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Old School Beauty Buys That Still Work Wonders by Krista

by Krista, posted to Beauty

Forget the fancy-schmancy products and creams. These old school beauty buys always do the trick, despite the teasing I get from my friends.

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Cold Cream

Thoroughly deep clean without drying your skin, leaving it looking and...more

I don't need a makeup remover with 21423532 different ingredients when cold cream takes everything of my face in a matter of minutes.

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Aqua Net Hairspray

Superior Control for Superior Hairstyle A superior hairstyle demands...more

Unscented Aqua Net is the name of the game, my friends. The trademark hairspray of the '80s still holds my thick hair in place better than any newer product I've tried.

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Sally Hansen Nailpolish

This quick, drying, strengthening formula provides a protective...more

I love my essie and OPI shades, but Sally Hansen nail products are still as good as they were way back when.

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It is specially formulated to break down and remove dirt, oil and...more

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

Old-Faithful can be found in my product cabinet

Krista: Thank you Robyn - what a fantastic suggestion! I'll promote it to my list now.

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