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15 Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas by CatK

by CatK, posted to Holidays

Here are some great gift wrap ideas I collected from around the web. Many of them have the added bonus of being eco-friendly and cost conscious.

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1. Newspaper Gift Wrap | Simple Organized Living


Purchasing new wrapping paper for every occasion can be SO expensive,...more

You can use regular newspaper or go with something more fun like the cartoon section or a foreign language paper.

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2. Gift Boxes | Paper Source

Paper Source is a premier paperie and retail store offering a unique...more

Paper Source has a beautiful selection of gift boxes. A great alternative to wrapping paper especially if you keep it in the family and can reuse the box next year.

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3. Butcher Paper as Wrapping Paper | Design*Sponge

i love the high & low combination of brown kraft paper with...more

Brown butcher (or kraft) paper is great to use as you can do so many things with it - sponge designs, stickers, colorful tape, etc.

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4. Old Maps as Wrapping Paper | Babble

We use old subway maps to wrap our gifts, but any old map will do!

I am a big fan of maps so I love this idea! You can use the old maps lying around your house or grab free maps from a subway station or elsewhere.

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5. Personalized Wrapping Paper | Name Maker Inc

Make your gifts unique with our personalized gift wrap and wrap-ping...more

No need for gift tags with this wrapping paper. You can personalize the greeting and/or name and choose from a nice selection of designs. Love it!

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6. Kid Art as Gift Wrap | beanamama

What to do with all this artwork? Gift wrap! Meaningful, cheap, green...more

Anyone with children has more artwork than they know what to do with. Rather than secretly throw it away or let it pile up, you can use it as gift wrap. Add some matching bows and you have presents like these ones from blogger beanamama.

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7. Crayon Chip Wrapping Paper | Momtastic

This is a really fun way to design and make your own colorful wrapping...more

I love the idea of turning tissue paper into original wrapping paper. Not to mention this is a fun and easy craft project you can do with kids.

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8. Cloth Gift Wrap | Martha Stewart

In Japan, the art of wrapping gifts in cloth is called furoshiki, and...more

Leave it to Martha to find a second beautiful use for cloth items including (clockwise from top left) vintage scarf; burlap rice bag; wool scarf with a knitting needle; tea towel with rickrack; scrap from a vintage kimono.

Mallory: I was going to suggest this if it wasn't already here! This one is great because the wrapping can be another gift as well - a beautiful textile they can keep after the gift is unwrapped!

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9. Gift Take Out Box | World Market

Gotta wrap a gift on the fly? Our Yuletide Owl Large Gift Take Our...more

Suggested by Larissa

These caught my eye at Cost Plus the other day - they're inexpensive, easy, reusable, unique and easy on the eyes.

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10. Themed Wrapping Paper | Josh Spear

Scouring the globe for the next great thing. Reviewing design, art,...more

Suggested by Glenn Smith

Hamburger wrapping paper anyone? I can imagine all sorts of thematic wrapping options! It'd be another thing to make them happen though...

Claudia: Love this!

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11. Comics Wrapping Paper | Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable?You don't have...more

Suggested by Larissa

Use the comics section of the Sunday paper to wrap your gifts.

Dude: Great idea!

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Add even more sparkle to that bottle of sparkling wine with this...more

Suggested by Krista

I absolutely adore this quick and festive way to present a bottle of wine!

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Suggested by

Keep your holiday green and happy!

CatK: Thanks for sharing!

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13. LEGO Gift Box | Simple Finds

A rad Lego box

How did I not think of this sooner?! LEGOs are perfect for making gift boxes, large or small. So many different colors to pick from and fun LEGOs to turn into bows or other accessories.

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14. Old Calendar Pages |

Turn old calendar pages into gift wrap. Personalize a birthday present...more

I just saw this idea and had to add it to my list. How fun to circle the day / age of the person!

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15. Mason Jars | A Sweet and Simple Hostess


No need to wrap up goodies or other presents. Just put them in a mason jar and secure some pretty material on top.

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16. Designer Duct Tape

Santa’s workshop is set up chez Cart, and now it’s time to dive in...more

Use butcher paper, newspaper or just about anything (ideally recycled) and then take it to designer level with duct tape

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Accessorize: 21 Everyday Items | Real Simple

Everyday items can add unexpected festive flair to your gift wrapping,...more

Real Simple showcases 21 everyday items - from buttons to feathers to playing cards - that will take your gift wrapping to the next level.

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Accessorize: Pretty Tape | Etsy

I'm slightly obsessed with this Japanese Washi tape. I love to wrap presents in brown butcher block paper or newspaper, and this tape dresses it up!

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My kids make the best paper to wrap with!


Suggested by Michelle Sealey Lee

Cause it's fun!

CatK: Adorable - I love kid-made wrapping paper!

Michelle Sealey Lee: She was so proud!

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Accessorize: Woodland Garland | Odessa May Society

Suggested by Krista

A beautiful and festive way to wrap gifts, courtesy of a blog post by Odessa May Society.

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Accessorize: Recycled Bows | Make It Missoula

Learn how to make your own wrapping paper and bows out of recycled...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I am not super crafty but this blog post makes it sound super easy to fashion bows out of scraps of old wrapping paper.

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Accessorize: Inexpensive Ideas Using Yarn | The Shady Acre

The Shady Acre -

Suggested by Jackie

I really like the DIY yarn decorations explained in this blog post. A nice way to "pretty up" simple paper.

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Accessorize: Scotch PopUp Tape Handband Dispenser

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband dispenser is the ultimate in tape...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

I saw a commercial for this and will be getting some to complete my wrapping. Why didn't they think of this sooner?!

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28 More Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas | Tip Junkie

Please forgive my over-the-top post of gift wrapping ideas today of 28...more

Tip Junkie is one of my go-to resources for many things. She doesn't disappoint with this post that showcases 29 gift wrapping ideas.

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Article: Nicely Wrapped Gifts Heighten Expectations | American Public Media

Researcher Nathan Novemsky discusses his findings on gift giving....more

Interesting study. Key takeaway: if the present isn't that great, don't put a ton effort into wrapping it up beautifully - it will only disappoint more.

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