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My Eco Friendly Etsy Finds by Beatriz Sandoval

by Beatriz Sandoval, posted to Style

Keeping our planet nice and healthy is the key to a long living life (in my opinion)...Her e are some Eco Friendly Etsy items I find spectacular !

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Recycled Camera Strap

Made from Vintage VW Guitar Straps - for about every 100 guitar straps...more

These straps (and other goodies) are awesome! They're also all made from recycled materials in the USA and appear to be sturdy/reasonably priced.

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Recycled Newspaper Ornaments

This paper star ornament is made from recycled, color newspaper...more

I LOVE this. They come in different sizes for different purposes. Beautiful on a Christmas tree, hung somewhere, on a table, in a bowl. Eco-friendly or not, this makes a great gift to yourself or someone else.

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Lace Lamp

Amazing what you can make out of Vintage lace! I will be giving this a try soon.

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Artichoke Colorful Cartoon Pendant Light by Zipper8Lighting

This is a fun and colorful pendant lamp shade created by applying...more

Handmade Lantern created with cartoon strips!

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Asymmetrical Pendant by underanewlight

A modern piece for the urban boho out there!

Stunning handmade necklace made out of copper antique chain tone, vintage brass tubes and recycled leather!

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Recycled PIANO String Bracelet

Made out of a recycled piano string. Excellent gift for male or female...more

Beautiful String Piano bracelet

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Ash Blue Eagle Tank Top Vermont Mountain Bald Eagle by TammyJ0

Sustainable design by Tammy Jo!

Super Cute tank top! made from re-purposed fabrics and vintage materials.

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Tea Tree Oil Lip Balm Homemade Natural Beauty by FreshlyFormed

de lipbalm. This lip balm contains tea tree oil, which has...more

Cool, this natural lip balm heals acne and cold sores!

jesusmiriamia: I'll definitely give this a try!

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Golden GRASS Link Chain Bracelet Fiber Exotic Jewelry Handmade Handcrafted Sustainable Gift luxboheme

Exotic and beautiful handmade bracelet made from golden grass natural...more

Unique piece made from golden grass natural fiber.

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Sustainable Silver Amazing Migrator Butterfly Necklace

This handmade necklace is inspired by such an arduous journey

Amazing handmade necklace. Created from 100% recycled silver.

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Sustainable Chic Sage Leather Wallet by Vicotti on Etsy

Conveniently holds six cards. Open pocket for cash, receipts, passport...more

One of a kind chic wallet. Created using re-purposed materials.

Claudia: Love this:)

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Dancing Peacock Eco Friendly Tote Bag by PaisleyMagic on Etsy

This tote is 100% Cotton, and durable.

Stylish tote and great for books, groceries etc.

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Ipod Case Eco Friendly Bag Vegan Suede by MilkandHoneyHandbags

Perfect to keep ipod safe or for other goodies !

Claudia: Yes, another great find!

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Eco Cruise / Cycling Bike Tee Bamboo Clothing by EarthsGreener

celebration of the BICYCLE!

Love this custom made shirt! Promotes love to our planet by using sustainable fabric and materials.

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