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“FATTENING” Foods you should eat on a Diet by Beatriz Sandoval

by Beatriz Sandoval, posted to Health & Fitness

I found a very interesting article stating that certain fatty foods have unique releasing properties that can help you lose weight quickly.Her e are some of the recommended foods.

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Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Avocados contain fat but its "good" fat - monounsaturated - which does amazing things in your body including helping your skin and hair stay healthy plus helping your digestion. I'm sold!

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Coconut oil (Organic, un-refined):

In populations where coconut oil is commonly eaten, high cholesterol levels and heart disease are uncommon.

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an’t go wrong with nuts—they’re packed with fat releasing...more

Can’t go wrong with nuts—they’re packed with fat releasing unsaturated fats, filling fiber (another fat releaser), and a host of other healthy nutrients

Isabella: Nuts are great with green yogurt and fruit!

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University of Tennessee study showed that eating three servings of dairy a day significantly reduced body fat in obese subjects. Research shows that people who don’t consume enough of this bone builder have greater fat mass and less control of their appetite

Isabella: I LOVE cheese! :)

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A 2011 study in the Journal of Nutrition found that obese, diabetic mice that consumed a diet high in epicatechins, the antioxidants found in cocoa lived longer. The cocoa reduced degeneration of the arteries in their heart and it blunted fat deposition.

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Red Wine

In one study of more than 19,000 women of normal weight, light to moderate drinkers had less weight gain and less risk of becoming overweight than those who drank no alcohol

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10 Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Suggested by Claudia

Here is another great article on some reasons why chocolate is good for you! Can't say no to that!

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy Of A Healthy Snack

Snacking may be at least partially to blame for expanding waistlines,...more

Suggested by Claudia

Just came across this and found it really interesting.

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