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Easter Basket Ideas for a Teenager by Kimberly Moore

by Kimberly Moore, posted to Gifts

Since I am the Mom of a teenager and since the Easter Bunny comes to our house no matter what age you are, I have had to get a bit creative about ideas for my teen. I posted some of these last year on the blog and it was very popular so Happy Easter 2012!

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Flip Flops

Old Navy

Summer is right around the corner and I always lived in my flip flops during the summer. My kiddo is a Florida baby so make that year round now. You can never have enough flip flops - boys or girls.

Eden Godsoe: I wish there was a place where I could compliment your whole list but until that comes I will just say "thank you" for great ideas in this comment box. Love the list!

Krista: Great idea! These are actually even less expensive than some of the bags of candy too. I don't hate it :)

Tate's Kitchen: LOVE this list! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of all the other fun stuff that can be added.

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Movie Gift Cards & Movie Candy

We like Regal!

Movie tickets are great, especially buying extra so that friends or the newest and latest can go along. I like to do theme baskets sometimes so an Easter Basket that is all about the movies turns out really cute! Movie Candy (from Walgreens), a celebrity magazine, tickets, popcorn are all fun!

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Journals and Notebooks

I like to remind my teenager that he can write not just type and text. Journals or notebooks are a great Easter basket tuck-in and you can go traditional moleskine or find one with a cool graphic.

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Books and more Books

Thankfully, I have a kiddo that likes to read but one of my favorite things to give (especially in this techno age) is a good old fashioned BOOK. Perfect coming from the Easter Bunny!

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Magazines or Magazine Subscription

I love magazines and I love giving magazines as gifts - weird, right? But a magazine with an annual subscription that focuses on one of their interests is a great gift and addition to an Easter Basket! Think photography, outdoors, writing, computers - make it about a topic of interest.

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Headphones & Earbuds

My son goes through headphones and earbuds like nothing I have ever seen. The kitty is only partially to blame but between them, I am replacing every few months. Easter Bunny to the rescue!

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Starbucks or Other Gift Cards

A recent study found that teens spend money on things that are very similar to what we spend money on and coffee was in the top 5 - A few $5 or $10 cards for Starbucks would be a winner!

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Lip Gloss, Nail Polish, ETC - New Makeup

I still remember one of my fave Easter Baskets ever - I was about 15/16 and it was full of different lip glosses, mascara, nail polish, and perfume samples. Heaven for a girlie girl!

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Fun T-shirts

Old Navy is my go-to store but any that has their favorite graphics will do - I like to roll up one or two in the Easter Basket and I choose ones that are more fun!

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Don't forget the Chocolate Bunny!

Chocolate Bunny, Jelly Beans and a few eggs - it wouldn't be Easter without them!

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Gluten Free Easter Candy

From Gluten Free Foodies Unite

For the Gluten Free kiddos - a list of all of the Easter Candy that is Gluten Free!

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iTunes Gift Cards

Any kind of gift card that gives the gift of music is usually a hit with teens - my son always appreciates new tunes!

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Xbox 360 Paraphernalia

Xbox is King in my house so tucking some Xbox point cards, a new Turtle Beach headset, or a new game into the Easter Basket makes me a hero!

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Sign them up for an Intro Class

Does your teen like to cook? or need to know more? How about photography or surfing? Musical instruments? I am getting my son guitar lessons this Easter - this is a great way for them to explore an interest!

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Concert Tickets

This is a pricey addition to an Easter Basket but super special and super fun! Buy a ticket for yourself to go and promise your teen that you will ignore them at the concert :)

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Spa Treatment

Not just for girls - IMO! My son loves getting a professional massage and after weeks of carrying around huge loads in the backpack, this is a super special treat. Manis, Pedis, Massage - these things make US feel better, why not the kiddos? Plus, Spa Week is coming and Spas nationally have $50 treatments - excellent timing!

Kristl Story: I have 3 teens, so I love this list! It will come in handy after Easter for birthdays, Christmas & gifts for their friends! Thanks!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Your Teenager

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