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Oscar Party Cocktail Ideas by BevMo!

by BevMo!, posted to TV, Movies & Music

Which movie are you hoping will win? The Help? Hugo? The Descendants? We've paired the Best Picture nominees with a cocktail so you can toast your favorite movie as you watch the Academy Awards.

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Oscar Party Ideas

Food, games and fun all in one place.

What would Tina Fey do to make the party fun?

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"Hugo" nominated for Best Picture


Cocktail: Locomotive

This drink dates back to the 1800's. Click the link below to read all about the history.

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"The Tree of Life" nominated for Best Picture


Cocktail: Dark and Stormy

Recipe/Styling by Toby Cecchini, New York Times; Photo by Tony Cenicola

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"The Help" nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress (Viola Davis)

Cocktail: Mint Julip

It's a southern thing.

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"Moneyball" nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor (Brad Pitt)

Coctail: Harvey Wallbanger

The Harvey Wallbanger is the perfect cocktail for this movie!

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Shop for your party!

We have everything you need, including a huge selection of spirits,...more

BevMo! has a huge selection of bitters and other cocktail mixers.

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"My Week With Marilyn" nominated for best Actress (Michelle Williams)

Cocktail: Champagne

Budget Bubbles for the Oscars. All under $20.00!!

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"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" nominated for Best Picture.

Cocktail: Manhattan

It just feels right.

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Cocktail: Mai Tai

We think George would approve. Don't you?

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"The Artist" Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Jean Dujardin)

Cocktail: French 75 Cocktail

A Champagne cocktail is a perfect match.

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What's the right way to shake a cocktail?

Short How-to Video

Tips are always good to share.

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10 Appetizers We'd Totally Serve to George Clooney or Meryl Streep

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Suggested by Larissa

Some fun finger foods worthy of Oscar's bests.

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Five Grey Goose Cocktails Inspired by Best Picture Nominees

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Suggested by Larissa

Mmm, I die over these cocktails...GREY GOOSE French Hawaiian inspired by The Descendants, GREY GOOSE Julep inspired by The Help...see more at the link.

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