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Queen Bee Picks - 10 Ways to Get Ready for Spring by Kimberly Moore

by Kimberly Moore, posted to Just for Fun

Even living in Florida, there is a tangible shift in the weather, in the air, the feel of things - spring is coming and hot on the heels of spring is Easter and before you know it, SUMMER! I find myself focusing on Spring themes lately so the Queen Bee Picks this week are all about Spring Fever & G... More »

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Love Spring? Pin It! My "Spring" Board

Pinterest feeds my Spring longing and I found myself creating a board just for Spring! Follow me on Pinterest and I will follow you back!

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You've Fired the Maid ... Now What?

Housewife Bliss shares her anytime but most especially in the Spring cleaning tips! My particular fave? The Vodka Cleanse!

FavePages Team: We love Coryanne, so proud to have her as a Tastemaker. :)

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Pluck those Brows! Review & Recommend of Benefit Brow Bar

There is a divine experience that I had no idea existed. It is called...more

Since I work at home, I do not pluck as often as I should. This has now changed with the discovery of the Benefit Brow Bar in my backyard(practically) - Take some time to get pampered and tweeze those caterpillars over your eyes!

FavePages Team: I'm so lucky to have a Benefit in (almost) my backyard too! They are THE BEST. I didn't realize that Benefit was on the East Coast...when my mom and aunt visited from Boston they quickly became obsessed & were so sad they didn't have one at home.

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Mani, Pedi - Here I Come!

CHANEL has released the details of their new spring/summer 2012 Les...more

Chanel is always spot on with their color choices and this spring, there are three gorgeous new colors to scoop up and take with you to the salon! Plus, a mani/pedi always refreshes!

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Have a Garage Sale with Your Girlfriend!

Have a Garage Sale with Your Girlfriend! De-Cluttering Advice from...more

From Girlfriendology - on the path to a Spring Clean is a DE-Clutter and what better way to share the pain and drama than with a girlfriend?

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Spring-Themed Tasting Party

I am obsessed with the Tasting Party line from Pier 1 Imports - all those cute little dishes just waiting to be filled with tidbits of spring! *LOVE* for getting into Spring Entertaining! Look for Pier 1 on PINTEREST - they just joined!

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Healthy and Delicious Spring Recipes from Skinny Scoop Team!

Lots of sunshine, time outside and fresh meals make Spring a wonderful...more

Keep up with the LIST on Skinny Scoop for Healthy and Delicious Spring Recipes!

FavePages Team: I love this collection of tasty recipes too - so many people contributed.

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8 Tips for Spring Travel by Nozin

We are talking about Spring Fever this week on the Nozin Blog and it...more

Spring Break - Spring Fever - Spring in general all stir a bit of wanderlust! Get the goods on spring travel with this great list from Nozin!

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Spring Work Essentials

Seven classic pieces that will take you to the office and beyond this...more

Yes, we love to watch the hottest and latest coming from the runway but budget and body shape sometimes take precedence. Here are a few classics that don't require a size negative 0.

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Flower Inspiration

completely fresh & sweet

Spring means flowers .... lovely bunches of fresh flowers stuck all over the house! Finally, after winter we can bring the outdoors in again! This is a great inspirational post about flower arrangements!

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