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Guilt-Free Shopping by Brittany

by Brittany, posted to Style

Want to take the shame out of shopping? Shop for charity. I have created a list of clothes and accessories that are fashionable, affordable and most importantly, guilt-free. Proceeds from each purchase go towards helping great causes. So the next time you want to re-vamp your wardrobe, check out the... More »

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Shauns Shades

Buy One Give Sight - Every time you BUY a pair of sunglasses, we GIVE...more

Suggested by Claudia

"With the help of one of their sensational giving partners, they identify a region with a shortage of eye health care services and administer an eye test to someone in need. This pair of glasses can make the greatest impact in ones life. "

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A group of students created this website to help other students save...more

Being a student myself, I am constantly looking for ways to save money, especially on textbooks. This site not only has great deals, it helps save the environment!

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Shop with a Conscience

An online community of women and moms dedicated to looking good,...more

Suggested by Larissa

Companies in this carefully-edited collection are either eco-friendly or socially-conscious, or they re-use, recycle or give back in some way.

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The Little Sparrow

fair, ethical and fun baby and Kids products.

Suggested by Allison Holland

The Little Sparrow is empowering women in India,Bangladesh and Nepal to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, through meaningful employment that offers hope and a future.

Joshua Thomas: Great, worthy ethical shopping

Liam: Where else can i find good quality, Stylish children's goods that I know are made with gifted women in mind supporting them for their future. LOUUUURRVEEE IT!!!

Jackie: This is very cool! I am definitely going to check this out asap :)

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TOMS Shoes

With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a...more

These shoes are so great and I love the simplicity of them. They are so affordable and comfortable; I wear mine all the time. They come in tons of designs and styles for the whole family.

Jackie: I agree!! I LOVE TOMS shoes so much..they are very comfortable and I wear them all the my mom wearing them too :p

Claudia: Still need to buy some!

Erin: So simple. I need to try for comfort. Want to get some for the kids too!

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For each kids school backpack you purchase, Schoolbags for Kids gives...more

Suggested by FavePages Team

What better way to send your kids off to school than by helping another child in need.

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Dogeared Hope Necklace from St. Jude

100% of profits, after all related expenses, benefit St. Jude...more

I am a huge fan of the Dogeared necklace brand. Each necklace has a message behind the design and the St. Jude ones are even more inspiring.

Claudia: Cute! Love this idea :)

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TOMS Eyewear

Sunglasses are the newest addition to the TOMS brand. With every pair...more

What better way to give back than to buy yourself a new pair of stylish shades? With different styles and colors it won't be hard to find a pair that you love!

Claudia: K, maybe I'll go and buy and pair of these first!

Jackie: I think this was a great addition to the TOMS company and their cause...once I get enough I will definitely buy a pair.

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Feed a Family in Haiti

Thousands of people in Haiti are still barley surviving the earthquake...more

Suggested by Jackie

Not a one-for-one business model but is an interesting way of making donations and creating awareness of causes. This company creates a Tee unique to a particular non-profit and sells that shirt for only one week and donates proceeds for that cause.

Jackie: Oops it is called Sevenly not "Feed a Family in Haiti"

Dale: Sevenly is the next TOMS shoes. They raised over $20,000 for charities their first month in business! Go Sevenly!

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ITO Recycled Bracelets

ITO (i'm tired of) is a bracelet company that is eco-friendly, and...more

These bracelets give you the opportunity to showcase the causes that you are most passionate about. My love for dogs is almost crazy, making this 'ito puppy mills' bracelet the perfect choice for me. Which one would you wear?

Eden Godsoe: These are great. Must get me some & also use as gifts!

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Support Ethical Trade with SET Boutique

Shop SET Boutique for online fashion - apparel, jewelry, bags, travel,...more

Suggested by Jackie

Just found this boutique that donates $5 to a charitable org. when you spend $20+

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Pure Citizen

companies we LOVE that are making the world a better place. daily...more

Suggested by Jackie

So this site is sort of like the Hautelook and Rue La La of fair trade and ethical fashion. The discounts are pretty large and you can even opt to donate your savings from a purchase to a cause organization!

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Same Sky Bracelets

Same Sky is a fair-trade company whose mission is to empower women...more

These Same Sky bracelets are beautiful and trendy and a great addition to every woman’s accessory collection. Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewelry or a gift for a friend, these bracelets are the way to go!

Eliza: They make great gifts and have great specials!

Pam: Beautiful glass and seed bead jewelry that truly make a "statement". 100% of proceeds go back to the HIV+ African women artisans who make the jewelry. SameSky gives these women a "hand up, not a hand out." Perfect gifts for moms, friends, female colleagues, sweet 16ers, etc.

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Buy From A "Women's Initiative" Graduate

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I sit on the board of Women's Initiative, an amazing non-profit that helps low-income women pull themselves & their families our of poverty by starting businesses. Here is a list of those great Bay Area-based businesses. Shop away!

Brittany: This is such a great concept and site!

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10 Inspiring "Buy One Give One" Projects

Charitable giving has changed a lot in the past few years and the...more

Suggested by Jackie

There are flashlights, soccer balls, blankets, and other great products that are donated to those in need by companies with great giving ideals. This is a good list that should be added to this Guilt-Free Shopping guide

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GGP Purple Silk Clutch


Global Goods Partners (GGP) is a fair-trade, nonprofit organization...more

Clutch's are great to have for a night on the town and purple is my go-to color this season. These bags are big enough to hold essentials (phone, camera, small wallet, lip gloss, etc.) and add flare to any outfit.

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CommonThreadz Apparel

CommonThreadz is a nonprofit helping orphans & vulnerable children...more

I am somewhat obsessed with t-shirts and think these T's are a perfect match for some comfy jeans and TOMS shoes! Check out the other designs for men, women, and children, too.

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GGP Scarf


Global Goods Partners (GGP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated...more

I am a huge fan of scarves and try to incorporate them in my outfits all the time. They are a great addition to any outfit, year round. GGP has a great selection of scarves in all different colors and styles.

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Oprah's List: 14 Stylish Gifts That Give Back (for Under $100)

By giving one of these charitable finds to a friend, you’re joining...more

Suggested by Larissa

Oprah recommends these list-worthy lotions, a portion of every sale benefits the Yes to Seed Fund, which gives grants to schools to plant gardens and helps kids get in touch with Mother Nature.

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