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Clever Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint by CatK

by CatK, posted to Home

Chalkboard paint is my new thing. I love it and can't stop thinking about different ways to use it around the house. Here are some ideas I have rounded up and will be trying.

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Drawers |

Paint a dresser with chalkboard paint and you will always know where the napkins or socks or whatevers are.

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Wall Calendar | Martha Stewart

A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Six weeks' worth...more

Leave it to Martha to come up with this brilliant idea. Until I did some research, I had no idea you could buy chalkboard paint in different colors. I love this look and it is so functional too.

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Personalized Chair | Budget Wise Home

How cute is this. I want to do one for my son.

Claudia: This is adorable, love the idea :)

Beatriz Sandoval: This would be fun for a party!

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Chalkboard Labels | iDIY

Chalkboard labels are great for everything and look amazing on mason jars. This blog has a slew of label ideas so be sure to click through to see more.

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Kids' Art Wall | Apartment Therapy

So much better than an easel with takes up space. I like how they have put other kids artwork up above so it's a whole wall devoted to the kids.

Eden Godsoe: I want to do this in our playroom. Anyone want to buy a Land of Nod white easel - good as new!

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Chalkboard Notebook & Binder | Artisan Post

Suggested by cynthia cross

These chalkboard notebooks caught my eye as I was cruising Etsy for back to school things.

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Wine Glasses | Rachel Wilkerson

This is so easy and better than those little charms people use.Click over to Rachel's blog to learn more.

Krista: Obsessed with this idea!

Claudia: Me too! What a great idea :)

mishshell: What a great idea! We always forget who's drink is who's!

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Side Table | Design*Sponge

Spiff up an old side table. I can imagine this being a much talked about piece in the living room or family space.

Eden Godsoe: I will be doing this one for a white coffee table my kids have destroyed. Now I just need to figure out the right steps - assume I sand it first since it has a lacquer-like finish. If only I had a crafty friend!

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Chalkboard Kids Wall Decals | Blissfully Blessed


I love this idea from Nicole at Blissfully Blessed and plan to do something like this for my son. Sharks look cool or you could do something else that interests your kids (I'm thinking LEGO if I can execute!)

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Cover An Entire Wall | Sugar & Spice


A chalkboard wall works in a family room just as well as a playroom.

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Blackboard Magnetic Wall As Spice Storage

Suggested by Jennifer Wright

This is a visually stimulating way to store spices in a kitchen and combine storage with a creative chalkboard wall.

CatK: I love this idea!!

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Message Board | This Old House

Grab an old tray, add some chalkboard paint and you have a reusable memo pad. There is even a resting place for chalk.

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In Lieu Of Wallpaper | My Trendy Tykes

I love this look so much though not sure I could execute quite like this blogger did.

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Fridge | Design Mom

I wouldn't do this with a new SubZero but what a great way to disguise an older fridge.

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Kitchen Menu or Grocery List | WhipperBerry

Reminds me of being in a restaurant (in a good way.) Though not sure all our meals would look impressive written on this!

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Chalkboard Decals | Land of Nod

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

We have a set of 4 and they are awesome. Just peel, stick, and write. Comes down super easily too. Use separately or combine for one big board. Great for children's rooms, the playroom, kitchen, office, anywhere!

Jennifer Wright: Love these decals!!!

Eden Godsoe: Jen - they are awesome! A friend (actually it was Melinda Rogers) gave me a few and they were so easy to stick up or take down.

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Chalkboard Map Wall Decals | Design with a Z

Suggested by Jennifer Wright

Chalkboard map wall decals are a great way to record travels or just as decor in a room.

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DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter | Wit and Whistle

Just one more chalkboard porcelain paint project, and then I’ll give...more

Suggested by Krista

Simple and awesome.

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Pumpkins | Sitting In A Tree Blog


No need to carve next year with this idea.

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Add Some Color | ourcitylights

No need to keep it black or green. Try other colors like this pink door made by ourcitylights.

Krista: This is awesome!

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How To: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint | Apartment Therapy

Chalkboard paint is easily purchased at any hardware store. But it's...more

Suggested by Krista

Make your own!

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Add on: Magnetic Primer

Dark gray colored base that allows you to create a surface that...more

Suggested by Haley

Use under chalkboard paint or under any paint to add magnets anywhere!

CatK: Love this idea - thank you for sharing!

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