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Great Podcasts by Betsy

by Betsy, posted to Tech & Blogging

If you commute or love trying to get caught up on worldly events while doing the dishes or exercising, here is a list of podcasts I recommend. Please note this is a podcast-only list. I am not including the amazing podcasts that can also be heard on Public Radio such as This American Life, Fresh Ai... More »

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Slate Political Gabfest

Listen in as three fun and well-informed journalists have an informal discussion about three timely topics. Plus they give you something to chat about at your weekend cocktail party as a bonus!

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Slate Culture Gabfest

Three respected journalists (one of whom is a movie critic) sit down to gab about three culture-related items each week. I love how their conversation helps me keep up on the movies, books, TV shows, music, and art of our day.

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Brain Food Dude

If you don't have time to listen to ALL of the podcasts to find out which ones are really the best of the week, then let Mike do it for you. His Brain Food Dude podcast is a great podcast aggregator and finds an hour's worth of worthwhile listening for your brain enhancement.

Erin: This sounds great. Love aggregators! Will have to try this. Might be my first podcast ever.

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Too Beautiful to Live with Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank is a smart, witty, and self-deprecating host who, with his producer, Jen Andrews, keeps a very positive perspective on life while talking about the day's news and happenings. Luke is smart but not condescending, cool but not out of reach. This podcast makes me feel like I'm hanging with old friends.

Eden Godsoe: I love listening to the NPR shows you mentioned during my commute to/from work. I am a novice at podcasts so quick question - what kind of car radio system do I need to get there?

Erin: This sounds really good too. Although I have the same question as Eden.

Betsy: The best advice I can give you is to get the Stitcher App. This app allows you to stream virtually any podcast of your choice at any time. I generally listen through earbuds. While commuting, you could hook up through a USB port in your car if you have one, or just use one earbud.

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Motley Fool Money

I am not very savvy about investments or the economy of big business. But I know it impacts me and my family, so I want to be more aware. These Motley Fool guys discuss the investment and business world in layman's terms and with a skeptical eye towards trends. They are funny and interesting and keep me engaged.

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