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10 Worst Weddings Gifts by Erin, Chief Mom

by Erin, Chief Mom, posted to Weddings & Events

People usually have good intentions when they pick out wedding gifts yet mistakes are made frequently. If you are going off-registry, do not give any of the gifts on my worst wedding gifts list!

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Art is a very personal thing and usually does not make for well received wedding gifts.

Jessica Goodrich: I got some artwork from a family friend. It was not horrible but it was not our taste. I put it in my ex's pile for the divorce :)

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Most couples will go on a honeymoon post wedding. Sorry for the moldy strawberry picture but you get the idea.

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One-Sided Gifts

Unlike High-performance wireless gaming now comes in black! Using...more

The gift is meant for the couple. Do not get things that only one side will benefit from.

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Baby-Related Gifts

It's a little presumptuous to give baby-related gifts at a wedding. Even if the couple has announced they are expecting, save the baby gift for the baby shower.

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Religious Gifts

If you absolutely know the couple (both of them) are very religious and appreciate religious ornaments, books and things, by all means. However all too often I see guests who push their religion on a couple with such gifts.

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Kitchen Gear NOT On The Registry

Do not give kitchen gear like toasters, coffee makers, etc if you are not buying from the registry. The couple will end up with multiples.

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IOU (I Owe You)

No real need to explain this. You have plenty of time before a wedding and up to 1 year post wedding. Just get the gift.

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Unless you are the grandmother or great aunt passing on a family heirloom, gifting your old china is not acceptable even if you think it's beautiful.

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Monogrammed Anything

It seems like a good idea but you may not know what initials the couple is going with. Many women these days do not change their names.

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Homemade Anything

Homemade baby gifts are great. Homemade wedding gifts not so much.

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Jessica Goodrich:

 What is amazing is that people still give these things over and over again. I don't want to sound unappreciative but isn't that what registries are for - to avoid these mistakes?