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Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Will Actually Use by CatK

by CatK, posted to Food & Drink

Here is my roundup of kitchen gadgets that I have tried and love. They are cool but also things you will keep using. They are things that keep your kitchen organized, save time on food prep or serve some other purpose.

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Adjustable Rolling Pin

The adjustable Rolling Pin will take the guess work out of preparing...more

Brilliant idea and great for pizzas, pie bases, pasta sheets, filo dough and more.

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ADE Digital Measuring Cup Scale ($19)

ADE Germany is a leading innovator in consumer scales. ADE crosses the...more

No need to put your measuring cup on a scale - this does it all for you. So cool!

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Food Preparation Nesting Set ($35)

I have this exact nesting set and love-love-love it. Everything tugs away nicely in the drawer when done.

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Quirky Stem Hand Juicer ($20)

Spray it, don't squeeze it. Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray...more

Only $5 and I have found so many uses - spray lemon/lime into a drink, spray fruit flavors onto a salad, and more!

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Spaghetti Pasta Measure ($7)

The stainless steel measure has four different measuring holes to...more

If you make much pasta, then a spaghetti measure is a must. I like this one because it is stainless steel.

Shannon Anderson: I have been wanting one of these for years, but never picked one up. I always just make 10 times more pasta then needed. I am getting this now!

CatK: Shannon you should definitely get one. It's only $7 and then you won't have all this leftover spaghetti which really can't be used in leftovers.

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Twist and Chop ($20)

Pop an onion into the Kuhn Rikon Twist and Chop container, then, hold...more

Use it to chop up all sorts of things - so much easier than using a knife to chop up onions, etc.

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Slide and Serve Skewers

Make your cookouts a knockout success. Sliders is a set of 4...more

Once we bought some these skewers we literally had kabobs the whole week. Do meat, veges, even grilled fruit on them.

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Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad ($200)

We designed and developed our Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools collection...more

iPads are the future of cookbooks so this is a must.

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Sandwich Crust Cutters ($12)

Anyone with kids - get these! Easy way to remove the crust from bread and create fun shaped sandwiches. Great for picky eaters or to use for kids parties.

dashinista: These are such a cute idea! Never mind the kids, I want my lunchtime sandwiches to look like this :)

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Fruit Infusion Pitcher ($30)

Enjoy refeshing fruit infused water, iced tea or other liquids in this...more

Reminds me of cucumber or fruit-infused water you get at spas.

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Copco Bag Caps

Good storage just got about as easy as it can get. Now there's no more...more

These are so great for open bags of chips and other things.

Shelley Graves: this is a great idea!!

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Cheese Slicer ($9)

Your cheese will cut evenly and easily every time. Easily adjusts to...more

I love cheese and this slicer makes it easy to get slices of your favorite cheese for sandwiches or crackers.

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Fruit Rack ($25)

I used to put my fruit in a bowl on the counter or in a bin in the fridge. This is much better and prevents fruit from getting bruised.

Eden Godsoe: I want this!

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Egg Topper ($20)

If you are into eggs, you need this! It niftily opens every breakfast egg. Just position, release and lift off.

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Egg Slicer ($8)


I love egg salad sandwiches, and this slicer makes it so easy to slice up eggs. It's great to slice strawberries and kiwis, too!

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OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper ($14)

I used to use a sharp knife to cut off all the kernels but that didn't work so well. This gadget easily strips off the kernels and collects them in a little container. Love it!

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Multi-Purpose Scraper/Chopper ($10)

Our Multi-Purpose Scraper & Chopper is a welcome addition to any...more

Makes chopping veges and other things so easy. And then with one or two swipes you can move everything into a bowl.

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Soda Stream ($100)

Make bubbly water at home with no fuss and no mess and no cases of...more

Maybe not exactly a gadget but has become something I use all the time. Make the investment - it's worth it!

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OXO SteeL Garlic Press ($20)

The OXO Steel Garlic Press combines the durability of zinc with the...more

Suggested by Larissa

I use mine almost daily.

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Eden Godsoe:

 Love this list...ready to buy most of the things on it but sad the fruit rack is out of stock.