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Favorite Low Calorie Foods & Recipes by Krista

by Krista, posted to Food & Drink

I need to start cutting back, so I'm stockpiling the best healthy and low cal food/snackideas/recipes/diet modifications that I see on SkinnyScoop, Pinterest, Reddit and my favorite blogs.

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50 Cals: Baked Parm Zucchini

I really need to try this!

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50 Cals: Shirataki Noodles with Veggies

Great with spray butter (5 cals) & veggies. There are lots of far more interesting/low cal recipes that I haven't experimented with yet...would love a comment with any you have tasted! Great tips of prepping the noodles here:

Eden Godsoe: Can't wait to try these!

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50 Cals: Celery Sticks with Buffalo Sauce

Yes, plain old celery sticks dipped into plain old buffalo sauce. One of my all-time faves.

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This feature is pretty helpful and a good resource for making low-calorie snack choices.

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60 Calories: Egg Whites with Turkey Pepperoni and Low Fat Cheese


This looks DELICIOUS and doesn't completely kill the healthy nature of my egg white breakfast. I can't wait to try it!

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85 Cals for 10: Cauliflower Pizza Bites

"And I find chopsticks frankly distressing. Am I alone in thinking it...more

Low cal, paleo friendly, delicious looking!

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85 Cals: Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip with Cucumber Slices

30 calories per serving (2 Tbsp), 2.5 g fat, 0g sat fat, 2g carbs

2 tbsp and half a cucumber is only 85 calories!

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90 Cals: Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin

Blogilates - Fitness, Food, & POP PIlates

A one minute microwave muffin...I think I can handle it.

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100 Cals: Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo

I love shirataki noodles, and this sounds amazing. I can't wait to try it!

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110 Cals: Veggie Eggroll

110 calories/4 grams of fat for a big egg roll makes for an awesome snack. Add a side of mixed greens or a piece of fruit if you're still hungry!

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110 Cals: Protein Shake (chocolate)

21 grams of protein and low sugar make these a delicious dessert or healthy afternoon snack.

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125 Cals: One Minute Apple Crisp

Another great find from our SkinnyScoop Tastemaker, Kristine Fretwell of Busy But Healthy.

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140 Cals: 3 BLT Lettuce Wraps

Ditch the bread for oversized lettuce leaves and add some 'facon' (90 cals for 3 slices) with tomato!

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150 Cals: Rich Chocolate Protein FroYo

An awesome idea for chocolate 'frozen yogurt' - greek yogurt mixed with stevia and unsweetened cocoa before freezing. Can't wait to try it!

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150 Cals: Frozen Yogurt Bites

Easiest thing ever to make, drop yogurt off spoon onto wax paper and freeze. bag them up for a sweet treat. One portion is about 100-150 cals, depending on type of yogurt.

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210 Cals: Trader Joe's Stuffed Pepper

These stuffed peppers are another great lunch. One package contains two stuffed halves (two servings) and is only five bucks! Love mine with a side of plain mixed greens for an extra 15 cals.

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