those words, I thought to myself: will it take open-heart surgery for me to search my soul to know if I have lived as I want to live, done what I wanted to do, helped those I want to help, and create a meaningful and lasting legacy?

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Resolve to Give Every Single Day

December shouldn't be the only season for giving. Imagine the impact...more

Studies have shown that doing good for others actually makes us feel happiest of all.

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SHE's Innovative

Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) is a social enterprise with a...more

An item as simple as a maxi-pad can keep women working, girls in school, and drive economic growth.

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Giving With Confidence

The book, Giving with Confidence: A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy, draws...more

This book offers individual donors at any level solid strategies for giving with more purpose.

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Ethical Shopping

An editorial by Ingrid Heinrich Pauls of Jolica, in response to the...more

Every time we make a purchase we are supporting that retailer and its trade practices. Our outrage alone will not inspire change. Only our consumer decisions have that power.

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Fashion Worth Wearing

Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, the founders of Indigenous, have a...more

Eco fashion that looks good and is comfortable. That’s certainly worth wearing.

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1000 Shillings

1000 Shillings is a Uganda-based start-up social enterprise that gives...more

The name, 1000 Shillings, represents the amount of money the average woman in the Namatala slum lives on per day – $0.40

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Celebrating and Honoring Health Workers

The REAL Awards are a first-of-its kind global awards program to honor...more

You can go to from now until November 29, 2012 and read the inspirational stories of the international REAL Awards honorees and nominate a health worker in the United States.

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Gifts That Give Back

Since we are one week away from Black Friday, and I’m already...more

This gift guide offers a few good options as you shop during the holidays because all of the purchases you make from this guide will somehow give back.

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Building Education in Tanzania

“Education is the key to life” is the Jitegemee Project’s motto....more

When the project is complete, Adele tells me that the school will educate more than 500 students every day.

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For Love of Kathryn

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is still a disease that is...more

Alexa is turning the loss of her baby into an opportunity to raise awareness of TTTS and offer support to others who are affected by the disease.

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Smile and Change Your World

The Smile Epidemic describes itself as a “social research project...more

By taking note of the those little things that make you smile for 30 days in a row and posting a picture of yourself on their website with a note in front of your smile, you can change the way you look at the world.

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Scoring Climate Leadership

Climate Counts, a nonprofit, is a collaborative effort to bring...more

Climate Counts also give consumers the opportunity to raise their voice against those companies who might not be up to par.

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The Importance of Play

KaBOOM! is all about playing. Their vision is to have a “place to...more

With the rise of obesity in America, it's refreshing to see an organization focused on the simple task of playing outside.

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You Have Been Smiled

Happy World Smile Day! ...more

Smiling is quite possibly the best way to give back.

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Sensing a Need

Alysia Butler and Tina Perriello are opening a parent-led sensory gym....more

In December 2009, Alysia's whole world changed: her middle son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 3 ½.

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The Vote for Someone’s Dream Challenge

I’m putting up a challenge to do good and give back by voting for...more

Jared Desimio was selected as a finalist from 2000 entries for the American Made Award by Martha Stewart Living. He's a talented, humble maker who is looking for your vote. And he needs it today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time

Pizza Fusion was founded on "the simple principle of doing good."...more

During the month of September, for example, Pizza Fusion is taking part in the No Kid Hungry campaign along with other restaurants nationwide.

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An App for Social Impact

Social Impact uses the GPS feature in your mobile devices to display...more

Social Impact allows you to search nearly 700 restaurants, catering, coffee & tea, arts & crafts and more based on location.

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Organizing for Good

Debra recognized the natural connection between professional...more

Debra has provided pro bono organizing services to three residential clients and five non-profit organizations through RTSF

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Back to School Shopping it Forward

Vittana takes the concept of microfinance to the next level. Instead...more

The company fundamentally believes that education is the best, possibly only, way to truly break the cycle of poverty. To date, more than 4,000 students in 12 developing countries have received a Vittana loan.

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Looking Good and Making a Difference

Shabby Apple is committed to helping women live, along helping women...more

Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net sales to support work with 62 microfinance institutions in 31 countries throughout the world.

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The Thank You Project

This article is a guest post from Julie Smith Turner, writer-in-chief...more

The goal was to shine a spotlight on someone who gives with little expectation of receiving anything in return.

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The Power of Ellie

The Power of Elle is a charitable foundation in memory of a little...more

It wasn’t until Ellie died that Laina even comprehended her best friend had been sick. And how do you even explain something like that to a child so young?

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Blogging for Good

Will you please vote for another jennifer as a Blogger for GOOD?...more

Crossroads provides gender-responsive addiction and behavioral health treatment services in a safe and respectful environment so individuals and families can lead healthy lives. Please visit my project page and click “Vote for this Idea” to vote for me!

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Pawing it Forward

To carry on Toby's mission of kindness, a campaign called Million Acts...more

Charmaine Hammond had a traditional corporate giving program that donated money and services to nonprofits. When Toby the dog came into her life, giving back really became fun.

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Shopping for a Cause

BiddingForGood calls what they do Charitable Commerce™. They are a...more

BiddingForGood is a great website to visit when you are shopping for just about anything – tickets for a sporting event, a handbag, toys, electronics, you name it. You can find some great deals, and you know you’re helping a good cause.

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Raising Awareness (and Funds) for Alzheimer's Disease

Julie Kalloch, a program director for a secure 22 bed dementia unit in...more

With life expectancy growing and the baby boomers getting older, now is the time to raise awareness of the devastation of Alzheimer's disease.

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Making an Impact, One Mitzvah at a Time

1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and...more

Each chapter has a different theme – food, volunteer work, donations, environmental conscience, birthdays, death and grieving, etc. – and includes short stories about the mitzvahs performed. The neat thing is that just about anyone can complete these simple acts of kindness.

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Improving the World Through Gardening

Gardener's Supply Company's mission is to spread the joys and rewards...more

Gardener’s Supply honors individuals who are “improving the world through gardening” via their Garden Crusader Awards. The awards are “designed to honor people who are creating gardens that provide fresh food, clean up urban areas, educate neighborhoods and spark change.”

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Sharing Children’s Art and Helping Others

The Giving Goose™ is a line of clothing that features the drawings...more

In order to keep the stream of artwork coming in for the clothing, The Giving Goose partners with art teachers, artist guilds and preschools.

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Ending Hunger, One Garden at a Time

Businesses in Maine were using employee-managed gardens to help stock...more

More than 500 pounds of fresh vegetables were harvested from just 10 raised organic garden beds last year at Idexx.

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Simple Ways to Give Every Day

My guest post on the SkinnyScoop blog includes simple ways to give...more

Read my guest post and please add to the list. I know I’ve got some really creative, philanthropy-minded people who read this blog. I’m excited to see what good deeds you suggest!

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Empowering Generosity

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources is a...more

Donors feel good knowing that their products will help nonprofits, schools and churches in the community.

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Embracing Activism and Wellness

Embrace Activism, an online source for yoga products with a purpose....more

Embrace Activism has volunteered money, time, and product for events benefiting City of Hope, American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen, Cancer LifeLine, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts and American Diabetes Association.

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Generosity As a Business Model

Theory, research and practice suggest it’s wise to support any...more

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

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The Gift of Telling a Story (for World Give Day)

GiveForward is hosting a blog series in honor of World Give Day, which...more

The small gift of encouragement that empowers a person to make a turn in the right direction. A story to give them hope for a future. That’s one powerful gift.

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The Art of Giving

Jolica is more than selling jewelry, scarves and handbags to friends...more

Every sale generates a contribution to the Jolica Foundation, and all of Jolica’s products are fair trade and artisan made.

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Doing the Right Thing

True Green Energy Group combines waste management and energy...more

In addition to recycling municipal solid waste in the Philippines, they’re also providing low cost, environmental friendly housing for the workers that are employed at their facilities, and encouraging children go to school.

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Divine Charity

It is Amanda’s intention to donate a percentage of her profits to...more

To Amanda, Mama’s Divine is more than just life coaching. “My business is not just about making money, it’s about making a movement and impacting many."

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Investing in Food

The Global Food Exchange is a unique company that brings together...more

Global Food Exchange has turned food into a new asset class.

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Helping Hands Reward Employees

Helping Hands Rewards provides marketing, business development and...more

If you’re looking to recognize your best employees – and why wouldn’t you – pay attention to where you make your purchase. With a company like Helping Hand Rewards, you’re giving in more ways than one.

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Read Books, Give Books

We Give Books offers children’s books online to read free of charge....more

We Give Books offers a great way to get kids more involved with reading and giving. Showing kids that they can make a difference by doing something as simple and fun as reading is pretty powerful.

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Buy Wise, Drive Wise and Give

DriveWise Auto, a Charity Driven® concierge auto-buying and leasing...more

DriveWise Auto has delivered nearly 1,000 cars and donated more than $90,000 to numerous local and global charities, all chosen by their clients.

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Dr. Seuss Version

Today would have been Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday, if he were still...more

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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Hands Up for Humanitarianism

Hands Up Incentives works with companies to plan amazing trips. The...more

Incentive, team building and employee engagement trips could be enhanced through a community development component.

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Random Acts of Kindness Week

RAK Week comes from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, an...more

10 kindness ideas to help your community

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Start a Snoball and Encourage Microphilanthropy

Snoball is a simple concept. You start an automated donation that...more

80% of all on-line giving in the United States takes place during three weeks in December. Snoball is changing that. By incorporating micro-donations into everyone’s daily lives we are making giving something that takes place every minute of every day.

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My Giving Pledge

I am taking a public giving pledge to donate money to a different...more

Together we can make an impact by simply designating some of our money each month to put back into our communities. So, who’s with me?

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Next Jump is Giving

Next Jump has a comprehensive program called NxJ Cares that includes...more

Next Jump also recently launched a partnership with called SA500 Kids, which will donate $500K+ to fund technology resource requests in public school classrooms.

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Security and Support for Domestic Violence Victims

Northeast Security Systems makes a donation of personal alarm units to...more

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homicide here in Maine. An estimated 60,000 women are abused annually. It’s not something we talk about a lot, but it’s a problem.

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Life Lessons from Mary Donnelly

83 year old Mary has devoted herself to helping the residents of the...more

There’s no board of directors or red tape to go through. You just have to be approved by Mary herself. Oh, and Mary’s also the town nurse.

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Enjoy one, Share one

Guests get more than just good accommodations at The Century House,...more

The Century House has provided more than 200,000 meals through the Enjoy One Share One program. In fact, they are closing in on 250,000 meals since launching in June of 2009.

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GiveForward and Help a Friend

GiveForward provides personalized fundraising web pages and coaching...more

The compassion at GiveForward is genuine because everyone at GiveForward has been touched by situations similar to those of it users.

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Video: Making Change

Change for a Dollar. If this video isn’t an example of creative...more

Take 10 minutes to watch this video. I promise it will inspire you.

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Holiday Giving to Nonprofits

It can be hard to figure out where to donate your money, here are 5...more

Use websites like GuideStar and Charity Navigator to gauge how your money will be used

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Making Community a Part of Business

Cook’s Lobster House makes serving the community a strategy for good...more

The bottom line is that if your business sets as one of its key strategies, giving to community, then philanthropy is just part of doing business. It is part of our culture.

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The 30-Day Microphilanthropy Challenge from Good

30 Days, $30 Dollars. The challenge is to give away $30 in the most...more

It’s women that make less than $23,000 per year that give the biggest portion of their income.

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Online Community Fundraising for a Cauz

Cauzoom is an online fundraising tool that supports local projects in...more

“Think Kickstarter + Groupon + saving the world.”

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5 Ways to Give on Black Friday

Five ideas that are a lot more fun and fulfilling than fighting crowds...more

#3 - Shop online at a place like, where you can bid on just about anything and all proceeds support non-profits and schools

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See Clearly Through One-for-One Giving

MoralEyes believes everyone has the right to see clearly. MoralEyes is...more

MoralEyes has already donated over 7,500 pairs of new reading glasses, and hundreds more through its eyeglasses recycling program. Their goal is to have donated over 10,000 pairs of reading glasses by years end.

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Give + Give + Recycle

VOS Flips is an eco-friendly brand that is affordably changing the...more

The collection of 100% recyclable natural rubber sandals are tied to a Give+Give+Recycle social initiative that brings a happy medium between business and philanthropy.

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Relax and Do Good

Yellow Leaf is a social enterprise focused on bringing people together...more

Yellow Leaf customers can participate in what the company terms a “hammocking revolution.” Purchases of their hammocks help support sustainable economic opportunity across the world.

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Giving Smiles and Support

Each Friday, we share stories of those who incorporate philanthropy in...more

While we certainly can’t cure a little girl's cancer, we can help to put a smile on her face. Even if it is for a short time. That, to me, is a great way to give.

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