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Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids by CatK

by CatK, posted to Holidays

Here are some of the best Valentine's Day craft ideas I have collected up.

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Celery Flower Stamp Card | Dargmar's Home

celery flower stamp to make DIY Valentine’s Day cards

So simple and beautiful. You can do for Valentine's Day or other days!

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Valentine Boxes | inchmark

You can find little packs of matchboxes at the grocery store. Cut a...more

These are so sweet. Once your child makes them, you can put jellybellies or some other sweet in them

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Gumdrop Wreath | Sweet & Lovely Crafts

I've seen these wreaths made a variety of ways. When my sister and I...more

These look amazing. And it doesn't sound too hard to make one. You can go the hot glue gun route or use toothpicks.

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Valentines Day Votives | Homemade Serenity


Yesterday we made our own Valentine's Day votive holders out of...more

I remember doing votives when I was a child. They are still a great craft for children of many ages.

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Heart Bookmark | Martha Stewart

This practical valentine befits your favorite bookworm.

As far as Martha Stewart crafts go, this one is pretty simple and so practical.

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Valentine Tic Tac Toe | Make and Takes

Here’s a few fun Valentine’s day crafts, recipes, and projects...more

A new spin on the standby felt hearts project. Plus you get a fun game to play with your kids aftewards.

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Candy Rings |

These candy rings are quite wearable! They make a sweet little gift...more

These are super easy to make and so adorable. I would totally wear one from my child. Make them in pink and red to stick with Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day Picture Holder | All Kids Network

This cute Valentine’s Day frame craft is made using popsicle sticks...more

Put those old puzzles that are missing pieces to good use! Such a clever and beautiful idea.

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Doily Butterflies | scrumdilly-do

Here's my take on the ever happy and popular coffee-filter butterfly,...more

These butterflies are so cute. Great project for kids to do at school.

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Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers | Martha Stewart

With just a little TLC, colorful hearts flourish as the petals of a...more

So simple and cute. And these require nothing more than lollipops and construction paper.

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Cardboard Tube Cupid |

Watch out for Cupid, he may shoot you with his love filled arrow! Make...more

This is such a fun project for the kids. And you get to use all those empty rolls of toilet paper for a good use.

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Valentine Inchworm | Oriental Trading Company

Make your own “love bug” with these kits! Foam. 5 All craft kit...more

If you are really strapped for time or don't want to bother collecting up all the materials for some of the other crafts, you can buy craft kits like this one from Oriental Trading Company. Not quite as "homemade" but still fun for the kids.

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Cupid Bow & Arrows | BabyCenter

Even Cupid is getting in on the DIY fun just in time for Valentine’s...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

This project looks super simple - something even I could pull off with my kids.

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Lollipop Flowers | Spoonful

Your special someone will be a sucker for this easy and fun craft

Suggested by junegodall

This one is great for kids to make and take to school (assuming they are allowed to bring candy.)

CatK: What a cute idea!

What should I add to this list?

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Larry Chip:

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