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An Etsy Easter: Beautiful Home Decorations by CatK

by CatK, posted to Holidays

If you aren't that crafty or don't want to decorate your home with a bunch of plastic, made-in-China things, here is a list of beautiful home decorations from Etsy. I love supporting the (mostly) women who sell their crafts and finds on Etsy.

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Spring Wreath by WildRidgeDesign

Hanging from a Satin Sage Ribbon this Grapevine Wreath is full of Sage...more

I like the idea of a Spring wreath with berries rather than an Easter wreath with eggs. You can keep it up for months without looking dated.

mishshell: Love this wreath! So pretty !

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Burlap Bunny by SimpleJoysDecor

Simple and beautiful. Display this little bunny alone or put her in an Easter basket. The bunny stands 9 inches tall.

Eden Godsoe: I love this. Clean lines and neutral colors. Need to see how much each is as I'd love to give one to each child.

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Easter Bunny Soap by Soapy Chica

Available in a range of colours and fragrances. Suitable for...more

At $5 per soap, how can you resist?!

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HOP Distressed Wooden Letters by PaperJackStudio

8" distressed letter set spelling out HOP

This store has a selection of distressed wooden letters and other wooden items. I love the natural, distressed look.

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Easter Pastel Paper Flowers by FlowerThyme

This paper flower bouquet contains a dozen (12) flowers in ivory,...more

These are beautiful - would look great in a vase on a side table or your dining room table. This store has a bunch of different paper flower options and colors. Another new discovery for me.

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Shabby Chic White Easter Bunnies by by VintageShore

Beautiful hand cut wooden bunny rabbits. 8 1/2 & 10 1/4 bunnies. White...more

You can buy two of these white bunnies for $25 though I would recommend buying at least 8-10 or them to group in displays around the house - mantel, hallway table, book shelves, Easter baskets, etc.

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Knit Yellow Baby Chicks by beadedwire

Each chick is about 3 1/2 inches long.

These little chicks would look adorable in a basket or displayed with the white wooden rabbits. Two chicks costs $22 and there is no way 2 are enough!

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Easter Banner by Blue Pearls

~aqua blue/green ink and traditional font...more

This Etsy store is another new discovery that I am loving. Simple, beautiful designs.

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Wooden Easter Eggs by caronruse

The eggs come in a variety of woods - please specify if there is a...more

Buy a bunch of these and put them in a bowl. So simple and pretty.

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Easter Bunny Stop Here Sign by WyliesWhimsicals

Easter Bunny Stop Here sign measures approx. 11 across x 5 1/2 high...more

This shop has a few cute Easter signs that I like but this one is my favorite.

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Easter Wooden Blocks by FayesAttic11

Measurements: Length- 12 inches, Height- 7 inches

I just discovered this Etsy shop full of wooden boxes and blocks that are cute but classy. I like this Easter one or you can go with Springtime themes. You have to check out their collection of boxes for every season and event.

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Bunny Confetti by Green Jazz Face

In this set, you'll get a little over 500 pieces of hand punched...more

Sprinkle some confetti on table tops or include in Easter cards and presents. This bunny confetti is just adorable!

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Deviled Egg Plate by JWGiftware

This cute plate holds 12 finished eggs and when your guests remove the...more

Why reserve deviled eggs to Easter? This plate can be used year round.

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