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My Kitchen Wishlist by Krista

by Krista, posted to Food & Drink

I'm not exactly a gourmet, but these kitchen gadgets are so cool that they make me want to give cooking a try!

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Chalkboard Spice Jars

These chalkboard spice jars are adorable!

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Chef Sleeve

Chef Sleeve products help bring your technology to the kitchen while...more

The chef sleeve is brilliant for those of us who use food blogs, recipe websites and SkinnyScoop and/or Pinterest while we cook with our iPads!

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Cake-Sicle Pan

Another fun idea - cookie popsickles. It even comes with the sticks.

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Avocado Slicer

LOVE this!

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Breville Panini Press

This does take up quite a bit of space, but it really helps turn a regular sandwich into something "special," like it's from a restaurant. Plus you can grill sandwiches without using any butter, which is nice too.

Penny: You have to make the investment. It is one of the most used things in our kitchen.

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Soda Stream

Make bubbly water at home with no fuss and no mess and no cases of...more

Love sparkling water (it helped me get "off' diet coke), and I also like the eco-friendliness of this product. No more plastic bottles to recycle.

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Rapid Ice Cooling Carafe

Who wouldn't want a rapid ice cooling carafe?

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City Boy Picnic Grill

Perfect for those idyllic afternoons in the park.

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Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher

And you thought the drive-thru was fast! Make your favorite breakfast...more

Well, this is awesome.

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