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Creative Cookie Pans and Ideas by CatK

by CatK, posted to Food & Drink

I love making cookies but like to mix it up with different shapes, decorations and more. Here are some of my favorite things to make your next batch of cookies truly original.

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Cake-Sicle Pan

Another fun idea - cookie popsickles. It even comes with the sticks.

laura: So fun. I want to try this!

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Round Cutter Set

Sometimes its fun to make round cookies of different sizes. I like how these all fit into one another for easy storage.

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Bake Pops

Make your own delicious Bake Pops Use any cake mix to fill the pan and...more

Great item....the only problem I have had is the things that hold it together have been lost. We just use wooded clothespins now. Great!!

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Giant Cookie Pan

There is nothing like a huge cookie. You can get these giant cookie pans in heart shape or round.

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Mini Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set

These are so cute. A full mini alphabet that I use to spell out messages to my son.

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Madeleine Pan


I love madelines. Any serious baker needs one of these pans.

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Bone Cookie Pan

Make your own dog treats or have some fun and serve bone shapes cookies (great for Halloween!)

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Edge Brownie Pan

Everyone loves the edge brownies the best and this pan means every brownie has edges.

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Ice Cream Cookie Bowl

Use this to make cookie bowls that you can then put fruit or ice cream into. Delicious!

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Lollipop Cookie Pan

How fun is this - turn cookies into lollipops with this cookie pan.

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Easy Pour Funnel

You can use this funnel for putting batter onto cookie, brownie or cupcake pans. I use it for pancake batter too.

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Cake and Cookie Lifter

Spend $10 and invest in one of these.

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