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New Uses for Old Things by CatK

by CatK, posted to Home

I love to find new uses for things that are lying around my house. Here are some of my ideas and inspirations that I have gotten from sites like Real Simple.

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Ice Tray Organization | Agoura Hills

Re-purpose, recycle and reuse is the new mantra for today’s...more

Ice trays are great to organize your sewing things, kids beads and much more.

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Scarf Hanger From Shower Curtain Rings | Be Different...Act Normal


This is one anyone can do. No more drawers jammed with scarves that get all wrinkled.

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Cake Stand To Organize Cosmetics

I can't track down the source for this idea but you buy tiered cake stands many places including Amazon or Ebay.

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Plastic Soap Box For Card Game Storage | Dollar Store Crafts

This is such a no brainer.

Eden Godsoe: So awesome. The boxes for our various card games and cards get all banged up. I love the idea of buying some matching soap boxes for the cards and tossing the games.

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Turn Clorox Wipes Containers Into Embellished Grocery Bag Containers | Tater Tots & Jello

Make an Embellished Grocery Bag Container!! {great item to keep in...more

I have throwing away my old wipes containers (even if they are recycled) so was delighted to find this clever idea.

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Hand Rake Turned Wine Glass Rack | Country Living

Convert a cramped corner into a fully stocked bar by hanging a rake...more

I've seem many clever uses for hand rakes - wine glass holder, jewelry, etc.

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Slotted Tupperware Bin Repurposed To Store Ribbons | Tip Junkie

This only takes 2 things - a slotted tupperware bin (available at Target, Walmart or on Amazon) and a 1/4 inch dowl rod (can be found at most hardware or craft stores).

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Glass Bottles to Hold Bracelets | Decoratrix

This website is in Spanish but I love the simplicity of this idea.

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Binder Clips To Organize Wires | Confabulations Blog

One of my favorites since it is truly low cost and idiot proof.

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Wine Glasses As Candleholders |

Use wine glasses as candleholders. To cast romantic shadows at the...more

I have plenty of mismatched wine glasses but not many candle holders so this is a great idea. You just put some sand or pebbles in the glass to secure the candle.

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Stacked Suitcases As Side Table | Apartment Therapy

I've seen this one done many times. Now to find some vintage suitcases that actually look good...

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Nesting Dolls Become Salt & Pepper Shakers | Country Living

Make matryoshka dolls do more than sit pretty by turning a pair into...more

This Country Living idea got me thinking about the many ways you can use nesting dolls beyond having them sit on a shelf all nested in one another. You can use them as containers for many things including salt & pepper shakers. Would love some of your ideas on this.

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Old Frame As Vanity Tray | Real Simple

There are so many ways to use old frames and this is one of them.

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Curtain Rods To Hang Artwork | Project Nursery

This blog has some great ideas on how to hang (and thus organize) artwork including children's artwork. One idea was curtain rods or you can buy some cute products from Land of Nod and elsewhere.

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Old Silverware As Hooks |

Make hooks out of old silverware. Leave spoon-bending tricks to...more

Who doesn't have old silverware that is mismatched or banged up. I love the idea of using silverware as hooks, especially in the kitchen for oven mitts or towels. My next project!

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Twister Mat As Table Cloth | Real Simple

Such a great idea for kids' birthday parties or picnics!

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Spice Rack for Desk Items

Suggested by Krista

I love the idea of using a spice rack for all those miscellaneous desk items!

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Old Newspapers As Wall Paper | Pure Home

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

An easy and cheap project - all you need is newspapers, wallpaper paste and a flat craft sealant. Particularly fun if you use newspapers from a different country.

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Wine Rack As Towel Holder

Love the idea of using beautiful wine racks for other purposes like holding towels.

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Re-purpose An Old Toast Rack | Shops Sweet Things

Suggested by Krista

Repurpose a toast rack to sort mail or just about anything.

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16 Gorgeous Globe Ideas | Babble

World globes are a unique way to add some color and an international...more

Globes make for great bowls, pendant lights, centerpieces and more.

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20 Things to Do with That Vase After the Flowers are Gone | Apartment Therapy

Spring is just around the corner and that means wedding season is...more

Suggested by Krista

Great ideas of how to re-purpose favorite vases. No need to hide them away when you're out of flowers!

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