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Top 10 Gifts for the CrossFit Athlete by Brendon Mahoney

by Brendon Mahoney, posted to Health & Fitness

Not sure what to get the CrossFit athlete in your family for Christmas? With the Holidays upon us, here's a list that our coaches have compiled of top 10 gifts for the CrossFit athlete.

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Colored PreWrap for Athletic Tape / Taping / Head/Hair Bands

Foam prewrap is an essential part of every med kit - from the...more

Suggested by Krista

I love these cool colored variations of athletic tape - really useful for Crossfitters!

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Minimus Trail M10

Suggested by Rob O'Brien

Love the minimus trail M10s.

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2XU Compression Socks

2XU Compression Socks – These are the mother of all compression...more

These things are also an indispensable travel tool on long flights or road trips!

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Lululemon West Coast Hoodie

Comfortable, functional, stylish and rugged enough to last for a very...more

I don't leave the house without it. Ever!

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Inzer Weight Lifting Belt

A must for any athlete attempting a max rep for weight. Safety first!

The best on the market.

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CrossFit San Mateo WIN Shirt

Show your CFSM pride and join Team WIN.

To WIN simply means in regards to the battle for our own hearts. Get knocked down 10, get up 11. WIN!

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Genr8 Vitargo Recovery Fuel

The ultimate post WOD recovery drink. Real studies (not the fake peer...more

Without a doubt the best recovery drink I've ever used in my 10+ years of competitive elite racing.

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Wrist Wraps

OH Squats and Snatches can be brutal on the wrists. Wrist wraps help...more

Your wrists will thank you!

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Pullup Grips

A simple but very effective tool to save your hands on the pullup bar....more

Despite our best efforts to take care of our hands, they do get beat up with all our pullups and grip exercises. These are pretty simple and effective.

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New Balance MX20 CrossFit shoes

This is the NB answer to a CrossFit shoe that is readily available,...more

The best minimalist street/CF shoes on the market. Wide enough for fat feet (like mine) and are readily available at your local shoe retailers so you don't have to hassle with sending back a size that doesn't fit.

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Stronger, Faster, Healthier Fish Oil


Give the gift of health for the season! SFH makes THE BEST fish oil on...more

The best fish oil on the market. Tastes like a lemon treat. Even my 3 yr old takes it!

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Pendlay Oly Lifting Shoes –

Olympic lifting shoes are a must for the serious CrossFit athlete as...more

Pendlay is what the pro's use.

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Blonyx HMB Sport, 180 Capsules, 1 Mo. Supply

HMB SportTM is a simple, naturally occurring, science backed...more

Suggested by Rowan At Blonyx

A sports supplement specifically for CrossFit athletes

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