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Valentine's Day: Heart Shaped Foods by Krista

by Krista, posted to Holidays

Heart shaped, themed, sweet treats for Valentine's Day celebrations.

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Make Caprese Salad with Heart-Shaped Mozzarella

Focus on tasty savory dishes instead of sweet treats this Valentine's Day: make Caprese salad with heart-shaped mozzarella.

Penelope Poet: Beautiful!

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Valentine’s Day Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake

Give your friends and family a fun and loving surprise in every slice of this pound cake! Everyone will be asking, “How’d you do that?”

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Heart-Shaped Cake (Tutorial)


Learn how to make a heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day.

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Strawberry Heart Mini Cheesecake Bites


Clever and easy!

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Candy Cane Heart Cupcakes


So simple and sweet.

Penelope Poet: Brilliant..there are always a few stray candy canes still hanging around in February.

Krista: I know, right? I'm a huge fan of simple ideas too. :)

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Candy Cane Valentine Pops

Cute, clever and easy (hooray!) idea.

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Heart Shaped Chocolate Avocado Pancakes

These seem surprisingly strange & delicious.

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Heart Shaped Whole-Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

Food Network invites you to try this Heart-Shaped Whole-Wheat Pancakes...more

Yummy and sweet.

Penelope Poet: Darling idea!

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Valentine’s Day Egg & Toast

The other day, my brother and I were talking about fish sandwiches....more

This is super cute and looks tasty. It would be a really cute Valentine's Day breakfast to celebrate with kids.

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Heart Shaped Eggs

9GAG is the easiest way to have fun!

I love this - quickly make heart shaped eggs!

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Bacon Hearts

Bacon shaped into hearts and baked in the oven.

Suggested by Jessica Makowiecki

Perfect for a v-day breakfast!

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Heart Shaped Potatoes

Cut + cook.

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Heart Shaped Fries

Heart Shaped Fries. Want to make an impression with that certain...more

I love this idea!

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Heart Shaped Hot Dogs


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Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza


Cute and yummy!

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Heart-Shaped Personal Pizzas


Suggested by Claudia

Valentine's Day may be over but these heart shaped pizza's are so cute!

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Heart Lasagna

So creative!

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Striped Heart Shaped Ravioli

Chef Patti Jackson makes these raviolis every year for Valentine's Day...more

A thoughtful Valentine's Day meal.

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Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

What a great way to show how you feel in food.

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Homemade Valentine’s Pop Tarts

A recipe for homemade valentine's day pop tarts.

I'd love to start the day with one of these, but they're almost too pretty to eat!

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Heart Shaped Scones

I shared with you a manly Valentines Day breakfast treat; now here's a...more

Perfect with tea.

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Cranberry Orange Lovin' Cookies


Suggested by Samantha C.

In a cute little heart shape, these cookies are kind of like can't just have one!

Krista: This look so yummy, whether in a heart shape or not. I love ANYTHING cranberry-orange, especially muffins and scones. Thank you for adding to the list! :)

Samantha C.: They are super easy to make! Enjoy :

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Heart Shaped Cookies and Macarons

Perfectly lovely.

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Two Cookie Hearts

I couldn’t resist with that title for these Valentine Heart Cookie...more

These are so cute!

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Brownie Heart Cupcakes

This recipe is from our friends at Martha Stewart Living. Once a month...more

A simple and fun way to enjoy hearts, brownies and cupcakes - all at once!

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A Hearty Slice

Love this heart INSIDE a cupcake. A sweet surprise.

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Heart Cake

Taken from Amanda,

Suggested by Claudia

Who wouldn't want to eat this?

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Heart Cake Pops

Who doesn't love cake pops? :)

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Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Adorable and surely delicious!

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Bruléed Mini Heart Cheesecakes

Traditionally used to caramelize sugar on crème brûlée, a culinary...more

Bake him these to go with the chocolate covered strawberries.

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Frozen Whipped Cream Hearts

Spread whipped cream on a cookie sheet, put in freezer, cut out hearts with cookie cutter & place in hot chocolate. :)

Savvy in San: Love this idea!

Karla Stephens-Tolstoy: This is a great simple idea. I love it… I could even cheat and do cool whip on short notice, not that I would ever cheat.

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Heart Shaped Watermelon

A fun way to eat pink fruit :)

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Heart Fruit Kebobs


inspired ideas to enhance entertaining.

How cute are these heart shaped fruit kebobs?

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The World's BEST Vanilla Cake Recipe

Amazon Barnes & Noble Borders Chronicle Books

OK, so this isn't heart shaped...but it IS the world's best vanilla cake recipe! Smaller heart shape cakes and pink icing would definitely add a Valentine's day touch.

Kimberly Moore: The hearts are the virtual hearts emitting from us after we take a bite LOL

Krista: Kimberly, I love that you said this! It's DEFINITELY true!

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Valentine Cheesecake

Suggested by M(i)s Ch(i)ef™

Heart shape coulis!

Krista: Wow, this is beautiful and sounds delicious. Thanks for adding to my list!

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RELATED LINK: Heart-Shaped Lunch Ideas For Tots

The countdown to Valentine's Day is on — and one of the things mama...more

Suggested by Larissa

From heart-shaped pepperonis to strawberries, fun!

Krista: I love the bread that looks like an envelope! So sweet, thank you for suggesting to my list.

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More fun ideas here!

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Cherry Tomato Hearts

Suggested by Kimy

I can totally see putting this in a kid's lunch or on a veggie tray.

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